Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Forever Young comes to mind today.......

for 2 reasons.
First - yesterday my brother Tim would of being 37. And he sadly died a few mths short of his 32nd birthday in 2001. He always said he never wanted to get old + hearing that song on the radio of late "Forever Young"........(sorry the name of the group slips my minds atm)........reminds me of him a lot lately.
second - its my birthday today + OMG I'm .......eek 35!!!! even though I LOVE to celebrate my birthday its always tinged with a wee bit of saddness. As kids Tim + I shared our birthdays with many Telethon weekends.......remember those???? And we got to stay up late + watch the presenters do dicky things for sums of money!!! WE always got to have yummy treats + Tim's fav birthday meal was a roast chicken!!! Funny now as we probably have a roasted chook nearly every second week........they must of being a bit more pricey back then......or maybe not so many hormone drugs around to help grow chooks faster!!! We always got a box of continental chocolates each...........he always ate his faster than me!!! And WOW those chocs are so pricey now too!!!
Aren't memories so precious!!!

Well today I was worried about turning 35 but then I refelected on how lucky I am!! The bestest cow cockie of a dude - that will be Kev + 3 super, rowdy, rule breakers, snot producers + bestest cuddlers in the world - that will be Finn, Ruby + Taidhg!!!
Awesome parents........who gave me the best childhood + super super cool inlaws who live next door who I can't thank enough for all that they do!!!..........I LOVE all these guys with all my heart!!!
A beautiful home + place to live in.
And my friends - who are there for me to lean on, whinge, laugh + cry with!!!

So can you guess I have had a fantastic day???
My day started with a FANTASTIC card + some gorgeous pp from my super cool scrapping buddy Chris Millar - I want to be like her when i grow up!! (see above for pic).
Kids are school, kindy + mil's so Kev took me out for Brunch to one of my favs - McFarlanes to have the most scrummy French toast!!! Then we hung out + checked out a few shops!!! The weather behaved + was so beautiful it was crystal clear.......truly beautiful winters day!!!

And now I'm going next door to inlaws for dinner!!!

I just wanted to remind myself what I was doing 10 years there is another pic of me + sil in Athens, was stinking hot there + how do I wish for the heat right now!!! (I'm in the pink top)
And the other pic is Taidhg this time last year. Yep we ended up in hosptial on my birthday last year with a very sick 6mth old. Bronchitis + spend 4 nights up at Base, he was one very sick baby!!!

I'm slowly getting better but it takes me till about 2.00ish each day to feel normal but then by 8.00ish I'm ready to crash.

wwooohooooooo we are in for another major frost tomorrow!!


Thursday, June 22, 2006

today right NOW.........I wish this was me........

yep see in the pic that was ME 10 years ago on a scooter hooning around the Greek Islands + how do I wish I was there right the warmth + with the sun shining down on me + those beautiful beaches. Not a care in the world!!!
Oh hell i just woke up from my a freezing cold day + NO voice + a very sore throat........yes i have NO voice much to my kids pleasure. Have being to the Doc's this morning + I have laryngitis!!!!.............I'm soooooooooo over sickness!!!

But OK on a HAPPY note ...........have you checked out
SCRAPBOOKOUTLET lastest news??
We have a cyber crop happening on the 30th June + online classes will be starting soon. As well as the DT doing online classes there will be some international teachers too......can't wait - how exciting!!!! keep yours eye peeled for that news!!!!
Donna has got some amazing kits lined up too for this mth!!!
Lots of fantastic challenges......I have even got 1 going this week + you could win the girls kit that I did last mth. All you have to do is upload a LO about need this during this very cold period to warm us up!!!!

Just got home from taking Finn + Ruby to the movie "cars".....a neat little story really enjoyed it apart from F + R saying halfway through 'when are we going to McDonalds'.......and it just went on till the end of the movie!!! See my kids don't get to Mickey D's much..........they lead a very sheltered life down here on the farm.......LOL.
Tomorrow Kev + I get some 'us' time ....WOW I can't remember the last time we went to the pics together. I feel quite spoilt having 2 outings in a row without the hurricane Mr T. We are going to see Sione's wedding.........have heard great things about it.

Also thanks for everyone popping by my blog to say HI + get well. And YES I have being a bad blogging babe back I will try better!!! :)
Thanks also Ali for the advice on the links but I had a quick sneak peek + my link didn't work + I followed what your email said to I'm buggered if I know whats going on!!!

Its freezing here must be almost 2 or less here tonight.
Ok off to put my babies to bed + have a nice hot bath in my BIG old bath know one of those real deep ones!!! :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm sick of sick + snot + being SICK!!!

yep the house of snot + sick its right HERE!!!!!..........its being open for nearly 2 weeks now!!! Only guest not welcome are GERMS!!!!
Well I have being flat for my back for about 3 name I had it!! Its a very yukky virus thats going around. Ruby's kindy only had 23 kids for most of the week + its a 45 roll. She was lucky + missed it (but had a yukky cold) + Kev too but he's got other but poor old Finn + T got it too. Today we are all looking + feeling better...........but man its freezing here today!!! The snow is right down the Mountain + I think the ski flieds are open too!!! So for that to happen that means there must be a lot of snow!!!

So not a lot on the news side for me. Here's one of my recent LO's I did for my DT work for
OK its gone to the top of the it just me or what??

