Wednesday, December 06, 2006

its my party.............

and i can look like this if I want too!!

My baby turned 2 yesterday!!! He had a ball.

Thanks everyone for your kind words about Ruby's lamb, Starfire. It broke her wee heart for a short time but she bounced back OK.

hope all is well out there + you're enjoying this silly season - I LOVE it!!!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


sadly today Ruby's pet lamb Starfire died! (natural causes BTW)
So in memory of StarFire.
R.I.P little wooly friend.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

country child of mine

its interesting to see some of the difference in my kids compared to me as I grew up in wellington.
Here's the lastest example from Miss 4 as she saw me dishing up dinner -

Ruby - whats for tea Mummy?

Me - lamb!

ruby - (with her nose screwed up + a sad look on her face) NO not lamb Mummy!!!

Me - oh, I mean meat

Ruby - Ok Mummy (she skips away saying) that will be nice!!

Remember never say to country kids that have pets lambs we are having lamb for dinner. Remember its MEAT!!! :)


Monday, November 13, 2006

All good things must come to a end ...........

but WOW what a cool weekend!!! I meet up with some old friends + made some new ones!! Had lots + lots of laughs, fun games + got fined!! Great shopping - 7 shops to buy from. I was very controlled!!! :)
I had a fantastic weekend.

And while I was there I got the lastest Up2scrap mag!! Great issue - some fantastic work in there everyone + congrats to who has worked submitted in this issue.
So I thought i would just share my LO's I did for this issue. I so loved working with Scenic Route papers........these LO's + the photo frame just fell into place.

This had to be one of my fav LO's. I LOVE this pic of Finn in all his glory - thank goodness for

And then I loved this LO too of Finn + Ruby playing on the water slide.

and then i had to alter a frame.

side view

well back to the real world - better get the sheets hung out!!!
thx girls for the great weekend!!!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

nothing like a weekend away!!

yep I'm off tomorrow with all my scrapping gear in tow!!! to Palmie north to a weekend of scrapping!!! Can't wait!! I'm going to be meeting some girls from SBO Jo Burney + the lovely Kelly Rotherham who is over here teaching classes at the Up2scrap classroom tonight in fact!! Its going to be FUN FUN FUN!!!

well we had the BIG world wide DARE go up last week. The NZ girls did themselves proud. As you know we did this in conjuction with the DARE sites from Aussie (and have to say those girls have talent to boot), UK + US.
We had to do a childhood memory or dream
have paint on the LO
put a title on the photo
cover the background paper
so here's my version of it. Its always being a dream of mine to marry a farmer + leave the city smoke behind. i'm living my dream + LOVE it!!

and last mth we having being working on the kits for SBO. It was filled with yummy goodies from crate paper, BG monograms, Senic route rubons, American Craft ribbons, Maya Rd mini ablum, Lil Davis tape + a stamp that I designed to go with this kit. Hope I didn't miss anything??
As well you got tip sheets + sketches that were made up from the DT.
Here's a LO I did from the kit. Very simple but a great way to use up those left over scraps.....have to say i have never done a LO that fast in my And my STAMP!!! Which you can buy on SBO

well the weather is foul here - very very wet, windy + cold. Hope it improves for driving tomorrow!!

have a good one

ps I so forgot about my little toot today (thx Delys for the reminder) I got a LO in the Basic Gallery !! And I also see
Miss Becky got one in too!! WTG

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


yep as we know it was Halloween yesterday + this year my kids wanted to dress up + go Trick a Treating. Now as we live rural I knew that we would have NO kids knocking at our door - so I rang around 5 of our neighbours to see if Finn + Ruby could so some Trick a Treating. So while I took my online class off they went on their merry way with Kev driving them........we weren't mean Chris + didn't make them walk!!
so here's some pics I promised to share!!!
Ruby made a fantastic witch

and Finn well not sure what he but I thought he looked pretty cute pulling that face!!

and well this is Kev I wanted him to wear the wee green horns but he didn't want that pic flashed around the instead he wore Finn's mask.

and finally look what our neighbours did for the kids........ I thought it was so cool!!! And even the lollies inside were put together using halloween colours. Makes it that extra special when ppl go to that sort of effort.

and lastly my class last night was great - I had a great bunch of girls. Thx girls for coming along. :)


Friday, October 27, 2006

4yr old talk.........

"mummy why does your tummy wobble when you run"........this is what i was greeted with as I hoped back into the car after a quick dash into the post office!!
so how many other ppl saw my wobbly tummy???
enjoy your weekend everyone - we have got some exciting visitors for the weekend,
and hopefully I will see some of you next Tuesday for my online class - its not to late yet to get a kit from SBO - your just a click away from buying it!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

sneak peek

here's a sneak peek of my next online class.

The class is on Tuesday 31st Oct - next week!! You can purchase your class or kit or both at Scrapbookoutlet - its a bit of the East meeting the West!!! Hope to see ya there!!
Also while you are at SBO checkout out the cool challenges that have been set for this weekend - 5 challenges in total + a chance to win the Dec kit or a chance to win a free online class. Here are the challenges
mine is to use diamonds on your LO
Lara's is a quote
Donna's is to use 6 or more buttons + 3 or more different ribbons
Yolande's is a colour challenge to use purple
Shani's is a scraplift

now there is a catch you have to do 20 post or share a tip with the rest of the forum + if you do both you get 2 entries!!! Remember to PM admin once you have completed the this part of the challenge.
But WAIT you have till the end of this month to complete all challenges.
Have fun + I see already lots of awesome LO's in the gallery.......way to go girls who have started.

hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!! Nothing like a rainy long weekend to get lots of scrapping done!!


