Thursday, May 18, 2006

welcome back to me!!!

yep what a bad bad blogging babe I have being!!! has just got in the way. But to be honest I did try to blog last week + this silly thing just decided it didn't want to play my way so I gave it a raspberry + got busy with life again.

well my baby girl is 4 now - on the 15th May!! I feel a tinge of saddness as 3 is a very cute age - well my 3 yr old was cute + had the cutest sayings eg horses are porses, bunks are bumps, she has sprinkles coming out of her new bikes handle bars, Magpies are vampirers, and she wants to be a ballariner riding a porse when she grows up, oh and also she told me not to be sad that she would be turning 3 to 4 as she has to change numbers!!! Here's a pic of her opening a pressie + its now her most precious toy ever - her Poodle. Have any of you seen these cute dogs in a bag - very Pairs Hilton!!!
and another one of her.

I'm a guest DTer for the mth on US for this really super cool chick Becky. Here is a few of the LO's I did for her site. Thanks again Becky i had a blast. And another one. OK at this stage I'm noticing that my pics aren't coming up - this is what happened last time.........hmmmmmmmm anyone know why???

I have sick wee boy again who has just slept for 5 hrs, so hopefully he will be on the mend!!

and on a HAPPY NOTE...........wooohooooooo its only 8 MORE SLEEPS till scrap camp!!!
and anothe happy note - we have dried the cows off - YAY!!!

right off to light the fire as its quite cold here!!