Monday, October 09, 2006

I need HELP people!!!!!!

check it out!!!!

This is my creative space + not sure anyone has seen it before???......but what a mighty HUGE mess - now you can see why I have to cut my pp on the floor!! old Kev the over half of this desk (which you can't see) is meant to be his for farm work but what happens I take over more + more!! And guess what??........he's not HAPPY about it!!! Don't blame him!!
So this is where you guys come in...........I need some help to get rid of some of my scrapping product that I haven't used or brought in a moment of 'I need that' if would like some of this unwanted product pick your fav number between 1 + 100 + in a couple of days I will get my kids to pick a name out. I would love to see this go to someone that will find some use for it!!
Now do not fear I won't be giving away anything foul.........that goes to the kids!! lets just say so far I have got some Prima flowers, some Melissa Frances + HUGE a chipboard letter that could be a - b,d,p or q, some ribbons + let me see what else........oh some pp too!!!.......once its all tidy I could find some more treasures!!!
So pick a lucky nuuuummmmmmbbbbeeeerrrrrr (remember that game?)

OK also remember to check the multi-layout site........Tenika was giving a BIG wave to us Kiwis on there yesterday!!!

Also for those of you who LOVE kits have you checked out the sneak peak on SBO , you will find them under the SOS kits. Its way YUM YUM YUM YUMMY!!!

Also I need one more little bit of help. Tonight Kev + I saw on juice TV - Tears for Fears (remember them??) + they were singing 'Shout shout let it all out'.....well I reckon that song came out when I was in 6th or that would be 1988 or 89 but Kev reckons it came out while he was in the 4th forum...we are the same that would of being in 1987. Tell me I'm right!!!

Ok off to make some more space in my room.
remember pick a lucky nnnnuuuuummmmmmbbbbbbeeeeerrrrrr :)



Anonymous said...

Hehe to the desk space. My DH gave up! Tears for Fears album Songs from the Big chair with the song Shout came out in ...... 1985.. Sorry :)

My number is 71.. fingers crossed

Marie said...

Congratulations on your huge dt spot, Rach. Woohoo!!! How excited you must have been.

Sorry, I can't help with the song. But I think that no. 3 is the coolest number.

Congrats again.

Chrissy said...

Heya Rach thanks for stopping by my blog again today, put a real smile on my face! :-) Chippies and ribbons *sigh* how can I not pick a number, they are my faves! LOL Let's make it my birthday number for this month 30!

Big huggy congrats on the DT too Rach, that's *awesome*!!

Love Chrissy xx

dallas said...

Crikey, how do you do all your amazing work in that space! LMAO...looks like my 13 year olds room, though I'd prefer tidying your space!
As for lucky numbers - 7 - the day Molly was born, due date and all! Have fun tidying!

Naomi said...

Number 63 for me please.



Dianna said...

Laughing out your desk don't we all have desks like that. yes remember the song but don't know when. My number will be 35.

Herbie said...

Hehe looks remarkably like my desk! I'd show a pic of it but it would terrify tidy people LOL Amazing what can be done in a 12x12 space methinks. My number will have to be my birfday 21 :)

Onas said...

Darn was going to pick 30 as that was our wedding day ok 27 my age, lawd knows my room looks worse than that what do I need more stuff for!
Will update soon rach waiting for wedding pic you going to scrap camp?

Steph said...

LOL Looks like my desk, at least I don't have to try and pretend to share it.

BTW Congrats on making the DT, Can't wait to get my next UP2scrap

Can I Choose # 25.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rach -

Big congrats on the DT gig. Look forward to seeing more of your work in print.

I'll go for 74 - the year I was born :)

Kirsty P

Tracy said...

LOL love the desk photo!

Not sure about the Tears for Fears song, those years are a blur, lol.

Make my lucky number 64 please!

jacquij said...

oh rach
share those ideas for you space mine looks as bad as your atm...i have stuff over two desks...dan thought i was cleaning up the other day and then i plonked (his word) the sewing machine in the nice clean space hehehe...his right...except that i just pushed everything out of the way so we oculd use the sewing machine hehe

Janine Rutherford said...

HI there - I'm guessing #84

As for the Tears for Fears - I thought I was thinking about 1984???

Chris Millar said...

Hope you find the bottom of the table soon Rach! I'm sure it will look fab when you've got it all sorted! Have fun!
LOL about the Mello yellow!

karen said...

LOL at cutting your pp on the floor! Hope you manage to clear that table soon.

Lynda M said...

Yeah we have just had some Mello Yello for a laugh.

The SO kits are so cool.

My guess 55.

Have a great weekend.

Lynda M.

Andrea B said...

LOL .. look at that desk and I bought some of that Mellow Yellow today!

Ruey said...

Fabulous blog Rach!!! Your layouts are fabulous!!!

I'll take number 88 please!

Kelly Rotherham said...

Your desk looks a bit like mine ATM, I like to call it "CREATIVE CHAOS". I'd love to pick a number but I must use up some of my own before adding anything at all to it.

Becky said...

13! that's my lucky number :)

Mands Haynes said...

77 here....and just popped in to see if there was a Sneak Peek for your new Cyber Class at SBO...will keep checking back! Love your stuff.