Thursday, October 19, 2006


well how fast moving is that company eh???...........well I had being without a phone for 5 in my case that means NO internet as I'm still on bushmans dialup living rural !!!! Finally on Tuesday it was fixed but you know since then i quickly got use to not being on the computer!!! Think Kev liked that habbit too!! But hey lucky for caller diversion!!!!

so for you lovely ppl that popped on my block + said hi - thanks!! And i just got Ruby to pull a name out of a bowl + she pulled out how lucky are you Sharee!!! Will put the things together + post it next week!!!

be watching this space for my sneak peak of my online class for SBO soon!!!

not much to report as I'm busy busy with things for the kids atm - pets day tomorrow at school but this year we decided NO lambs......but still its the vegetable display + flower arranging + a mini gala.
And with the long weekend ahead Kev has his annual windsurfing comp here in the Naki.

catch ya later

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

check it out!!!

Look what i brought at the supermarket this morning!!!!

YES its Mello Yello...........its back in town!!!! you remember this drink of the 80's????
Actually Michelle TW I have to thank for this as she told us at the cyber crop on SBO. So I just had to buy it + take that trip down memory lane back to those days of the 80's where perms were all the rage + along with Madonna!!!!
OK so whats my opinion now??.........I think I like Lift better!! But it was FUN to see that name Mello Yello back! But I think its only for that right??

OK so how's my room looking?.........well its looking better than that photo I shared with you the other day but still got some more work to go but hey girls + thanks for picking a number + I have found some more goodies.........and I tell ya what i will pick a winner on Friday. ;)


Monday, October 09, 2006

I need HELP people!!!!!!

check it out!!!!

This is my creative space + not sure anyone has seen it before???......but what a mighty HUGE mess - now you can see why I have to cut my pp on the floor!! old Kev the over half of this desk (which you can't see) is meant to be his for farm work but what happens I take over more + more!! And guess what??........he's not HAPPY about it!!! Don't blame him!!
So this is where you guys come in...........I need some help to get rid of some of my scrapping product that I haven't used or brought in a moment of 'I need that' if would like some of this unwanted product pick your fav number between 1 + 100 + in a couple of days I will get my kids to pick a name out. I would love to see this go to someone that will find some use for it!!
Now do not fear I won't be giving away anything foul.........that goes to the kids!! lets just say so far I have got some Prima flowers, some Melissa Frances + HUGE a chipboard letter that could be a - b,d,p or q, some ribbons + let me see what else........oh some pp too!!!.......once its all tidy I could find some more treasures!!!
So pick a lucky nuuuummmmmmbbbbeeeerrrrrr (remember that game?)

OK also remember to check the multi-layout site........Tenika was giving a BIG wave to us Kiwis on there yesterday!!!

Also for those of you who LOVE kits have you checked out the sneak peak on SBO , you will find them under the SOS kits. Its way YUM YUM YUM YUMMY!!!

Also I need one more little bit of help. Tonight Kev + I saw on juice TV - Tears for Fears (remember them??) + they were singing 'Shout shout let it all out'.....well I reckon that song came out when I was in 6th or that would be 1988 or 89 but Kev reckons it came out while he was in the 4th forum...we are the same that would of being in 1987. Tell me I'm right!!!

Ok off to make some more space in my room.
remember pick a lucky nnnnuuuuummmmmmbbbbbbeeeeerrrrrr :)


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thank You Thank You EVERYONE!!!

for taking the time out to congratulate me on my new position on Up2scrap. It meant heaps to me that you all could find a small moment of your time to do this!!!! Also shows what great support we have here in the NZ community of scrapping + lets not forget some of those gorgeous Aussie scrappers that also pop in to say hi!!!
So yeah I'm already hanging out to see the next issue for all reasons - what the talented present ET would of done to get our creative juices flowing...........ssshhhhhhh I've seen one of them + they are cool cool cool.
And who has submitted - I LOVE seeing names i know in there. There is such awesome talent out there............keep submitting girls. And of course there will be my work!!! have to say I LOVED working with the product I used YUM!!..........and then of course there is the new up + coming team for 2007.......can't wait to see some of their entries.

well should I be sad its the end of the school holidays or not??? OK I sound bad but I'm soooooooo glad. I need routine + so do the kids!! It was all going good until the middle of the week when i was feeling a bit run down + then its like they just know Mummy is not her normal self!! lets make her days harder!!! Also the weather turned to custard.......fine days but the wind was bitter bitter bitter to the point you would freeze outside. But i have to say I LOVED not having to go out in the car everyday!!

OK a glass of wine is calling + so are those crackers + cheese....just need some pate now..........but I will leave you with a wee sneak peek of some of my lastest DT work for SBO and watchout for our newsletter coming out VERY SOON...........also don't forget about our really cool comp "Get Real" + also keep your eyes peeled for some super cool online classes with the DT!!

catch ya later

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I can tell you my secret!!!!!

I made it onto the Elite Team for Up2scrap. One very excited chick here + congrats again to the other team members but I won't tell as you can go on a hunt to read some blogs to find who else is on the team................I know 4 of them have a blog. Its going to be a great 2007 team + looking forward to working with them. :) But also just want to say i had a great time being on the DT of Up2scrap this year + have made some great friends via this mag.
Look out for the Nov issue with some of our entries in there.........well worth the buy + read!!!


