Thursday, July 06, 2006

my blog got broke!!!

I haven't being able to get into any ones blog or mine for over a week...........boy did I tihnk my throat had being cut!!!
what happened we had the "Moblie Mouse" guy do a house visit + clean up the computer + put on new anti virus's etc + when he did the clean up it knocked all my 'clicks' off. So anything that I was automatically logged into wasn't happening + of course THICKO me didn't 'click'
SO here i am again!!!

So whats new in the under the Mountain??..........well you would thing one would of had enough of illness but NO its sitll lives on...........this week Taidhg had got Scarlet Fever........oh yeah what fun that is. Talk about major tanties + a grumpy bum all day long. Once I found the rash it was off to the Doc's.............kev thought it was heat rash.......mmmmmm heat rash my FOOT in this thinks not!!! And also poor Ruby is having major issues with her teeth + is off to have to have a OP!!!.......Had a bad experience with the dentist over this but all had being sorted + I don;t have to got to her wee op...........I so wouldn't cope. Lucky for Kev + super mil !!!

So in the scrapping world I have being working hard on my Up2scrap LO's + I have to say I can't wait to see them in print. Also last Friday Scrapbookoutletnz had their first cyber crop. (sorry i don't know why my silly blog won't let me link as I do it all the right I give up........just refer to my links).
Lots of girls + lots of chatter. Fantastic challenges + prizes..........way to go that came + played. I sadly had a bad conection + have since realised its to with Mr Might moblie MOuse!!!...........and him cleaning my clicks!!!
So I had a challenge given to me by the lovely Delys (refer to my side bar for her) + she set this challenge to do a LO using things from your kitchen. Well I came up with tin foil flowers + servittes as matting. OK once again blogger is phoo + the pic of the LO is at the top. Also my challenge for the forum members was to do a 8x8 LO of yourself. mines above. And the lovely lovely Yolande won this challenge (check her out on my side are).........its was too hard to choose so I got Kev to do this.

so thats me!!
its late.........OMG very late
so later

OK the kitchen challenge doesn't want to load + its way past my bed time!! will try in a few days!!


Unknown said...

beautiful Layout Rach and what a great photo. Sorry to hear about the scarlet fever didn't think that was even around anymore, sounds like something out of "Little Women".

Tracy said...

Love the layout Rachel, hope everyone gets better soon in your house. I want to try one of those cybercrops one of these days, will keep an eyeout for your next one.
Stay cool till after school

Chrissy said...

That is such a beautiful photo of you Rach, I love the whole feel to your LO with those happy colours and the flower accent, just *gorgeous*!

Fingers crossed that you are all well soon, you've had such a bad run of it!!

Love Chrissy xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous LO by the gorgeous girl :) Missed your birthday..sorry :( Sounds like it was great...And hope the Taidhg is better real soon :)Hope Ruby's teeth op goes OK....And that the germs stop visiting!! Think they have come here instead....

Yolande said...

LOve both your layouts you did for the cyber crop! ANd hugs to Kev for picking prizes arrived today which was super nice! Yummo! Hope those bugs go away from your house soon. HUGS

Anonymous said...

Love your cyber crop layouts ... it was probably *good* that you weren't online chatting all crop ... I was and didn't do any scrapping at all!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, look at that LO. I looked at it for ages trying to work out how you'd done the flower petals and how they all match up. Think I've got it now? LOL! Gorgeous Rach. Awesome photo too.

Sandra said...

Love the bright LO and your other cybercrop ones too. Hope your household is better soon.

Lara said...

love this profile! Looking forward to the next up2. Hope scarlett fever is receeding!

lucy said...

And it took me three goes to leave a comment. LOL your blog needs a drinky poo.

Hope your wee man is feeling better and OMG you have had such a sucky run of it lately. Fingers crossed all on the mend.

Awesome layout.

oh and my word verification is wupid. sounds like something for your mobile mannie LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, ta page est trés belle !
Pleine de fraîcheur et de gaieté !

Chris Millar said...

This layout is so fantastic Rach! Such vibrant colours and really fun!
Hope your household is illness free soon!

Donna said...

Love your layout! Very cool.
Hope the kids are a little better. Good to have a chat even if we couldnt meet up.

Ruth said...

love love love the layout Rach!! Funny you called it 'its all about me' because I have a friend who is forever saying to me 'its not all about you ya know' LOL

But I guess it is!

Shani kowalczyk said...

Loving this layout Rach....the colours show what I think you personality is by the cyber way...LOL
Have a lovely day