Monday, June 25, 2007

do wish you were here right now??

I DO!! Just imagine lying on that beach in the warm sun!!! A photo from Kev's wee trip to Maui, Hawaii. He got back to this freezing place yesterday!! He had a blast!!

Here's a pic of what he did 4 to 5 hrs a day................he was in heaven!!

and then check out this pic he took from a helicopter ride........................look at all those crazy windsurfers!!

so life is back to normal as I hear him out in the paddock behind the house in the freezing wind splitting wood!!

so while I've been so quiet + away from my blog I have created a few pages for a challenge I had entered on a US site.

you know it had been really nice to do some challenges + make me use some photos that I have had printed for awhile + use up some of stash!!!...........or was I making room for some new stash!! ;)

so for one challenge we had to use more than 5 photos. Perfect for my New Years Day from 2006. I took the title from a song by 'The Kooks' - seaside. (great CD by the way). And I finally used some of my BG phoebe..............that I had for a few mths!!

then we had to do a LO using one OLW.

Mine was Pick!! Say no more!!

then we had to do a LO leaving 50% white that was a challenge for me!!

and for this one we had to use a orange title. This just a crazy silly one!! Don't you just love doing a page for NO reason!!!..........I had some fun taking these pics + then creating the LO using some Elise + those very funky Hambly rubons!!

got a few more Lo's but planning on using them else where!!
hey so who is loving getting the scrapbookoutlet inspiration newsletters on Friday nights??
aren't they the best + full of thought provoking ideas!! If not go + sign up for the newsletter!
well can't wait for this weekend to see all my girls at scrapcamp!!.......esp the talented Miss Chris
+ the wonderful owner of scrapbookoutlet - Andrea. Its going to be a blast!! nothing like great company, food, a few drinks + scrapping!! good for the soul !!
and hey here's one for you!
last mth we went through the process of looking for a new that meant lots of ppl coming for interviews. And there was this one guy whose name sounded familiar. So anyway this guy arrives - all of 17 + I knew I knew him .....................I taught him at kindy back in 1995!!.........eecckkk how did I age so quickly!!
I swear I'm only 28!!!.................what ashame 36 is around the corner!!
well I could pretend I'm going to be 30 like a certain Miss Howard!!........hehehe
also go checkout this place SIS - super friendly + some mighty talent + just gotta checkout the little extras they have!!
meeting some cool girls + doing some cool swaps!!.............apart from all the Tim Tams I keep buying cause I don't normally buy them but somehow they keep finding their way to my
oh look at time!!