Monday, October 02, 2006

knew i forgot something!!

checkout this site multilayouts heaps of really inspiring LO's using more than 1 photo. And the lovely Tenika asked for 1 of my LO's to be featured (which was a few weeks back) the "warning - goofball ahead" LO.
And she has asked for another!!.........feeling honoured to be on there with so much inpsiration.
Way to go Tenika for setting up such a cool site to get ppl inspired!!


Sunday, October 01, 2006

its already mid holidays!!!!............

HOLY SMOKE where did that go???
Lovin these slow mornings + kids just hanging with me!! :)
Our holidays started with Finns birthday party + what a cool day that was. The sun was shining + it was warm!! YES for those of you that think the Naki is always cold its not!!!
but for the rest of the time we have just being hanging as its being such a busy term at school with cross country + then the school concert. And we had my Mum + Dad come up from wgtn for the week for Finns birthday + that was good catching up - Mum her helpful self..........folding all my washing + doing a few meals here + there!! And Dad painted our boot room!! Fantastic helpers!!!
And also watching Mr T himself so I could get a few scrapbooking assignments completed!!
Yep its being a very busy mth of scrapbooking + a exciting mth too!!
So I hope you all have got your selves busy with the Get Real comp?? Besides the great prizes you will have a FANTASTIC album at the end.
Here's one of mine I have done so far. Its about the kids favourite friend. They have all had these special friends since they have being babies. The kind of friends that help make you feel better when you are sad + help them get to sleep!!!
Finn's is Sammie, Ruby's is Silkie + she likes to run her fingers up + down the silk + get this it was my expensive cot blanket!! And Mr T's is Mr Bird - whose name is missing off the LO as I lost it but have since dicided those name tags need to be done in red!!

well I start back at the gym tomorrow night as I have nearly had a whole mth off it due to my assignments + tell ya its amazing how fast everything goes out + south!!

and YAY to daylights saving!!!.........but shouldn't yell that too much as poor Kev has to get up at 4.30 now!!!


Saturday, September 09, 2006

lovin that its Saturday morning at my place right now!!

yep that means no running around trying to get kids ready for school + kindy + having Finn down at the gate to catch the bus by 8.10am. Relax + do everything at my pace!!

I've had one of those weeks where it seems to take forever to get to Friday but YAY now its Sat morn!!!

So in the world of news its been a huge week for the Aussies losing 2 huge icons - first Steve Irwin + now Peter Brock. Thoughts to their families + friends.

Tell ya what it maybe Spring + the flowers + blossoms are welcomed + look gorgoeus but boy its got cold again. Very typical minute your striping + then the next your layering. Have to say I'm a autumn girl!!

So will it be Toby, Magni or Dilana winning the SuperNova show ? Well I dig Magni but maybe its got something to do with his baldness - YEP Kev is bald Toby is pretty awesome + looks like he might be the winning card atm + Kev well he LOVES Dilana!!! But who knows who will win yet!!!!

See the lastest dare is up on No.8 wired a METAL dare. So i dare you to be challenged - so go and have a looksie + get inspired + have a go. we are lucky enough to yet have another sponsor for this dare - way to S.E .
Its pretty exciting in the NZ world of scrapbooking with DARES + sponsorship from 2 cool online shops, 2 calls that are looking for a design team + then there is the call for Up2scrap ET + SBO being the first in NZ to do online classes. So woohhooo NZ scrappers keep supporting + encouraging each other.

And have you seen the lastest newsletter from SBO? . If you don't get it go + sign up for it now!! And I will leave you with a LO I did for Andrea (owner of SBO) of her 2 gorgeous baby boys - Oliver + Kayne. I got to use some lovely KI memories devoted pp, chipboard + gel candy's - which can be purchased from SBO.

enjoy the weekend :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Had my first online class today!!!

And here is what we did!!!

I had so much FUN - thanks Donna + Steph for being such good students!!!
Being a first timer at this I was unsure what ppl wanted. So decided to stick to a basic LO but using lots of inking + sanding. I know lots of us do these things already but there are lots of ppl out there who are to scared to try this out. I think I took the girls today out of their comfort zones with doing some messing inking......Steph reckoned she had ink everywhere...........but hey thats what I wanted to hear. I think even Donna might of got a bit dirty
so checkout SBO for their versions of the LO's + be kind + leave them some LOVE!!!

So I will be teaching this class again on the 22nd of Sept. Would LOVE to see you join in on the FUN!! Also remember this mth too you catch classes with Chris + photography with Vicky + Lara + Lara's first class is this Thursday - so join in on the FUN + support NZ scrappers!!!! OK we can call Chris a honary kiwi!!

Its cross country season at school atm. So it was Finn's first cross country race on Monday + he came 3rd!! We were so proud of his efforts!!

Also just had to leave you with this cheeky guy......playing in his favourite spot!!!
Lesson learnt remember to keep the loo, bathroom + bootroom door SHUT AT ALL TIMES!!
And yes his hand is wet cause you know why.....nice one T!!!

oh yeah checkout those yukky spiders on my toilet lid......I so don't do spiders but sil thought it was a great gift!!!???

Also remember to all give your babies a extra squeeze or kiss as we think of ppl atm who have lost someone special recently.

ok ice cream is out.......YUM!!!


ps forgot to say checkout my lastest LO on No.8 . I personally think its a hoot!! The wee stroy makes me laugh everytime!! :)
Some great entries for all those that have entered + look out this week its my DARE!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006


WOW checkout this amazing comp run by Scrapbookoutlet

here are all the details. Remember you gotta be in to WIN!!!......but also think of the fantastic album you will have at the end of it!! :)


Scrapbook Outlet NZ LTD is proud to present …

“Get Real”… It’s all about the little things!

