Saturday, June 10, 2006

Blogs + 18mths old don't go together!!!

hey thanks Yolande for letting me know I have NO links + only 1 pic. Lets just say after spending 2hrs - yes ppl 2hrs on this FRINKIN thing (dialup sucks more each day.......can't get it as I'm rural) I had a lovely helpful 18mth turn off my computer as I clicked 'publish blog' + then went to turn on the dishwasher!!
I could of cried.........all that time wasted making links + loading up pics!!!!
so here's teh pic of my 6x6 page fop Ky........which I have heard was a lovely evening......YAY!!!

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Lee said...

Heyyyaaa Rach!!
Oh I SOOOO hear ya on the bloody blogger + dialup = hell thing - you should see my june 9th post there is stuff everywhere cause it wouldn't let me upload images!
GORGEOUS stuff btw - your gift page is SENSATIONAL lady, I adore those gorgeous flowers, and you E tag was a stunner.
Hope you are all a groovy.
Chat to you soon!!
Lee :)