Tuesday, January 31, 2006

We're HOME + a HUGE thanks......

Yes we are HOME!!!!!
Firstly a HUGE thanks for all the lovely thoughts + prays from everyone that was sending them our way.
Chris is just the BEST ringing me at Starship hospital + along with E texting me!!!! Thanks girls!! I was so blowen away by the messages sent via Chris + E's blogs + some personal ones sent to me. See it just goes to show how FANTASTIC scrapbooking is - for its craft + the wonderful + suportive friendships we have!!!! You girls all rock!!!!
Ok for some of you that didn't know Taidhg's kidneys were failing him + his blood count down was down, along with protein + blood in his urine. So a trip was made to our local hospital in New Plymouth + test were done + this was when they told me we had to be flown to Auckland Starship Childrens hospital for possible dailysis + a blood transfusion. So off went T + I in a air ambo to Auckland.
Ok about my little man, Taidhg he was sooooooooooooooooo lucky to escape dialysis + get his kidneys working again after he had a drip put in. Taidhg with his drip in!!!
But he still had to have a blood tranfusion. Ok if you don't like blood block the next pic!!!! And my baby having his transfusion.
His blood count + pressure are all good now by we will still have blood test + visit with the paediatrician. We are so lucky to have him back with us + on the road to recovery.

Once again everyone thanks for all those postive thoughts + prayers - they sure did help.
One more of T resting up before the trip home and nothing like our special friends to hold + cuddle when we are tired + unhappy - introducing Mr Bird.

And on a happy note we had a FANTASTIC time in Perth!!!! I loved it. It wasn't long enough. I got to catch up with the lovely Lissy from the BOXX + we had a great time hanging out. The wedding was beautiful + lots of fun to be had!!!!! hopefully in my next blog I might have some LO's to share I feel like i haven't scrapped for ages.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ok.........here we come Perth!!!

Yep.............boys + girls we are off to Perth in the morning. I'll be up with the cows tomorrow + flying over that cheeky young thing Nic H's house round about 7.20ish!!! Waving BIG hi's to you Nic!!!
I can't wait as I have never being to Perth + I'm catching up with the lovely Lissy!!!!
And NO kids!!!! Did everybody hear that one - NO KIDS!!!! We off to a wedding + it will be fantastic!!!
So I will all see you in the Spring!!! Well not really just me + my silly sayings but I'll be back blogging next week!!!
please all behave while I'm away!!!
out of here Rach :)

Monday, January 16, 2006

TAGGED again!!!

this time from that very cheeky Nic Howard!!

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. cleaner at a daycare
2. cashier at Payless Plastics
3. glass collector @ Molly Malones in Wgtn
4. kindergarten teacher

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Shawshank Redemption
2. First 50 dates
3. Shreik 1 (I have never watched a movie so many times to the point we have worn the tape out)!!!!
4. tear jeakers - I'm hopless

Four places you have lived:
1. Lower Hutt
2. New Plymouth
3. Scotland
4. Warehuia, Stratford

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. CSI
2. extreme makeover - homes
3. CSI Miami
4. Nip tuck (hanging out for the new season of it)

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. Europe
2. Urenui beach
3. Taupo
4. Australia

Four websites I visit daily:
Two Peas
Kiwiscraps Forum
A million blogs - maybe not this many but a few!!

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Chocolate
2. summer fruits
3. curries
4. pasta meals with yummy sauces - ok i should of just written Italian food!!!

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. my scrapping space but there aren't NO space as it's a mess!!!
2. Perth - I go in 2 more sleeps.......YAY
3. At Chris's house scrapping with her!!
4. in a cool cafe in Wellington sharing a coffee with my brother + tell him about his nephews + neice that he hasn't met.

oh so who do i pass this tag onto next????
mmmmmmmmm.........let me see.............ok got one Michelle!!!
no links again!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

OK I've being tagged not once but twice!!!

I could say god I'm popular but I think its just my lovely scrapbooking buddies out to make me blog just cause they can!!!!....................LOL.
So Chris tagged me first.

