Tuesday, April 18, 2006

well the Bunny came + left!!!!

well before I go on to tell you about my Easter, I just want to THANKS to everyone that has popped onto my blog + said ouch for me + my sore ankle!!! Its getting heaps better + I can't believe it never turned the many colours of the rainbow as I expected!!!! Still can't put my foot down completely............so still do the limp dance!! Hopefully by Scrap Camp it will be healed as I'm so in the need of a break + a play........lol !!!!!
I hope eveyone had a awesome weekend??!!!!!
Ours started out in a fantastic fashion with great company, food, a egg hunt for the kids + the best Easter weather on Friday. OK I had some pics to share here but somewhere along the way i placed them in a mystery file????...........bugger!!!!
Ok Saturday saw me + 2 of the kids - Finn + Ruby do decorating of the eggs.
They really enjoyed this + so did I. I wasn't clever enough to blow the insides out!!!! I think boiled is good for little hands that can be heavy handed!!!!
Also on Saturday Kev entertained us with burning the hairs of the dead pig that our farm worker had caught on Good Friday while out pig hunting. Ruby was totally grossed out by it to the point that she would not eat it for dinner that night!!!! Finn was really into it asking all the questions under the sun!!! So here's a wee pic of Kev burning the hairs off the pig.

On Sunday the Easter Bunny visited + how we know cause he left his carrot behind beside Finn's bed!!! Both Finn + Ruby were so excited + I so hope that i might get one more year of Finn believing as it just adds that something speical to it!!! When Kev got in from the cowshed we went on a egg hunt. WOW that bunny hides so well !!!!

Well that my Easter over!!! Didn't get to spend much time with Kev as the worker has all the public holidays. And then yesterday Kev gave me a massive fright. He went sailing up in NP with another windsurfer just out of the Port at NP. The waves were big + great for jumping but not good when your husband gets knocked off + can't get his sail up + is drifting towards rocks + finally he makes the decisions to let his gear go or else he will end up smashed on the rocks with his gear. I feel so bad for him as this worth a lot of money but as he says whats more important him or his gear. I know this is true but I just feel for him as this is time out!!! Hopefully the insurance company will come back with some good news.

Tonight I'm doing a www.shopandcrop.com.au online class with the very talented Sally D. I booked this a few weeks ago + really looking forward to it . We are using some Hang 10 BG. I will show once I have finished it. Hopefully it will bring my MOJO back as I have seriously lost it + I have a few assignments to finish. Also just picked up the lastest FK + Scrapbook etc........so got some good reading ahead of me.

well I thought I would end with a pic of my super cute guy Taidhg in the bath from the night before.

catch ya all later


Saturday, April 08, 2006

the phone went down + then I went down!!!

well what a week here!!!
I thought my throat had been cut when we had no phone line for 2 whole days + nights!!!
How would I get my daily fix of the internet + emails??.........well I coped + got sooooooooo much more done around the house + you know what in the end I didn't really mind having a break from the box!!!...............Kev was pleased too ;)
so Friday morning I was a happy little camper when i woke to hear a dial tone on my phone.
But soon it was all to turn to custard.
Yesterday morning I went out to get the mail from the letterbox. I got near the end of the slope on the corner of the property when I basically went arse over kite!!!! Never never never wear jandals on wet grass!!!! All I remember is my left leg going backwards!!! And then feeling this awful pain...........then there was the fun bit - I didn't know if I should be sick or faint!!! I did neither + then tried to get up.............hell NO it wasn't going to work as I got a hot shooting pain up my leg!!! Ok my next plan was to crawl up the slope back to the house to call my inlaws (Kev was at the gym) + Ruby + Taidhg were inside. But the pain was to much to crawl up so i screamed my lungs out to Ruby (I'm sure i was heard all over the Nth Island) to bring Mummy the phone. Finally she came out to tell me that T had touched the TV!!! So she brought the phone to me so I could ring the inlaws. They both came over + helped me up into the house.
So I went to the Doc's + had a xray............NO broken bones!!!.............but a set of crutches (or crunchies as Ruby calls them) the doc never said what he thought it was but is worried about the Achillies + tendons, so back to the doc on Monday. I personally think its a really bad twist or sprain!!! But whatever the hell it is ............it hurt like hell + is still sore. Lots of rest today.
just had to share the sexy ankle + foot.............lol....... its got a rather nice looking swell on it!!!
hope you are all having a great weekend.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


opps!!!...........made a boob!!! Blame it on the 'tired parent moment due to lack of sleep from dealing with spewie kids' !!!! Thanks Karen for pointing it out!!!
www.scrapbookoutletnz.co.nz check it out!!!
and on the sick front - Kev's come down with it along with our farm worker.............poor buggers had to milk this morning!!! But we breed em hard here in the NAKI !!!!!
Touch wood Finn + I will not get it!!!
Its raining here today after that S*U*P*E*R fantastic day here yesterday, so a indoor day here + also the little funkster SIL winged her way down from Auckland for 3 nights this morning........YAY Steph. And that means haircuts!!!!
Was going to scrap last night but ended up watching that movie 'Ladder 49'...........had a few red wines and shed a few tears at the end!!!..............hopeless I am..................lol............
and I'm sure a few tears were shed about the Hurricanes loss!!!!
OK off to be productive around the house.