September 1st 2006 - April 1st 2007

Scrapbook Outlet NZ’s fabulous design team has put together this amazing comp to help inspire you to create an album about all the little things in your life!

There will be 10 prizes in total ranging from $25 - $649 and all consisting of products

•This competition will run for seven months and there will be six themes (December & January will be considered to be one month for the purposes of this competition & your sanity).
•For Each theme you are to complete three layouts, each month’s theme will be announced in the forum by the 5th of the month
•The layouts and resulting album can be of any size larger than 6 x 6.
•Each layout must contain at least 50% product available at Scrapbook Outlet NZ’s online store.
•There will be a monthly competition where you can win ongoing prizes through submitting one of the three layouts fitting that month’s theme into Scrapbook Outlet NZ’s online gallery (the theme and prize will be announced in the forum).
•To be eligible for the monthly prizes the layout of your choice must be uploaded into our gallery by 8.00pm on the last day of the month. The winner will be announced shortly afterwards.
•You can start this competition at any stage but it will be up to you to catch up on themes missed & create the three layouts per theme as well as join the forum.
•You must be registered in the forum to be eligible for the final prize.
•At the end all completed albums are to be submitted in digital format to for consideration of the major prize. Each layout must be 100kb or less.
•Layouts for this competition can only be seen in the Scrapbook Outlet NZ gallery. Only previously unpublished work will be accepted. “Unpublished” also refers to work not featured on websites and other online galleries. Your work can be published on your Blog or something similar but it must be linked back to Scrapbook Outlet NZ’s website in some way.
•Our Design Team Members will vote and judge the monthly competitions and will select the top 10 albums in which the top 3 will then be selected and judged by our design team and guest judges.
•The Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
•By entering this competition, you agree that the submitted projects are your own designs, and do not breach the copyright of any third party.
•By submitting your layouts you are allowing Scrapbook Outlet NZ LTD to publish and display them as they wish. No entries will be removed from our gallery after the competitions end, they will not be removed to allow publication elsewhere or removed to allow them to be entered in other competitions the digital format will remain the property of Scrapbook Outlet NZ LTD. It is up to our discretion!
•Scrapbook Outlet NZ’s employees and Design Team members are not eligible to enter.
•We will accept entries from anywhere in the world.


The Ultimate Prize

Your very own Cricut Machine.

2nd Prize

$200 SBO Voucher

3rd Prize

$100 SBO Voucher

Monthly Prizes

A pizza box full of goodies!!

Get your CREATIVE caps on girls + join the FUN!!! Can't wait to see you there!! :)


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

sharing a sneak peek...........

of my online class next week Tuesday 5th Sept at 10.30am, find all the details here , check out the Events & Classes .
It's all about boys, boys, boys + getting dirty using lots of ink + some cool rubons from Uurban Lily + some yummy papers from Chatterbox. Class kit can be purchased at SBO . Also this class will be repeated on the Friday 22nd Sept 8.00pm .
Hope to see you there + also checkout the other online classes that include the very talented Chris Millar from Aussie + 2 other very inspiring talents Lara + Vicky .

and just to share what my days are filled with atm
my little man hangin with the claves

and here is a few of my 61 babies having a afternoon feed.

so seeing these pics means spring is on its way. The air is warmer + the trees are beginning to bud around here but its still cool enough to have a fire at night....well here in the Naki anyway. That mountain is still covered in lots of snow + looking delightful.

hey don't forget SENZ is on this weekend in Palmie.........go and annoy Yolande and go checkout her blog as she is going a really cool class.

ok so I see I have had lots of visitors please don't be shy come out + say hi as I love to met you or maybe I know you already + your just

ok dinner awaits + a nice K+C !!! :)


Saturday, August 26, 2006

raining cats + dogs here!!

yep we are wading in MUD!!!........its getting to the slip sliding away stage when I go to feed the calves!! But really i have the easy job on the farm atm......poor old Kev is chasing cows + calves in this mud + rain!! We are half way there........with 160 cows in!!!
Did i say it was my dream to marry a farmer??!!!!!
check out my boy who thinks he is driving the tractor!!

so here's my moment of hangin with the rich + famous!!! Rich not in money (well who knows maybe they are??) but rich in life + personality!! Such fun ppl to hang with.
And these are my only 2 pics from CC!!!
Nic Holy Howard + me

and me + that crazy Donna D

this is the other CJ I have been working on for the CJ group I'm invloved with SBO
I used a coaster that I kindly took a dozen or so from The Brass Monkey in Perth.
So its very small + cute. I'm enjoying making these wee albums + pages for the CJ's. Looking forward to getting mine back.
so wish I took better pics - instead of these hurried shots + lets get them in the post shots!!
this the front of the CJ

ok blogger is not allowing me to upload any more pics!!! So I will post the inside of the CJ in a few days.

So anyone going to SENZ? I know Yolande is going. Hope you have all signed up for her class?? Wish I was but I have got over 40 babies to feed night + day + probably more by the end of next week.
They are having a auction at the dinner on Sat Sept 2nd + all proceeds are going to New Zealand Endometriosis Foundation. I know there is going to be fab creations up for auction from the Team from Up2scrap ........including
My milk can from the previous mag will be there + also I will have a Maya Rd tin + chipboard book creation.
Also I know my LSS will be there 'Scrapbooking Fever' + go + check them out as Dianna has done some amazing + beautiful work + she is doing some cool classes + as well she will be having demo's with the Cricut. Remember tell her I sent YOU!!!
Also my lastest LO's featuring the Cricut will be there too!!!

ok time to get the wet weather gear on + feed those little moo's!!


