Saturday, December 31, 2005

Chris's challenge

OK I know I'm not one of the first 2 to put up some pics of me as a teenager but I decided to play the game too as Chris is such a good sport + so good at keeping up with her BLOG!!!
Also thx Chris for this challenge as it has reminded me that I'm meant to be doing a Childhood Album for my kids about ME!!!
OK I found some goodies!!!
I'm greedy + had to show 2 pics of myself.
First one is of me when I was 18, at the end of my last year at school + my Mum + I had some professional photos taken. And that night i went to my very first BIG concert U2. They played at Athletic Park (which is no more). I remember having the best time + in fact I had a great time being 18!!!

And this one is very typical of me back then - a total goofball!!! It was Waitaingi Day + my friend + I were bored - so we dressed up in her Mums clothes from the 60's!!!

Have great NEW YEAR everyone. no BIG parties here just a few quiet ones!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005


well I finally got my Christmas shoot done with the kids last night before bed.
Taidhg did not agree at all to be part of this shoot but then when you are ONE why would you want to sit down with a reindeer headband or a santa hat on your head!!!!!!
And shock horror I'm even in these photos!!!!!
and finally I just had to share these 3 rather cute photos of Taidhg - couldn't help but LOVE them!!!!

I noticed my single CBX LO was missing don't know what happened there. So here it is.

I hope everyone has a lovely day with family + friends tomorrow - lots of yummy food + good times. We are off to my parents today. Pressies are all wrapped + all Santa has to do is put them in the car when little ppl aren't looking!!! We have got a sign made so Santa will find us at Poppins + Poppa's house. Bring on the sunshine Wellington!!!!

Have a good one everyone, take care + safe travels to those on the roads!!

Also extra BIG hug to my friend Chris!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS - back soon!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Busy busy busy!!!

I'm sooooooooooooooooo over BTP projects!!!!
7 in 3 weeks + I'm sooooooo not a BTP girl. These things did my head in!!!
Only 2 more to complete - actually just about finished one. And of course none for me!!!
But i have to say it was lovely to give them away + see the smiles on their faces!!!
Clipboards for kindy teachers.

and thanks to the lovely Evana who sent me a RAK a few weeks back as I used the black lace she sent me on the first clipboard.

And I made for the daycare teachers a paint pot filled with apricot slice, truffles + home made chocs - which Ruby helped make.

Ruby making chocolates for the teachers.

Just had to sample some too!!!

And last thing I thought i would share my CBX LO's I see on the Scrapboxx girls sharing their LO's as they have had theirs returned. So I'll be stalking to get my letterbox for mine!!!

My double entry of Finn + his love of tractors.

and my single - this one was about my rings.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

those little hands!!!!

oh but soooooooooooooooo cute.
I just love this pic I caught of Taidhg's wee hand reaching for a decoration. He luuuurrrrrrrrvvvvvessssssss playing with the xmas tree!!!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

time to update!!!!!

ok first I hate the fact I have slow dial up!!!!! Get this I live 1.72km's away from where jetstream ends!!!! Not fair!!!!!! So due to this bloody slow dialup it takes forever to upload pics to my blog!!!! I acutally did do a new entry the other day .............don't fall over Nic + But I accidentally wiped did I do this??? OK I'm still working that one out!!!!
And see ppl I have links now but only cause Chris sent me them + I copy + pasted them...........ROFL!!!!!! Hopless i tell ya. But I was in the right area of the template for all those fantastic girls that were trying to help me out. But still got a lot to work out!!!!
So have you heard my exciting news????? I won a comp, little old me!!!! There was lots of woohooooooooooing + yeehaaaaing at my house yesterday morning after I finally worked out what I had won. I was a winner along with my buddies Nic H, Chris M, Debbie K + Rach A in the Junkitz comp. (see I can't put their names in links either)!!!! Only 15 international winners were picked + how exciting to have my friends along for the ride!!!!!! Makes it 10 times more exciting.
My first win!!!! to check out the other winners have a lookise on the junkitz site

Here's my entry

I only went out + brought one thing for this LO + they were the buttons. I used up scraps from previous Lo's.
I luuuuuurrrrrrrrrrvvvvveeeeeee (imagine I'm saying that in a deep voice) JUNKITZ + can't wait to get my prize!!!
YES there is a prize. woooohoooooo
(waving my arms in the air like i just don't care - now I'm taking lines from songs)!!!!!

