Wednesday, August 30, 2006

sharing a sneak peek...........

of my online class next week Tuesday 5th Sept at 10.30am, find all the details here , check out the Events & Classes .
It's all about boys, boys, boys + getting dirty using lots of ink + some cool rubons from Uurban Lily + some yummy papers from Chatterbox. Class kit can be purchased at SBO . Also this class will be repeated on the Friday 22nd Sept 8.00pm .
Hope to see you there + also checkout the other online classes that include the very talented Chris Millar from Aussie + 2 other very inspiring talents Lara + Vicky .

and just to share what my days are filled with atm
my little man hangin with the claves

and here is a few of my 61 babies having a afternoon feed.

so seeing these pics means spring is on its way. The air is warmer + the trees are beginning to bud around here but its still cool enough to have a fire at night....well here in the Naki anyway. That mountain is still covered in lots of snow + looking delightful.

hey don't forget SENZ is on this weekend in Palmie.........go and annoy Yolande and go checkout her blog as she is going a really cool class.

ok so I see I have had lots of visitors please don't be shy come out + say hi as I love to met you or maybe I know you already + your just

ok dinner awaits + a nice K+C !!! :)



Dianna said...

Love the look of the layout Rach really rich colours.
Sounds like life is pretty busy for you at the moment with your babies.
Yay for the change in weather temp today it was tee shirt weather in Whakatane I just love it.
It was nice to catch up with you at CC and share a class with you.

karen said...

love the links! and the sneak peek!! and glad to see the class will be repeated an evening later in the month.
warmer days but still cold at night here (Tokoroa) too.

Christine said...

Hi there , yes I am a lurker!! Hope to do your online class -it looks good!! I am also feeding calves at the moment down here in Sth Canterbury, having great weather at the mo so all is going well. My youngest helps me feed the calves in the pm too, But he is 15!!!! Good to start them young!!

Debbie said...

Yes Rach, I am a lurker as well....Your online class looks great..I may be having a blond day but where on SO do you order your class kits?

Donna said...

I am really looking forward to doing your class & I'll be doing Chris's, Lara's & Vicky's as well!!
Your babies are beautiful! Brings back memories.

Chris Millar said...

Oh, love those sneak peeks!!! Looks like a fantastic class Rach! Love the pics of the calves and T with them!! What a busy girl you are at the moment!

lianne said...

Hey dude, hurry up and answer my email. just joking, i can see you're very busy. that comp sounds pretty cool and have fun with your online class, sounds fantastic.