Saturday, August 19, 2006

i think I forgot what blog is!!

well CC come + went + what a rockin good time I had!! Is was so relaxing, the classes, the company + food was fantastic!!
Also must send praise out to Ma + Pa for doing a fab job looking after Ruby + Taidhg while I was having FUN at CC.
LOVED all my classes but my only regret is that I wish i did more of Ali's classes.
All 3 US tutors rocked + I had a moment of fame with Ali when she mentioned she LOVED my ring + wanted to know where she could get one + do you think that I could remember.............hell NO!! Then the naughty Donna D LOVED my green shoes!!! Yeah for so in those short moments of 10 seconds I thought I was pretty cool but then back to
The NZ tutors were pretty cool..............apart from the naught holy Nic howard trying to calm my hubby's wawawa!!............LOL + then there was Wendy who almost never let me leave here class as I only did the tiny tiny bit of doodling but I will finish it I promise Wendy!!!
I only tool 2 photos the whole time - yep 2 whole photos...........bloody hopeless I know!! And never gave out my tags let me know if you want one!!!!
The kids travelled home well + what a mean mummy only let them out once!!! And i only had to do the fingers once to this old fart who was being a total dickhead!!!

So back to reality on Tuesday with kids at school + daycare!!! And back to the gym....woohhooooooo scarey stuff as I felt like I hadn't been to the gym ever + come on this was my 5th week!!! And lets not forget feeding calves!!! Busy days!! But hey better to be busy than sitting on my U KNOW WHAT!!!

had a cool time on the SBO (sorry to tired to do links today)cyber crop last night!!
oh there were some very cheeky ppl on there!!
the DT had a challenge given to them by Vicky G - we had to use BG, LO with the theme "amazing", hand journal + cut the photo out. It was FUN. Here's my version of the challenge. OK I kind of went of course with the theme but hey I still like it!! And its true I live with a total goofball x2!! But gotta LOVE em eh.

OK better feed + water these kids!!


Saturday, August 05, 2006

so yeah I haven't blogged for a while............

but life is busy here!!!!

Lots on + lots happening!!!
First up here's some of my work for SBO

this one is from a sketch that the very talented Miss Donna came up for the DT + which is now the mthly challenge for SBO

and there's MORE.......
this one was for the TIPS in the lastest newsletter from SBO

Look at my proud boy in his rugby GEWAA's + getting player of the day!!!!

and just for a tease here is a wee sneak peek for this mths kit which is found at SBO

and since I have your attention here's a wee sneaky peek of my CJ.

So hands up for everyone that hasn't DONE there homework for CC???..........that will be ME!!!..........better get my skates on as we will be there this time next weekend doing the girly scrapping weekend!!! woohooo can't wait!! :)

and finally on the kids front I had a BIG scare last weekend with Ruby nearly admitted to hospital for pneumonia.......WOW she went down fast not much fun but she's back to her old bouncy self!!!

hope you're all having a super cool weekend like I'm off to party tonight + might even have few........wwoohooooooo!! ;)


OMG OMG I knew I forgot something important. Thinking + sending good pushing baby vibes out for Trina + E
thinking of you girls + look forward to hearing the good news + becoming a scrappy aunty!!! :)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

my DARE is up!!

ok i know it was LATE..........but i made it!!!

so checkout it out HERE

Kev has got this week off........YAY!!! Time to ctach up on those things lasping around the house as he's too busy on the farm + before the busy season kicks in!!!
But today we had a "US" day. We took our bikes up to the walkway in New Plymouth + rode for was so fantastic biking along beside the sea. Then we had lunch at a cafe....boy what a treat + then a wee spot of shopping + back to reality to pick the kids up from school + daycare.
I so treasue these "US" days as we don't get many of these!!!

ok it's time to water + feed the kids!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

OK I'm just a few days

so I guess you all found the SUPER exciting news!!!!
and wasn't it worth waiting for!!!

Ok I spent an hour on Saturday morning trying to do my link but nada it didn't I called in the little dude Nic and she got me the big dude Nic........ya think she deserves some of the Lemon Cheesecake

so yeah for you late ppl like myself + WHO haven't checked it out go NOW........RUN!!! No.8 Wired

My LO will be up in a few days...........and you will agree totally with my topic of choice when you think back to this entry!!!

OK its LATE + school begins many YAYS did i hear around the place???
Back to a routine............thank GOD!!!!!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bring it ON!!!!

.........Saturday....can't wait!!! I'm feeling excited + inspired!!!

Well not much scrapping in my world as I have got my parents up from they so kindly offered to come up + help us we have had 6 weeks of sickies + tell ya what they have being a blessing!!! They came on Sunday + go home tomorrow. We will miss them HEAPS!!.........but not to long until we are down in the Windy City for CC!!!......OK have to admit not excited about it yet but getting there. Wish i was flying down instead of driving but hey its cheaper or is it these days????

have you checked out that SUPER TALENTED little chick Nic (click side bar plz) and her new amazing DT ROCKS.........she ROCKS!!! So excited for ya Nic!!!

OK see ya all on Saturday morning!!!

Oh also must update my Blogging some cool chicks to upload!!!


Thursday, July 06, 2006

my blog got broke!!!