OK so that was one awesome early christmas pressie for me!!!!
So whats being going down on the farm here - well Finn has being scrapping up a storm making wee chrissy cards for his classmates. He came home last week with some cards + wanted me to buy some for his friends + I said no way we can make these. So I got out my scraps, pens + bit + pieces for him.

He had a ball here he is working away his cards + just a few of his cards he made.
I really enjoyed making his teachers pressies. I got hold of some pots + decorated them and then filled with lollies of course!!!!
Finn's teachers loved them + being non scrappers they couldn't believe I made them. Funny eh?? If they only knew they too could belong to this crazy world of scrapping!!!!
Teachers pots

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm ONE celebrations!!!

Ok its nearly a week tomorrow T turned ONE + yes I'm sooooooo hopless at this blog thing!!!
But i have a house full of sick kids + a over tired Mummy!!!!
T had a lovely day turning one (as if he knew what was going on). So here's just a few pics to see T in the party mode!!!!
helping to make his cake!!! pressie time!!!
blowing out the candles!!!

and finally eating the cake!!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

going on a christmas tree hunt!!!

every year we go up to New Plymouth + go to Cedar Lodge + walk around the trees + pick one + then cut it down. I love doing this every year and have made it as one of our traditions. So since I have got into the blog mode today I thought I'd share our wee tradition (for anyone that's interested)!!!! They have the most gorgeous Christmas shop too + the kids get to pick a new decoration every year.
so look out for the next addition of my blog as it will be pics of the kids decorating the tree!!!

For Mrs Millar + Mrs Howard!!!!!!

OK OK OK girls I know I'm hopless + not good at this blogging thing!!! Still so much to workout - links (as I need some friends.........LOL) , a pic of my beautiful myself......... wow on a roll here....hehehehehehe!!
Well that crazy season is upon us + boy its sure is busy but I love busy!!! And I love Christmas!!!!
Well what have we being up too (apart from avoiding this blog!!). Finn got pushed out of a tree -suspected broken arm - but no thank goodness but still has to wear a sling. But man, that boy drove me nuts home all day!!!!! Birthday parties + christmas tree hunting + barbies with friends!!!! Oh + lots of scrappin + windsurfing!!!
I finally finished my doorhangers................eek I'm not good at this BTP (beyond the page) for the Silent Art Auction for kindy this Friday!!! They stressed me out + as much as I would of loved to scraplift that very talented Chris I just couldn't. So I did a boy + a girl one.
Now I'm working on my secret santa for the Boxx. I hope no one from the Boxx is reading this as they are menat to be in the post now!!!! I really like it + want to keep it too!!!! Next job is my LO for Up2Scrap. For those that don't know I got asked to be on the DT for Up2Scrap. I'm very excited and was hugh lift after the few disappointments I had in the scrappin world of late!!
And I have to say a hugh thanks to that lovely small cheeky girl from Pukekohe - can you all guess??? God I'm dork I write this like heaps of ppl are going to read it.................LOL. Oh well makes me feel good saying it out loud + now I can say to my kids when they ask me who are you talking to Mummy , I can say my BLOG!!!! Ok getting off track (whats new)!!! Thanks Nic for that lovely reality check about whats scrapping is all about, it made my day + I got all warm + fuzzy. OK so now i need to 2 things for you my tagging + making someones day!!!!
And finally - IT'S MY BABY'S BIRTHDAY - he's ONE.