Tuesday, February 28, 2006

8 years today!!!

YEP that was us 8 years ago today the 28th !!! Fantastic day it was too - married here in little ole Stratty + we had a awesome garden party with a live band!! Got to have a live band its the only way to go!! And do you know what my fantastic husband did for me on my wedding day???..............he sang + played his guitar to me as i walked up the isle.............how beautiful is that!!!! Who needs to win Lotto when you have got a man like that!!! And now 8 years on - we have built a new home, brought 2 farms + got 3 awesome kids!!! Rock on the next 8 years I say cause it can only get better!!!

But we didn't get to go out+ have a romantic dinner as our baby sittter has gone away on a golf trip!! But i have being promised a dinner date!!!!

WEll UB40 was great - the venue is just the best, you can't bet it!!! Have to say i wasn't keen on their new stuff but i was rockin to their older songs. Great night out!!

I know i meantioned a few entries back I had made a tooth fairy box for Finn's teeth , well I decided not to use it for my DT entries . I got this idea from the 'Book Book'. I must of brought that book about 2 years ago now from kiwiscraps. Hadn't really got any use out of until now. While at Starship Kev's cousin gave me a box of soap + I thought i better not throw this box away it might come in handy for you know what!!!...............ok so get on with the story Rach!!! Finn lost a tooth + I thought aahhh that box will make a perfect tooth fairy box. THE BOX!!

Sorry pics are wee bit blurry but i was in a hurry to get some pics before it got dark. The only other photo I haven't shown is the other end of the box which says 'tooth'. The idea is to slide the tooth end open + place the tooth in there + in the morning after the Tooth Fairy has been you open the money end to get your money. But I guess you all probably got that...............lol.

ok I'm off to bed as I had a 2.30am last night with a sick little girl. She's better today but I'm very tired!!!


Friday, February 24, 2006

back on deck!!!

well my week has being filled with snot + more snot!!! Still got a glazed dounut in the house.......and that would be Hurricane Taidhg or T man as Nic has named him!!! Poor wee mite is cutting 6 teeth at the moment and Finn's lost 2 + Ruby has 4 fillings to be filled but had to cancel twice due to her yukky cold!!! Oh yeah sorry forgot I already mentioned Mr Finn's teeth - and YES what a very generous 'Tooth Fairy'. And it wasn't me either!!!!
Nothing much happening here. I have being working on a card for a ex colleague of mine, who is also Ruby's kindy teacher. Her Mum died last week and I just want to make a wee card to let her know I was thinking of her.
Front of the card + inside.
I'm off to a crop tomorrow. Some time to myself...YAY!! And them we going to UB40 at the Bowl of Brooklands in New Plymouth. Its just awesome there - a little lake + grassy hill side to watch the show from, its quite a magical place in fact!!! I think the last time I saw UB40 was when i was about 17.......eeek that's about 18years ago.......holy cow!!!!
Do some of you remember one of my first blog entries I had a photo of some VERY naughty lambs?? Well watch this space for a LO of them!!!
Once again I should learn not to blog when there is a baby on the loose!!! I think I might have to steal Nic's LO of 'Get out of the toilet' + place a photo of Taidhg on there!!! That boy just dropped 2 rolls of loo paper in the LOO!!!..............he thinks it a great joke!!!
YAY thank god its Friday!!!
have a good one
ps I heard there is going to be scrap camp???...I'll be there with bells on as I couldn't go last year!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

where did that week GO!!!!?????

HELP it's a new week already!!!!!
well its being a crazy past week for us here firstly the phone ringing for the job ad we had in the paper for a 'Farm Assistant'. Then we had all the interviews starting last Wednesday night, through the weekend + the last one last night.
WOW it was very interesting as I have never being involved with employing ppl. And yes their we some very interesting ppl that came to the interviews too!!! Some ppl didn't even bother to turn up - man how rude is that!!!!! Also found that some ppl were interviewing us too see if we would be good employees + I have to say its a great idea as there are some real Ahole boss's in the farming industry. But i have to say Kev makes a awesome boss + is a true believer of balance - work + play!!!! Or maybe I just say that cause i sleep with the boss.........LOL.
Anyway we got finally made a pick + our 'Farm Assistant' will start at the beginning of March.
I have to admit i did want to go for the very 'easy on the eye' guy. Who wouldn't want to sit across from him every morning at breakfast time - oh soooooo cute!!!!!!
Ok I started Lianne'c challenge + it turned to custard + its a total bulls up so NO one is going to see it!!! Sorry Lianne great challenge but I just don't want to go there..................lol.
I have being busy making a few BTP things - which i normally hate doing but they have turned out OK. Firstly I made a birthday pressie for the very talented Chris Millar!! Can't let you on that one until she gets it!!! And secondly a 'tooth fairy' box for Finn's FIRST tooth - yes did you read that Finn's first tooth!! + then he lost a second one a few days later. Man how generous is that Tooth Fairy - $2 a pop!!!!! Can't share that either as I'm applying for a few DT's everywhere. Who wants ME!!!!!......................lol. I miss those mthly chanllenges of when you get a pack.
And finally the update on my little man Taidhg - we had a checkup with the paediatrician last week + his kidneys are not fully functioning yet but his normal + will take about another 6mths to get there + as well as his blood levels. But he's differently himself - total hurricane hosking!!!
Also a mighty BIG thanks for everyone coming on my blog to post. Muchly appreciated!!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006


Ok I said I was going to do Yolande's orange challenge ...............mmm how long ago was that????
Well as we all know I have had a few interruptions - a tirp to Perth + a visit to Starship with T.
So at last I have finished this LO. Ok its not total orange but its got orange in it. The only thing I have to add is the date. One of Finn.

and the other challenge I have taken on is Lianne's - share your very first LO + then your lastest. So my first LO was of course a Creative Memories. I remember being so excited after doing this page + couldn't wait to show Finn. This was back in March 2003. Don't you just love the triangle in the corner.........mmmmmm nice!!!

Ok for my lastest LO. I started this LO while in hospital with T. YES even took my tote + BIG thanks to my SUPER MIL Shirl (what a life saver that woman is + the best mil in the world). Ok funny story about the Heidi Swapp hearts. When I came through customs at Auckland airport the guy scanning the bags asked if I had chocolate hearts in my bag. After explaining what they were to him he still didn't get it!!!! About this LO firstly i have had that pp for nearly a year saving it for a special page for Kev + then of course that photo is a nearly a year old too. I was just waiting for the right bits + peices - the chocolate hearts ....lol..... and some new chipboard letters. And here we have a speical page about 2 speical guys in my life, Kev + Taidhg.

I hope everyones Waitangi Day is great!!!! I have had a lovely day of scrappin + the 2 older kids are nextdoor at Super Mil's. And yay another short week!


Saturday, February 04, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely Christine Millar

Hey Chris I hope you have FABO day with your family + get spoilt rotten!!!
Enjoy your cake + have a piece for me (as if I need it). I'm there in spirit!!!
So HAPPY CYBER BIRTHDAY hugs to YOU friend!!!
So pop over to Chris's blog + wish her a happy birthday.