I haven't being able to get into any ones blog or mine for over a week...........boy did I tihnk my throat had being cut!!!
what happened we had the "Moblie Mouse" guy do a house visit + clean up the computer + put on new anti virus's etc + when he did the clean up it knocked all my 'clicks' off. So anything that I was automatically logged into wasn't happening + of course THICKO me didn't 'click'
SO here i am again!!!

So whats new in the under the Mountain??..........well you would thing one would of had enough of illness but NO its sitll lives on...........this week Taidhg had got Scarlet Fever........oh yeah what fun that is. Talk about major tanties + a grumpy bum all day long. Once I found the rash it was off to the Doc's.............kev thought it was heat rash.......mmmmmm heat rash my FOOT in this thinks not!!! And also poor Ruby is having major issues with her teeth + is off to have to have a OP!!!.......Had a bad experience with the dentist over this but all had being sorted + I don;t have to got to her wee op...........I so wouldn't cope. Lucky for Kev + super mil !!!

So in the scrapping world I have being working hard on my Up2scrap LO's + I have to say I can't wait to see them in print. Also last Friday Scrapbookoutletnz had their first cyber crop. (sorry i don't know why my silly blog won't let me link as I do it all the right I give up........just refer to my links).
Lots of girls + lots of chatter. Fantastic challenges + prizes..........way to go that came + played. I sadly had a bad conection + have since realised its to with Mr Might moblie MOuse!!!...........and him cleaning my clicks!!!
So I had a challenge given to me by the lovely Delys (refer to my side bar for her) + she set this challenge to do a LO using things from your kitchen. Well I came up with tin foil flowers + servittes as matting. OK once again blogger is phoo + the pic of the LO is at the top. Also my challenge for the forum members was to do a 8x8 LO of yourself. mines above. And the lovely lovely Yolande won this challenge (check her out on my side are).........its was too hard to choose so I got Kev to do this.

so thats me!!
its late.........OMG very late
so later

OK the kitchen challenge doesn't want to load + its way past my bed time!! will try in a few days!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Forever Young comes to mind today.......

for 2 reasons.
First - yesterday my brother Tim would of being 37. And he sadly died a few mths short of his 32nd birthday in 2001. He always said he never wanted to get old + hearing that song on the radio of late "Forever Young"........(sorry the name of the group slips my minds atm)........reminds me of him a lot lately.
second - its my birthday today + OMG I'm .......eek 35!!!! even though I LOVE to celebrate my birthday its always tinged with a wee bit of saddness. As kids Tim + I shared our birthdays with many Telethon weekends.......remember those???? And we got to stay up late + watch the presenters do dicky things for sums of money!!! WE always got to have yummy treats + Tim's fav birthday meal was a roast chicken!!! Funny now as we probably have a roasted chook nearly every second week........they must of being a bit more pricey back then......or maybe not so many hormone drugs around to help grow chooks faster!!! We always got a box of continental chocolates each...........he always ate his faster than me!!! And WOW those chocs are so pricey now too!!!
Aren't memories so precious!!!

Well today I was worried about turning 35 but then I refelected on how lucky I am!! The bestest cow cockie of a dude - that will be Kev + 3 super, rowdy, rule breakers, snot producers + bestest cuddlers in the world - that will be Finn, Ruby + Taidhg!!!
Awesome parents........who gave me the best childhood + super super cool inlaws who live next door who I can't thank enough for all that they do!!!..........I LOVE all these guys with all my heart!!!
A beautiful home + place to live in.
And my friends - who are there for me to lean on, whinge, laugh + cry with!!!

So can you guess I have had a fantastic day???
My day started with a FANTASTIC card + some gorgeous pp from my super cool scrapping buddy Chris Millar - I want to be like her when i grow up!! (see above for pic).
Kids are school, kindy + mil's so Kev took me out for Brunch to one of my favs - McFarlanes to have the most scrummy French toast!!! Then we hung out + checked out a few shops!!! The weather behaved + was so beautiful it was crystal clear.......truly beautiful winters day!!!

And now I'm going next door to inlaws for dinner!!!

I just wanted to remind myself what I was doing 10 years there is another pic of me + sil in Athens, was stinking hot there + how do I wish for the heat right now!!! (I'm in the pink top)
And the other pic is Taidhg this time last year. Yep we ended up in hosptial on my birthday last year with a very sick 6mth old. Bronchitis + spend 4 nights up at Base, he was one very sick baby!!!

I'm slowly getting better but it takes me till about 2.00ish each day to feel normal but then by 8.00ish I'm ready to crash.

wwooohooooooo we are in for another major frost tomorrow!!


Thursday, June 22, 2006

today right NOW.........I wish this was me........

yep see in the pic that was ME 10 years ago on a scooter hooning around the Greek Islands + how do I wish I was there right the warmth + with the sun shining down on me + those beautiful beaches. Not a care in the world!!!
Oh hell i just woke up from my a freezing cold day + NO voice + a very sore throat........yes i have NO voice much to my kids pleasure. Have being to the Doc's this morning + I have laryngitis!!!!.............I'm soooooooooo over sickness!!!

But OK on a HAPPY note ...........have you checked out
SCRAPBOOKOUTLET lastest news??
We have a cyber crop happening on the 30th June + online classes will be starting soon. As well as the DT doing online classes there will be some international teachers too......can't wait - how exciting!!!! keep yours eye peeled for that news!!!!
Donna has got some amazing kits lined up too for this mth!!!
Lots of fantastic challenges......I have even got 1 going this week + you could win the girls kit that I did last mth. All you have to do is upload a LO about need this during this very cold period to warm us up!!!!

