Wednesday, February 28, 2007

things!!..........lots of

firstly thanks everyone for your concerns for us having no water - it still hasn't rained but we are lucky enough that we have a well/bore on the farm + we just pumped some into the water tank..............but yes we do need rain still.

secondly once again in true Rach fashion I added my DARE LO last to No.8 wired .
and its straight irl........ :)

LOVED this DARE + the way the colour went 'POP'

and thirdly I just wanted to share the rest of mini ablum from the lastest Up2scrap mag (that wasn't published) + as well the the main picture has a BIG black streak on part of the page + so you can't see the true page.

When doing this album I wanted to touch on everday things in my life. So I broke it down into headings - love (kev + I), kids + I, friendships, time out + healthy choices.

heres the Take Time out one + what it should really look like

and the Healthy Choices pages

and the other half of My Kids + I

and the one on Friendship - the other half. My friend Janine kindly allowed herself to be photographed by the one + only wickedly cheeky Kev................ Now she is one fantastic friend who would do anything if I needed her.

and finally the other half of my Love page + this is extra special as today Kev + I celebrate out 9th wedding anniversary.................. and by the way ppl he loved my little mini ablum i made for him :) And yes there are those photos again taken by Finn..........this is why I took them for this brief.

and now for all the excting news!!!

who wants to be on a Design Team???..........did I hear you say yeah me??..........well click on this link here and read all about it.

I can't tell you enough what a awesome team it is too work for. So if you would like to be part of this excitement come play :)

and guess what its open to AUSSIES all you Aussie talented girls that I know get your butts over here + join in!!!!

and here's the link to the Scrapbookoutletnz site if you haven't being there before. Its worth a look by the way!!!!

and finally I better get off this blasted computer as i have sat nearly all morning to buy my sil some Red Hot Chilli Peppers tickets...............but sadly no luck :( ................. they sold like HOT cakes!!............would be soooooo awesome to go too!!!

and quickly have you voted for your fav Making Memories Idol yet??? (link in a few post below - sorry getting over being on the computer GO Chris


Sunday, February 25, 2007

20/20 vision

that is the lastest dare for the daring card makers.

use 20 of the samething..............I thought this would be a hard challenge but in the end it was easy + whipped up this little card in no time!!

pop over to the daring card makers site to see some fantastic creations from the team + as well in the side bar all the girls that have created a card too.

some news on the home front................we have NO water!!
Our water tank that can hold 10 000 litres is empty. I can't remember the last time it rained!!!..............nothing like the sunny Naki!!...............but might have to do a rain dance soon!!!.............don't think there is any rain forecast for awhile.

also thx girls for all the LOVE you are leaving its all appreciated :)

oh look at that coffee time!!!

ps who invented bloody Kevin bloody Wilson ...............he needs a bullet as my Kev is a HUGE FAN + he loves to sing it all day.................with all those bad words too................LOL.............
and yeah Lis we say dag here too ............LOL

Saturday, February 24, 2007

she was here!!

Elsie was here!!!!! - at our cyber crop on SBO
what a chick!!!

she set a 30 min challenge to doodle on a photo - No.9 out of her book.

never done this ..........first photo was a boob job but got it right with the second one!! It was FUN!!

and OK I will admit I never made it in the 30 mins but I did do it in 40mins + that is FAST for

checkout my baby below.............well he's not my baby anymore :( but more like a crazed

the rest of the crop was FUN with lots of chatter + fish being slapped in our faces the wee hours of the morning with some very cheeky :)

I had a challenge set for the girls............a "catch up" challenge for those doing the Get Real comp + for those not they could pick a topic from the comp + scrap away.

here's my LO for the challenge

hope your all having a great weekend?

and oh checkout Liannes Scrapjack........very cool :)


Friday, February 23, 2007


yep lovin this site .

if you haven't got that far - GO + check it will be in for a lot of FUN!!!

so here's my scraplift off the very funky Miss Amber .

I tried to be like Monique and not think too

and at last I have used some felt on my LO.........brought some before xmas + just haven't found the right LO to have a play on.

Ruby + her wee friend Tommy..............they have the sweetest friendship :)

so yeah sorry no update on my new exciting adventure............keep your eyes peeled!!! I think I'm addicted............just think it involved water!!!!! ;)

we had a wee break last weekend (thats where I tried my new adventure) + went camping in New Plymouth at the Fitzroy camping ground. Great place!!! I didn't even feel like I was in town. Beach + the most fabulous walkway right outside our tent!!

just quickly before i go to bed as its late again!!!

super FAB cyber crop over at SBO tonite + one very famous + super cute guest scrapper all the way from the USA - who has set a challenge by the way. Be quick as there are only 2 more places left (I think)!!

and secondly have you checked out the lastest DARE on No.8 wired . Very cool + funky.......+ wow some very inspiring LO's on there............don't forget to give the girls some LOVE!!! :)

and OK thirdly.............a BIG shout out to my super talented friend Chris Millar who made it to the top 50 in the Making Memories Idol.................go sign up so you can vote for her!!

