Monday, October 02, 2006

knew i forgot something!!

checkout this site multilayouts heaps of really inspiring LO's using more than 1 photo. And the lovely Tenika asked for 1 of my LO's to be featured (which was a few weeks back) the "warning - goofball ahead" LO.
And she has asked for another!!.........feeling honoured to be on there with so much inpsiration.
Way to go Tenika for setting up such a cool site to get ppl inspired!!



Unknown said...

No posts for a month and then all of a sudden 2 posts glad to see you are back blogging. Love your layout on favourite friends what a great idea.

lianne said...

That's an awesome site Rach. Got me to thinking too. I mostly do one photo layouts for samples which may or may not end up in albums, I don't know. One day when I have time I must go through all my layouts and organise them into what I will be leaving for the kids. Some are just purely for arts sake, LOL. I'm inspired though to do multi photo layouts. I also read somewhere recently about mixing up your layout sizes to keep the creativity flowing. Will try and do some multi photo 12 x 12's.