Just got home from taking Finn + Ruby to the movie "cars".....a neat little story really enjoyed it apart from F + R saying halfway through 'when are we going to McDonalds'.......and it just went on till the end of the movie!!! See my kids don't get to Mickey D's much..........they lead a very sheltered life down here on the farm.......LOL.
Tomorrow Kev + I get some 'us' time ....WOW I can't remember the last time we went to the pics together. I feel quite spoilt having 2 outings in a row without the hurricane Mr T. We are going to see Sione's wedding.........have heard great things about it.

Also thanks for everyone popping by my blog to say HI + get well. And YES I have being a bad blogging babe back I will try better!!! :)
Thanks also Ali for the advice on the links but I had a quick sneak peek + my link didn't work + I followed what your email said to I'm buggered if I know whats going on!!!

Its freezing here must be almost 2 or less here tonight.
Ok off to put my babies to bed + have a nice hot bath in my BIG old bath know one of those real deep ones!!! :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm sick of sick + snot + being SICK!!!

yep the house of snot + sick its right HERE!!!!!..........its being open for nearly 2 weeks now!!! Only guest not welcome are GERMS!!!!
Well I have being flat for my back for about 3 name I had it!! Its a very yukky virus thats going around. Ruby's kindy only had 23 kids for most of the week + its a 45 roll. She was lucky + missed it (but had a yukky cold) + Kev too but he's got other but poor old Finn + T got it too. Today we are all looking + feeling better...........but man its freezing here today!!! The snow is right down the Mountain + I think the ski flieds are open too!!! So for that to happen that means there must be a lot of snow!!!

So not a lot on the news side for me. Here's one of my recent LO's I did for my DT work for
OK its gone to the top of the it just me or what??

Sending out BIG HUGS to my buddy Yolande for Monday :)

ps i have tired + tired to make my links work + even used that link thing at the top of the page BUT what the hell am I doing WRONG.........HELP!!!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

last entry for the day.......

OK i just wanted to share this wee pic of Ruby;s VERY loved Poodle......she goes everywhere with her. So here she is catching a ride in the front bag on Ruby's new bike she got for her BD.
so thats all folks.........I'm off to deal with a VERY VERY busy 18mth old + his nappy!!!
remember to look further down my blog to see all my post from today!!!!

Rach :)

OMG another entry in the same day!!

holy FRINKIN smoke.......3 entries + there will be a 4th!!! I don't want to risk losing the pcis again!!!
this time its the tag I made for the lovely Evana. I used the May Lime Tart kit.
I did a wee freak when this one came as I thought 'oh not me' + after seeing how the very talented Michelle Grant used it I thought what would I come up with but I must of being saving it for something pretty special. I LOVE what i made + the pps were easy to work. Philippa always does such a beautiful job of putting the kits together. By the way they are WA pps.

Blogs + 18mths old don't go together!!!

hey thanks Yolande for letting me know I have NO links + only 1 pic. Lets just say after spending 2hrs - yes ppl 2hrs on this FRINKIN thing (dialup sucks more each day.......can't get it as I'm rural) I had a lovely helpful 18mth turn off my computer as I clicked 'publish blog' + then went to turn on the dishwasher!!
I could of cried.........all that time wasted making links + loading up pics!!!!
so here's teh pic of my 6x6 page fop Ky........which I have heard was a lovely evening......YAY!!!

CATCH UP...............

OK so I take the crown for being Miss Slack Blogger!!!
So I'm a bit behind on the sharing about camp. But I had a FAB time + loved meeting heaps of girls in irl. Everybody was sooooooooo lovely. I had heaps of laughs......thx to the cheeky table next to mine!!!
My cabin girls - Donna, Trina, Fiona + Karen were super cool + so lovely. It was just like meeting up with old friends.
And what can i say about Yolande + lianne- Camp Mothers for orgainising amazing weekend!! You GIRLS ROCK!!! And what supper super cool girls too.......loved them!!! Check them out in their PINK gear in pic above!!!

Well i only did one extra hopeless is that!!!!...........but you know I think it was more about getting to meet all these girls from around NZ I have met through blogs + forums + also time out from kids as i don't get alot of that!! So thanks Shirley (mil) for having T Man + my wonderful hubby Kev who looked after Finn + Ruby + entertained them in Rotorua. Ruby now has a HUGE fear of blue hydro slides!!!...........LOL.
The classes were awesome too.........thanks Nic, Wendy + Faye. I still have some journalling to do on them + then I will post. And what a little treat to have demos too.........Yolande + Lianne thought of eveything to make this a FUN time!!
Michelle TW's photoshop class was very inpsiring too........way to go Michelle.
Also the 'p' party was awesome..........and how funny were come of those costumes. Well I think you have seen a enough preggie pics of me, Trina + Donna that I don't need to share another one. By the way my labour + birth was very quick that night!!
So if you haven't been to camp - make sure you book in for the one in Nov its in that right Nic???.........cause they sure are a lot of FUN!!!

Well what another exciting week I have be part of 2 exciting scrap realted secrets!!!!........well as you all know by now we had a online baby shower for the lovely Evana....check her blog out if you haven't already. WOW its was sooooooo much fun + how special to be part of something so amazing - 35 scrappers from NZ,Aussie + the US taking part. And all the thanks goes to the SUPER DUDE Nic H
. 6 weeks we have all being keeping this a secret. Thanks Nic for organising something truly wonderful to be part of + to Deb Fuller who organised cool games - but sadly i couldn't play as I'm on dialup + was almost 10mins behind in emails!! But it was still a blast!!! Also a HUGE thanks to Delish Designs
and Tarisota for the tags which we altered + sent to Evana. Somewhere in this entry will be my tags to E. Why did blogspot have to change??

