Friday, March 28, 2008

time just keeps on ticking by!!

wow where did Easter go??
and what a fantastic weekend it was.
surrounded by friends + family all weekend!
I loved it!!
but you know what the best bit was .........................seeing Jack johnson playing at the Bowl here in the Naki! What a venue............its gotta be the best place to have a concert in EVER!!!
that man is just heaven. Beautiful vocie + lyrics + what a night ..........the stars were out + there was a slight chill in the air. And to boot just sitting on the grass + hanging with friends chatting.
But what even made it better is that I know how much kev can sound like I get to have a free concert every night in my backyard if I want!! ;)

the kids got to have there Easter hunt on Sunday morning but do you know what some cheeky birds did?...............they stole + ate 3 of the eggs!! I blamed kev at first + then I discovered the half eaten egg further down the garden!!

my little hunters!!

so not a lot of scrapping getting done from me lately but here is some of my lastest work using the SBO kit.
Love how this one of Ruby turned out.

She blew me away how awesome she is on that boogie board..........she could ride those waves well. And she sure looked the part with her boogie board parked on her hip as she walked up the beach.

Fantastic colours in this kit.............really enjoying it. Working on a canvas atm............will share that after the weekend.

and then I made some cards for the Easter challenge over at SBO..................using up some of that older stash to make way for the new!!
these were simple + fun!

we are off to Wellington on Sunday for my mum's birthday. We are only going for the night.
We are going to be going to Wellington quite a bit now.
We found out at the beginning of Jan my mum has cancer of the pancreas. A huge shock to us all. Things moved along very quickly for mum in the beginning as in getting into the hospital + seen by the cancer doc's in Wgtn hospital............but then things slowed down + we waited + waited to hear when she was able to have her op. Well finally 2 weeks ago she got to have her op but sadly the operation was not a success. The cancer had spread around her veins + made it impossible for the doc's to remove. At this stage we are taking each day as it comes. She came out of hospital on Easter Sunday. The life line for pancreas cancer patients are not long. So my life is turned upside hugely. my mum will be 67 on Sunday.

my mum + Ruby last time we were down in Wgtn at the beginning of March.

have a fun weekend everyone!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

just sharing a few!

its all pretty quiet on the home front here!!
Kev had the weekend off + it rained LOTS................which is good as I turned the tap on Sat morning there was NO water!!

SBO had a cyber crop on Friday ...........sadly I didn't join in much as I had to finish my LO for my challenge...........and btw you still join in on the challenge as you have until Friday.
My challenge was to take a photo of something you might use everyday. I went with the letterbox!!

My letterbox does not sit prettly on a fence or set into some lovely brick work but it sits against the bank that runs below our house right on the roadside...........and btw for those that don't know it I live rural hence the native bush look!! And my posite comes in a van + he just drives right up to it!! But if you send me really BIG BIG parcels he delivers them to my door!! :)

Used lots of my FAV scenic route.
Here's another LO I did using the Feb kit from SBO. That boy was a bit unsure about getting into the smaller pool down at the old school pool. *sigh* love those Fancy Pants stamps!!

Thank you for the congrats on our 10 year mark!!
We were meant to go out for dinner + a movie but sadly Finn was ill + we had to cancel the babysitter right at the last minute. As well we did have a trip planned to go to Hokatika (sp) to the "Wild Food Fest" ( this coming weekend) but our friends we were going with are having their very wanted + longed awaited third baby!! So maybe a trip to Queenstown in June might make up for it all!!! ;)
But hey this week its dinner + movies + we want to go see "Bucket List" or "No Country for Old Men". I know they are both so different but has anyone seen either?
And finally have you seen the lastest Ezine from SBO ?
if you haven't go check it out..............very impressive with the pages flippin + such rockin + inspiring work in there.
Sadly nothing from me as I've got a few non related scrapbooking things going on in my life atm to deal with.
and just to end with this crazy quote I found at a cafe in New Plymouth yesterday(which btw Donna you would LOVE).
Those of you that drink lots of coffee might relate to this!!
"You haven't had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while its running"
Jeff Bezos
have a great week!!