Sending out BIG HUGS to my buddy Yolande for Monday :)

ps i have tired + tired to make my links work + even used that link thing at the top of the page BUT what the hell am I doing WRONG.........HELP!!!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

last entry for the day.......

OK i just wanted to share this wee pic of Ruby;s VERY loved Poodle......she goes everywhere with her. So here she is catching a ride in the front bag on Ruby's new bike she got for her BD.
so thats all folks.........I'm off to deal with a VERY VERY busy 18mth old + his nappy!!!
remember to look further down my blog to see all my post from today!!!!

Rach :)

OMG another entry in the same day!!

holy FRINKIN smoke.......3 entries + there will be a 4th!!! I don't want to risk losing the pcis again!!!
this time its the tag I made for the lovely Evana. I used the May Lime Tart kit.
I did a wee freak when this one came as I thought 'oh not me' + after seeing how the very talented Michelle Grant used it I thought what would I come up with but I must of being saving it for something pretty special. I LOVE what i made + the pps were easy to work. Philippa always does such a beautiful job of putting the kits together. By the way they are WA pps.

Blogs + 18mths old don't go together!!!

hey thanks Yolande for letting me know I have NO links + only 1 pic. Lets just say after spending 2hrs - yes ppl 2hrs on this FRINKIN thing (dialup sucks more each day.......can't get it as I'm rural) I had a lovely helpful 18mth turn off my computer as I clicked 'publish blog' + then went to turn on the dishwasher!!
I could of cried.........all that time wasted making links + loading up pics!!!!
so here's teh pic of my 6x6 page fop Ky........which I have heard was a lovely evening......YAY!!!

CATCH UP...............

OK so I take the crown for being Miss Slack Blogger!!!
So I'm a bit behind on the sharing about camp. But I had a FAB time + loved meeting heaps of girls in irl. Everybody was sooooooooo lovely. I had heaps of laughs......thx to the cheeky table next to mine!!!
My cabin girls - Donna, Trina, Fiona + Karen were super cool + so lovely. It was just like meeting up with old friends.
And what can i say about Yolande + lianne- Camp Mothers for orgainising amazing weekend!! You GIRLS ROCK!!! And what supper super cool girls too.......loved them!!! Check them out in their PINK gear in pic above!!!

Well i only did one extra hopeless is that!!!!...........but you know I think it was more about getting to meet all these girls from around NZ I have met through blogs + forums + also time out from kids as i don't get alot of that!! So thanks Shirley (mil) for having T Man + my wonderful hubby Kev who looked after Finn + Ruby + entertained them in Rotorua. Ruby now has a HUGE fear of blue hydro slides!!!...........LOL.
The classes were awesome too.........thanks Nic, Wendy + Faye. I still have some journalling to do on them + then I will post. And what a little treat to have demos too.........Yolande + Lianne thought of eveything to make this a FUN time!!
Michelle TW's photoshop class was very inpsiring too........way to go Michelle.
Also the 'p' party was awesome..........and how funny were come of those costumes. Well I think you have seen a enough preggie pics of me, Trina + Donna that I don't need to share another one. By the way my labour + birth was very quick that night!!
So if you haven't been to camp - make sure you book in for the one in Nov its in that right Nic???.........cause they sure are a lot of FUN!!!

Well what another exciting week I have be part of 2 exciting scrap realted secrets!!!!........well as you all know by now we had a online baby shower for the lovely Evana....check her blog out if you haven't already. WOW its was sooooooo much fun + how special to be part of something so amazing - 35 scrappers from NZ,Aussie + the US taking part. And all the thanks goes to the SUPER DUDE Nic H
. 6 weeks we have all being keeping this a secret. Thanks Nic for organising something truly wonderful to be part of + to Deb Fuller who organised cool games - but sadly i couldn't play as I'm on dialup + was almost 10mins behind in emails!! But it was still a blast!!! Also a HUGE thanks to Delish Designs
and Tarisota for the tags which we altered + sent to Evana. Somewhere in this entry will be my tags to E. Why did blogspot have to change??

Also last night taking place in a home with some amazing girls in Brissie was a friendship album going down + this was another surprise......... I LOVE surprises + being part of a secret!!! I belong to a little online group called Friday Croppers. Now my connection in this is through the lovely Chris Millar
and I have meet some of the lovely girls when i was in Brissie last year. One the girls planned a secret Friendship ablum for one of the girls Ky. And they just made out it was their normal Friday night crop but HA little did Ky know what she was in for. I'm sure many tears were shed last night. I haven't heard yet how it went but I bet it was FANTASTIC. Thanks girls for letting me be part of this AMAZING little group of scrappers.........your the best!!! WE had to do a 6x6 double page for Ky about somewhere in this blog entry you will find my page to Ky + under my photo is a more personal message. Hope you will LOVE it Ky. Oh by the way Ky's fav colour is purple.

well for the last 4 days I have had a really sick little T Man + talk about not wanting to sleep. Why don't they realise that sleep is helpful to them!!! Awake every 2 hrs in the night........did someone mention sleep??? So I have being dealing with snot, high temps + vomit. I think its some kind of a flu. Finn now has it + Ruby has a sore throat!!!........I think roll on school hoildays for the kids just to stop + rest.

I have finally left you a cute pic of Ruby's very loved Poodle in her front bag of her NEW bike that she got for her BD!!!

have a great weekend everyone + also watch out for the newsletter from
I so hope all these links worked........

later Rach