Thursday, February 26, 2009

day 4, 5 + 6.

ok just got a tad busy at my place but still remembering to take some pics each day.

day 4.
this was spent in New Plymouth with my very funny new friend.
Love making new friends.
Love ppl that can make me laugh + laugh.
Love connecting with someone + realising that you both think along the same lines.
so we shopped at spotlight - me buttons + her backing for curtains.
we looked in at the Plastic Box shop............yes how I LOVE little boxes to squirrel away things in.
I purchased some rather super cute girly cubbie holes for Ruby's room.
we drunk coffee + treated ourselves to a lovely lunch.
we laughed + laughed.

day 5

housework was calling, kindy run + swimming lessons.

kev is doing a gig in March listening to him

I wear my mum aprons while I cook + I love to hear Ruby say 'oh mummy I remember Poppins wearing that apron'. I worry they will forget but this small reminder makes me realise they don't.

nothing could be more sweeter than a chocolate coated boy in the bath at the end of the day!

day 6

a normal day of kindy + school + NO after school activities today. YAY!

Preparing + packing for our weekend away.

today's everyday shots were taken from the same my washing line after dinner tonite.

yesterday I spied a lovely wild flower growing in the long grass by the fence line. This weed reminds me of Kev, Brave Heart + our days in Scotland. Looked so pretty against the long grass.

one of my views I look out to while I hang out the washing

quite often I have a wee friend that follows me to the washing line. Twiggy.

I will have to play catchup when I get back from my long weekend away.
looking forward to catching up with friends + teaching my classes.
will share those when I get back too.

be good while I'm gone!


ps just have to share that Kev cracks me up.............when we get that notification that someone has added him to facebook. I ask 'who is that?' 'I don't know' he replies 'never heard of them'............he is hopless!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

ok just sneaking 3.

hmmm where did Monday go!
ick I hit that alarm clock hard at 6.25..........snooze is bad ...........especially when you hit it twice + then you suddenly realise help is that 7.00 I'm seeing through my half shut eyes!!
yep sure is!!
ok looks like the kids will miss the bus (kids get picked up at gate 8.05)..............lucky for kindy run!

F + R are dropped at school.
then it's mr T's turn.
he wants me to stay for 9am mat time.............I think he likes it cause I know all the songs + actions.
yes I do all the songs + actions.
my boy is smiling + I can go home + perform household duties!!

ok what household duties was I talking about??
oh yeah those nasty pots I didn't wash up the night before.
does reading the paper count as a household duty??

so kindy is over.
just me + the boy are home till the school bus pulls in at 3.40pm
I get some time in the scraproom.

so this is where I remember to take some pics.
my late lunch.............peanut butter + banana on toast!! YUM!

feeding + watering the kids after school.

the homework.

swimming was late today................7.30pm.
Finn was in the big pool + Taidhg had a new instructor.
Taidhg refused to go into the pool + wouldn't tell me why.
On the way home I heard a wee voice from the very depths of the car (Taidhg has moved his car seat to the back back) 'I didn't like that lady'.
lucky we aren't doing Monday night swimming lessons again.
home + bed.
and sleep for me now.................hmmm i didn't sneak in on day 3!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

the weekend is going something like this....

I have joined in on this idea............check it out. I really enjoy reading Vicky's blog + love the photos she takes of everyday join in lots of fun + so simple!

Saturday started with rain + a funeral of friends mum who died suddenly during the week.
it was harder than I thought.

my discarded shoes after the funeral.
now I just have to share these are most fav shoes in all the world + *sigh* they so beautifully coloured.........purple!!!

Finished this book!! Different for me but really enjoyed it.

even though it rained for part of yesterday it was so hot + someone who is pushing the boundaries everyway thought this was a good way to cool off!! ..........I love this boys sense of humour!

20 minutes later................

jam tarts made with nana from her cook book.

big brother burning rubber on sisters bike!!

and this my LO for the lastest beginnings.

I went with some older photos of Ruby when she just learnt to walk at 10mths.
I used the Jan kit from Kennerroad kits + I was inspired how Lisa Garay used the clouds + buttons on one of her LO's.

and here was my version of Lianne's dare - 'what you learnt last year'.
mine was learning to let things go........don't sweat the small things in life...............don't make mountains out of mole hills.

and how happy was I when I discovered my fav TV show had begun...........well the week before (no one told Runway!!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

L.O.V.E + thoughts.

so I woke to a big smile + a whisper of "happy valentines day mummy" from my beautiful thoughtful girl.
and a love note made for me + kev got one too! And she made my bed while I was in the shower!!

and this arvo we made some love goodness for them to take over to Nana + B's to share tonight.........while we are out celebrating our wedding ann.................bit early but kev + I won't be together on the 28th ..............I'm in Rotorua + well he's minding the kids somewhere!!

goodness for the G.parents!

So this week our thoughts have being with all the ppl involved in the fires in Aussie. We have talked alot about the fires + how sad + scary it must be for them all. I know that the kids have said lots of prayers for them at school. I have even found myself with tears in my eyes as I read the paper or watched TV. I can't imagine or begin to imagine what they have gone through + what they still have to go through to make their lives as normal as it can get.

I got some of the new BG this week + look forward to creating some goodness with it.
Also I got a fab kit last mth + have a half done LO on my desk. Just need to create some more time for the scrapping.
And speaking of fab kits I got the most fantastic little kit from Nie this week. I just LOVE it!!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Right now..........

it's Waitangi Day + I love a good public holiday but sadly Kev doesn't get the whole day off.......his girls still need to be tended too!! Fingers crossed the worker will loose his cast soon + kev have some milkings off!!

So we are back to school + a routine at last!!
Yes its a good thing but I miss the lets go with the flow thing all day long!!

I haven't done much in the creative department except push some pp around + try to match some pics............nothing is happening + I'm feeling frustrated.........I plan to do some this arvo once I sort Ruby's room out + put in her new desk (but a old desk - my great bargin off Trade Me).

But this is what our first week looked like back at school + kindy.

a visit to the dental clinic

showing us the new skills learnt at golf lessons

chaos in the house!!..............and some thrift buying for Ruby's room!! See that large picture there that will soon be a notice board for her room!

and someone having a sneak into the pantry!! (which happens often!!)

dinner at the beach with friends.


A sleepin!! Wasn't I lucky!!

and for the rest of the weekend - the beach tomorrow + a birthday party on Sunday!

I hope everyone has a FAB long weekend in NZ + for those not in NZ enjoy your weekend too!!


p.s the first DARE of the year goes up today!