OK got get me some shut eye!!!


Thursday, February 15, 2007

better late than

here's my DARE for No.8 wired - HOT/COLD
I went for some 'hot' new products - blush BG + some 'cold' older products - sweetpea jack BG.
watch out for the new DARE going up on Friday its soooooooo much FUN + the girls LO's are all way cool.
Also talking about COOL we are having a Cyber Crop over at SBO on Friday the 23rd Feb.
We are having a VERY VERY special guest.............who lets just say her work ROCKS!!!
Fingers crossed too she gets our time difference
There will be some cool challenges to complete + one from the the special guest. Also for you girls out there doing the Get Real comp its a good chance to help you along with your album!!!
Also if you bring along a new friend you are in for a chance for a wee prize!!!

so this weekend sees me doing one of those things that I've always wanted to do - nervous but excited !!! So thx to kev who surprised me this morning about it.
Fill ya in next week! :)
ps ok some of my post is missing + not sure why as I edited it about 4 times - it was just about SBO having a cyber crop on Friday the 23rd Feb - make sure you come along for some FUN + games!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

another day, another post

I did this LO a wee while ago of Kev + I for SBO. Really enjoyed putting this LO together - it was lots of FUN!!! I don't normally repeat myself + reuse the same photos but I can't remember the last time Kev + I had our photo together + I just love these pics that Finn took of us!
Lots of Cherry Arte again!!
thx to for all the LOVE :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

a card!

I made this card for Kev for Valentines Day + have decided to give him the mini album for our wedding Ann. at the end of the mth instead.

so ssshhhhhh don't tell him (ok thats for the mil that reads my

anyway then i saw on the card dare site that they were having a call for valentine day cards but with a twist - make a LO into a how perfect - my card went so well with their dare!! Go checkout this site - some amazing cards being created on there!!!
And speaking of DARES have you checked out the lastest DARE on the No.8 wired site?
Make sure you do as the girls have whipped up some very inspiring LO's, and remember leave them some LOVE!! :)
and how HOT is it at your place??

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

over heated!!!!

yep what a way to start the new school into town + notice that the needle on the temp gauge was waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy toooooo HIGH - like sitting on the H !!! Once I hit the 70 zone speed it just drops a tad, then we hit the 50 zone + stays the same. Stop to give way to a car + HOLY SMOKE whats coming out from under the hood???...........STEAM!!!! and everyone is looking at me!!! (i don't like that OK have to change my plan - take Ruby to kindy first + get car sorted there.............and can you believe it I was on time for once - read it ppl - I WAS ON TIME FOR ONCE!!! So poor Finn was 20mins late for school. So there was NO water in my car!!!...........oooppppsss I just don't check those things out!!!!! Anyway one of the Dad's came + helped me out!!

So another Waitangi Day gone + it was a quiet one for us - we had hay making. And man it was STINKIN HOT here yesterday!!!

In the paddock behind our house. Finn + Ruby waving to their 'B' (grandad).

and Mr Trouble with a capital 'T' watching through the fence

and then we spent some time making mud pies + that was lots of FUN.............

and finally a LO that has only taken me 2mths to complete!!!!
One for my Get Real album - 'Silly people make my heart sing' . How's everyone else going with their albums?

well so far I have survived the day with just Mr T + myself + its very strange with just him + I. I know he's going to miss his brother + sister. I know I do...........even though they drove me mad with their fights - I'll miss our morning + arvo teas + lunch on the deck. Listening to their role playing games, tea parties + mud pie making, our lunchtime swims at the pool, making each other laugh + helping me to look after Mr T.

hope you survived today without your little helpers! :)


Thursday, February 01, 2007

things that make me smile............

sunny Monday mornings in the garden playing tea parties with the kids

watching the sunflowers that Kev planted + seeing them slowly open to a huge ray of sunshine

scrapbooking to keep our memories alive

emails that make me smile + messages from afar +..............................BROADBAND!!!.........yip you guessed it I have now got BIG girls toys!!!! watch out friends you will be getting a new email addy from me.

and lastly family + friends - don't forget how precious they are :)