Also last night taking place in a home with some amazing girls in Brissie was a friendship album going down + this was another surprise......... I LOVE surprises + being part of a secret!!! I belong to a little online group called Friday Croppers. Now my connection in this is through the lovely Chris Millar
and I have meet some of the lovely girls when i was in Brissie last year. One the girls planned a secret Friendship ablum for one of the girls Ky. And they just made out it was their normal Friday night crop but HA little did Ky know what she was in for. I'm sure many tears were shed last night. I haven't heard yet how it went but I bet it was FANTASTIC. Thanks girls for letting me be part of this AMAZING little group of scrappers.........your the best!!! WE had to do a 6x6 double page for Ky about somewhere in this blog entry you will find my page to Ky + under my photo is a more personal message. Hope you will LOVE it Ky. Oh by the way Ky's fav colour is purple.

well for the last 4 days I have had a really sick little T Man + talk about not wanting to sleep. Why don't they realise that sleep is helpful to them!!! Awake every 2 hrs in the night........did someone mention sleep??? So I have being dealing with snot, high temps + vomit. I think its some kind of a flu. Finn now has it + Ruby has a sore throat!!!........I think roll on school hoildays for the kids just to stop + rest.

I have finally left you a cute pic of Ruby's very loved Poodle in her front bag of her NEW bike that she got for her BD!!!

have a great weekend everyone + also watch out for the newsletter from
I so hope all these links worked........

later Rach

Thursday, May 18, 2006

welcome back to me!!!

yep what a bad bad blogging babe I have being!!! has just got in the way. But to be honest I did try to blog last week + this silly thing just decided it didn't want to play my way so I gave it a raspberry + got busy with life again.

well my baby girl is 4 now - on the 15th May!! I feel a tinge of saddness as 3 is a very cute age - well my 3 yr old was cute + had the cutest sayings eg horses are porses, bunks are bumps, she has sprinkles coming out of her new bikes handle bars, Magpies are vampirers, and she wants to be a ballariner riding a porse when she grows up, oh and also she told me not to be sad that she would be turning 3 to 4 as she has to change numbers!!! Here's a pic of her opening a pressie + its now her most precious toy ever - her Poodle. Have any of you seen these cute dogs in a bag - very Pairs Hilton!!!
and another one of her.

I'm a guest DTer for the mth on US for this really super cool chick Becky. Here is a few of the LO's I did for her site. Thanks again Becky i had a blast. And another one. OK at this stage I'm noticing that my pics aren't coming up - this is what happened last time.........hmmmmmmmm anyone know why???

I have sick wee boy again who has just slept for 5 hrs, so hopefully he will be on the mend!!

and on a HAPPY NOTE...........wooohooooooo its only 8 MORE SLEEPS till scrap camp!!!
and anothe happy note - we have dried the cows off - YAY!!!

right off to light the fire as its quite cold here!!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

well the Bunny came + left!!!!

well before I go on to tell you about my Easter, I just want to THANKS to everyone that has popped onto my blog + said ouch for me + my sore ankle!!! Its getting heaps better + I can't believe it never turned the many colours of the rainbow as I expected!!!! Still can't put my foot down still do the limp dance!! Hopefully by Scrap Camp it will be healed as I'm so in the need of a break + a !!!!!
I hope eveyone had a awesome weekend??!!!!!
Ours started out in a fantastic fashion with great company, food, a egg hunt for the kids + the best Easter weather on Friday. OK I had some pics to share here but somewhere along the way i placed them in a mystery file????...........bugger!!!!
Ok Saturday saw me + 2 of the kids - Finn + Ruby do decorating of the eggs.
They really enjoyed this + so did I. I wasn't clever enough to blow the insides out!!!! I think boiled is good for little hands that can be heavy handed!!!!
Also on Saturday Kev entertained us with burning the hairs of the dead pig that our farm worker had caught on Good Friday while out pig hunting. Ruby was totally grossed out by it to the point that she would not eat it for dinner that night!!!! Finn was really into it asking all the questions under the sun!!! So here's a wee pic of Kev burning the hairs off the pig.

On Sunday the Easter Bunny visited + how we know cause he left his carrot behind beside Finn's bed!!! Both Finn + Ruby were so excited + I so hope that i might get one more year of Finn believing as it just adds that something speical to it!!! When Kev got in from the cowshed we went on a egg hunt. WOW that bunny hides so well !!!!

Well that my Easter over!!! Didn't get to spend much time with Kev as the worker has all the public holidays. And then yesterday Kev gave me a massive fright. He went sailing up in NP with another windsurfer just out of the Port at NP. The waves were big + great for jumping but not good when your husband gets knocked off + can't get his sail up + is drifting towards rocks + finally he makes the decisions to let his gear go or else he will end up smashed on the rocks with his gear. I feel so bad for him as this worth a lot of money but as he says whats more important him or his gear. I know this is true but I just feel for him as this is time out!!! Hopefully the insurance company will come back with some good news.

Tonight I'm doing a online class with the very talented Sally D. I booked this a few weeks ago + really looking forward to it . We are using some Hang 10 BG. I will show once I have finished it. Hopefully it will bring my MOJO back as I have seriously lost it + I have a few assignments to finish. Also just picked up the lastest FK + Scrapbook got some good reading ahead of me.

well I thought I would end with a pic of my super cute guy Taidhg in the bath from the night before.

catch ya all later