Tuesday, April 18, 2006

well the Bunny came + left!!!!

well before I go on to tell you about my Easter, I just want to THANKS to everyone that has popped onto my blog + said ouch for me + my sore ankle!!! Its getting heaps better + I can't believe it never turned the many colours of the rainbow as I expected!!!! Still can't put my foot down completely............so still do the limp dance!! Hopefully by Scrap Camp it will be healed as I'm so in the need of a break + a play........lol !!!!!
I hope eveyone had a awesome weekend??!!!!!
Ours started out in a fantastic fashion with great company, food, a egg hunt for the kids + the best Easter weather on Friday. OK I had some pics to share here but somewhere along the way i placed them in a mystery file????...........bugger!!!!
Ok Saturday saw me + 2 of the kids - Finn + Ruby do decorating of the eggs.
They really enjoyed this + so did I. I wasn't clever enough to blow the insides out!!!! I think boiled is good for little hands that can be heavy handed!!!!
Also on Saturday Kev entertained us with burning the hairs of the dead pig that our farm worker had caught on Good Friday while out pig hunting. Ruby was totally grossed out by it to the point that she would not eat it for dinner that night!!!! Finn was really into it asking all the questions under the sun!!! So here's a wee pic of Kev burning the hairs off the pig.

On Sunday the Easter Bunny visited + how we know cause he left his carrot behind beside Finn's bed!!! Both Finn + Ruby were so excited + I so hope that i might get one more year of Finn believing as it just adds that something speical to it!!! When Kev got in from the cowshed we went on a egg hunt. WOW that bunny hides so well !!!!

Well that my Easter over!!! Didn't get to spend much time with Kev as the worker has all the public holidays. And then yesterday Kev gave me a massive fright. He went sailing up in NP with another windsurfer just out of the Port at NP. The waves were big + great for jumping but not good when your husband gets knocked off + can't get his sail up + is drifting towards rocks + finally he makes the decisions to let his gear go or else he will end up smashed on the rocks with his gear. I feel so bad for him as this worth a lot of money but as he says whats more important him or his gear. I know this is true but I just feel for him as this is time out!!! Hopefully the insurance company will come back with some good news.

Tonight I'm doing a www.shopandcrop.com.au online class with the very talented Sally D. I booked this a few weeks ago + really looking forward to it . We are using some Hang 10 BG. I will show once I have finished it. Hopefully it will bring my MOJO back as I have seriously lost it + I have a few assignments to finish. Also just picked up the lastest FK + Scrapbook etc........so got some good reading ahead of me.

well I thought I would end with a pic of my super cute guy Taidhg in the bath from the night before.

catch ya all later



Delys said...

I just love coming to visit your blog Rach! So entertaining! My kids are just fascinated about the pig hair burning, the gutting of any homekills or any calving ...true farming kids... sometimes! (ie when they dont have to help with anything) lol!
What a lovely pic of Taidgh...so cute and she just the cheekiest grin doesnt she?
Hope the insurance company pays up on the windsurfing gear and yes that wouldve given all of you a fright. Hope he can get it replace soon.

lucy said...

Great to hear your ankle is improving. You wont feel a thing when you are at scrapcamp. That diet coke is amazing LOL And yes of course we will look after you hehehehehehe

Bumma for hubby and I am crossing my fingers that the insurance man comes to the party. After all thats what they are there for.

Very cute pics of the kiddis.

Lara said...

yeah - a Rach update! cute pics, can't wait to see what you do in the online class & how it works - like do you watch a video type thing on the computer or just chat by typing?
Hope insurance comes through & the mojo comes back too!

Donna said...

Ooh the pig makes me shudder. Can you tell I'm a farmers daughter? LOL.
Glad your easter went well apart from the windsurfing accident. Very scary but pleased Kev was safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rach
Ky and I were thinking that we hadn't heard from you for a while. Now I can see why. What a lot you've had on your plate! So many exciting things and painful things and scary things and frustrating things! Love the photo of T in the bath. He's grown up so much!


Chris Millar said...

Gosh, how much does Taidhg look like Ruby in that bath shot! Very cute! Glad to hear Kev is ok, apart from his gear being wrecked. And hope your ankle mends soon!

nic said...

What a gorgeous little man! taidgh that is, lol, ;o)


Anonymous said...

How did your class at scrapandcrop go? Anything to show???

nic said...

ahhhhhhhhhh taidhg taidhg taidhg

Yolande said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend. As Lucy said - we will look after you and pass you another diet coke!
Bummer about Kev's gear. Fingers crossed here too.
Cute photo of T.

Miss H said...

Sounds like you guys had a great Easter, but so sorry about Kev's gear, at least he's safe and sound.

The kids look so cute doing their eggs & very cute Taidhg, ah my little NZ bubba boy :)

Glad to hear the foot is on the mend. Big Hugs xxoo

Michelle said...

Cute photo. Yip my baby is the big 16months... mate time has gone so quickly though:) Looking forward to meeting you and will try nd comment more often cause I am reading!

lianne said...

Hi Rach,
Such a bummer about Kev's windsurfer but yeah it can get pretty dangerous out there, bit different than surfing I think where it's best to hold onto your board in most cases. How did he get in once he let go of the gear? Scary stuff aye.
Bring on Scrapcamp I say. Ooohhhh only 4 weeks to go now.

Unknown said...

Love the carrot being left behind the bed bet the kids loved that.

How did the online class go did you find it easy to follow.

Chrissy said...

Aww Rach little Taidhg isn't so little anymore, where did that little bubba go?! He looks so adorable amongst the bubbles and looks like the big kids had fun with the Easter Egg painting too!

Chrissy xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Rach - sounds like a fabulous Easter and your 3 are looking as gorgeous as ever and growing up :)Poor Kev :( glad he was OK but a bugger about his gear :( Sounds like you are back on board too :) Must remember the carrot thing :)

Anonymous said...

Your little baby boy is adorable, cute as photo. I've been thinking of doing an online crop out of interest, wouldn't mind setting the same thing up on my site, I'm intrigued to see how well it works, please fill us in on how it went!

Becky said...

What a fun Easter!!
I love, love that pic of Taidhg!! Great pic for a LO!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rach, your little boy is so cute, love the photo with the bubbles just adorable. Can't wait to see the layout to the gorgeous photo.


Ali said...

Oh hello stranger, man, the times I have nearly searched for your phone no. in order to tell you to upgrade your blog Lol!!! Sorry I'm going to miss you at Scrap camp, maybe you'll survive this one to make it to the next one Lol!