Saturday, August 05, 2006

so yeah I haven't blogged for a while............

but life is busy here!!!!

Lots on + lots happening!!!
First up here's some of my work for SBO

this one is from a sketch that the very talented Miss Donna came up for the DT + which is now the mthly challenge for SBO

and there's MORE.......
this one was for the TIPS in the lastest newsletter from SBO

Look at my proud boy in his rugby GEWAA's + getting player of the day!!!!

and just for a tease here is a wee sneak peek for this mths kit which is found at SBO

and since I have your attention here's a wee sneaky peek of my CJ.

So hands up for everyone that hasn't DONE there homework for CC???..........that will be ME!!!..........better get my skates on as we will be there this time next weekend doing the girly scrapping weekend!!! woohooo can't wait!! :)

and finally on the kids front I had a BIG scare last weekend with Ruby nearly admitted to hospital for pneumonia.......WOW she went down fast not much fun but she's back to her old bouncy self!!!

hope you're all having a super cool weekend like I'm off to party tonight + might even have few........wwoohooooooo!! ;)


OMG OMG I knew I forgot something important. Thinking + sending good pushing baby vibes out for Trina + E
thinking of you girls + look forward to hearing the good news + becoming a scrappy aunty!!! :)


Andrea B said...

Wahoo, your back Bloggin! Loving the look of your CJ and of course your other work!! Have a great time tonight and I hope Ruby is 100% now.

Chris Millar said...

Hope you had a fab time last night?!! Love all your layouts and sneak peeks! Glad Ruby has recovered now - what a fright!

karen said...

Rach ... where on the SBO site is the link to your gorgeous *this month's kit* ... I saw the sneak peek in the newsletter but can't see where to order it.

Donna said...

How's the head today??LOL.
Super cool layouts Rach. LOVE them. Also loving those tantilising sneaky peeks! Looking forward to the big reveal.

Yolande said...

Lovely work there Rach! And wahoo you are finally excited about the is POURING with rain so STOP doing the dance thing to get them babies moving. A plane just flew over and all I could think was PLEASE don't rain next weekend. Can't wait to catch up soon!

karen said...

love those arrows and where can I see more of your Sneak Peek kit!! (yeah, I know I already asked but you might forget to tell me unless I ask again ...) :)
see you in Wellytown!!

Carole Janson said...

Hi Rach, I haven't been here for awhile and your layouts look fabulous.