Wednesday, October 11, 2006

check it out!!!

Look what i brought at the supermarket this morning!!!!

YES its Mello Yello...........its back in town!!!! you remember this drink of the 80's????
Actually Michelle TW I have to thank for this as she told us at the cyber crop on SBO. So I just had to buy it + take that trip down memory lane back to those days of the 80's where perms were all the rage + along with Madonna!!!!
OK so whats my opinion now??.........I think I like Lift better!! But it was FUN to see that name Mello Yello back! But I think its only for that right??

OK so how's my room looking?.........well its looking better than that photo I shared with you the other day but still got some more work to go but hey girls + thanks for picking a number + I have found some more goodies.........and I tell ya what i will pick a winner on Friday. ;)



Megan said...

LOL! I remember Mello Yello Rach!!! Of course I shouldn't, being so young and all....I must have been REALLY little when it was on the shelves last time rofl.

Megan xx

Anonymous said...

OMG, I got some in the weekend too! And like you I so remembered the taste, and it brought back memories, but I think I like other flavours now????? And yep, its just a temporary thing.

Donna said...

Where was I in the 80s?? I don't even remember it!! LOL
But I did have a perm though - that Farrah Fawsett thing going on.

lucy said...

wow I gave up checking your blog as you were worse than me there for a while and look at you go!!!!!!!!!! Took me ages to catch up. Congrats on the up2scrap thingy!!! WAHOO that is fantastically awesome and deserves at least a few rums. WTG on finding some mello yello. I am gonna have to have a look now LOL and YUP that desk is just begging to be tidied dude. OMG!!

Tracy said...

Yep I'll be looking out for Mello Yellow too, I can faguely remember what it tasted like! It'll be interesting to see what memories come back when I try some, lol.

Onas said...

Hi mate got some pics up for ya now, bummer your not coming to scrap camp. Hope the scrap room tidy has gone well - I started but..... LOL

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Just read about your DT position - about time someone nabbed you :) YAY!!!

My scrap space is way worse than yours still...can you remember from your is amazing I can produce anything!!! I keep thining more storage is the solution...maybe...

Lauren said...

Congrats on your DT position just read about it. Mello Yello i don't remember it.... lol have a great week,


Becky said...

ah, mello yello! brings back memories!!

Congrats on Up2scrap!!!!! You sooooo deserve it!

Your scrap space looks way better than mine ;)

sounds like you're doing good! I'm going to try to visit more often!

Julie said...

They call it "Mello Yello" - The ad went something like that! lol. Hope you are finding your way through the messy desk.
I'l take number 95 please.