Sunday, November 19, 2006

country child of mine

its interesting to see some of the difference in my kids compared to me as I grew up in wellington.
Here's the lastest example from Miss 4 as she saw me dishing up dinner -

Ruby - whats for tea Mummy?

Me - lamb!

ruby - (with her nose screwed up + a sad look on her face) NO not lamb Mummy!!!

Me - oh, I mean meat

Ruby - Ok Mummy (she skips away saying) that will be nice!!

Remember never say to country kids that have pets lambs we are having lamb for dinner. Remember its MEAT!!! :)



Anonymous said...

Ahh Rach, what a sweetie. Must be hard but a good lesson. My DH tells me a similar story about going to his brothers for dinner and asking whats for dinner and his niece said Number 1234 with the pretty white face. LOL!

Andrea B said...

LOL .. poor Ruby! Hope she ate some in the end.

Anonymous said...

Country kids rock!! p.s. they feel the same way about pigs LOL


Lara said...

LOL - you should try 'reindeer toes' (the leg of a deer with the hoof still attached) that they see coming into the house & then eating them.... my kids love it even though they knew!

Donna said...

Lol, I remember not eating meat for a long time after my pet cow disappered! I am still careful what I say to my city kids about meat!

Anonymous said...

*always* be careful talking to kids about food LOL

Marieke said...

I am so not a country kid, I'm sure I couldn't eat anything that I used to 'know'.
It's funny, my son used to ask the same question and if I said 'beef' he'd demand to know what animal that was from.

Sandra said...

How cute....met someone recently (an adult) who said they could never eat thumper, bambi or miss piggy.