A is for age: 34
B is for booze of choice: red wine!!!
C is for career: SAHM, and its all in the milk - dairy farmers, well I just sleep with one!!
D is for your dad's name: Ronald
E is for essential items to bring to a party: chips + my spanish dancing skills!!!!
F is for favorite song at the moment: I'm loving the whole CD of Crowded House with all those chicks singing on it.
G is for favorite game: Love games - any games!!
H is for hometown: Warehuia, Stratford
I is for instruments you play: well I try to play the guitar!!!
J is for jam or jelly you like: strawberry + plum
K is for kids: 3 - Finn 5, Ruby 3, Taidhg 13mths + kev 34
L is for living arrangements: with Kev, Finn, Ruby + Taidhg
M is for mum's name: Mary
N is for name of your crush: Heath Ledger + that guy off Pearl Harbour (not ben the other one)
O is for overnight hospital stays: Having babies - 7 nights with Finn, 5 nights both with Ruby + Taidhg. Then last year when Taidhg got very very sick at 6mths for 4 nights.
P is for phobias: something that is BIG + hairy!!!!
Q is for quotes you like: what goes around comes around!!! BIG believer of that quote.
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: 9.5yrs
S is for sexual preference: its got to be Kev!!!
U is for underwear: as long as its clean!!!!
V is for vegetable you love: kumara (sweet potatoe). And sorry Chris avocade is a fruit it has a pip/stone.
W is for weekend plans: well its just about over but we had a 5th birthday party, Finn had a friend over to play + then his parents for dinner but next weekend I'll be playing it up in Perth!!X is for x-rays you've had: my jaw
Y is for yummy food you make: lasagne
Z is for zodiac sign: cancer
ok Chris did you know that the letter 'T' was missing?

its very late here - so I'll do that cheeky Nic's tag tomorrow!!!
bed is calling
ps i forgot I need to tag someone - so the person i tag is the very lovely Yolande.
(ok ok I still can't link)!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Beach Carnival's + prize packets!!!!

On Saturday we headed off to one of the many beach carnival's that they have around the beaches of Taranaki. We went to Opunake beach. And minus one child - Taidhg, he got to stay with his lovely Nana.
The BIG plan was to enter Ruby into Miss Teeny weeny + Finn into Mr Mini Muscle. BUT the flamin car battery was flat!!! Daddy saved the day + we finally got to the beach later than planned. We met up with some friends + their girls. It was a fantastic day out - lots of great sunshine, yummy picnic, swimming, face painting + jumping in the bouncey castle ( the kids - not me!!!)
Finn + Ruby loved having their wee faces painted.

AND before we left the beach I got my prize from JUNKITZ in the post!!!
It was Christmas all over again!!!! I can't believe how generous they are.

OK I just learnt a HUGE lesson never take your baby's nappy off + go back to your blog.
Cause he will crawl away + do a whoopsie down the hallway + big brother will get toyboxes out of the end cupboard + drag up the hallway to take to another room + not realise what he had dragged the box through!!! Nothing like brown streaks on the carpet!!!........ick!!!!
out of here

Friday, January 06, 2006

only something little - but I'm excited!!!!

I was asked a few weeks back from another pea on 2peas if they could use my "Take ME Back" LO as part of the January scraplift challenge on 2peas.
And this morning I found a email to say that it was all go. I can't wait to see what some of the other peas come up with!!!!
This is my LO they are scraplifting. It's one of Finn I did for when i was on a DT for a Aussie online shop last year.
I have final finished my Up2Scrap assignment and I'm sooooooooooo happy with it!!! And thx to Nic + Chris who helped me unspin about it when I was getting my nickers in a twist about it!!! Would love to share but you will just have to wait for the next issue. I think its going to be a awesome issue too with lots of exciting LO's + I know there are lots of excited Aussie girls who are having some of their work published in there.
OK now on to my next challenge - using a LO with orange in it. I got it from Yolande's blog + sorry guys I'm still as hopeless as ever at linking. CAn ppl link themselves to my blog??? I have seen this on the typepad blogs.
Maybe I should make that my next challenge - learn how to link!!!!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR - here's to 2006

WOW another new year + I hope filled lots of exciting things.
Well we just had a quiet one here with Kev's sister + brother - the singles!!!
Had a yummy barbie (kids were tucked up in bed after having a hard day at the beach) + a few drinks!!! Kev had to hit the hay early as those MOO's would be calling early to be milked + me what a HOPELESS hostess - I fell asleep on the sofa about 11.30ish + left the singels to enterain themselves!!! .................LOL. Motherhood taking it toll on me + the fresh air at the beach that day!!! WEll I enjoyed myself not sure if the singles did !!!!
So yesterday we spent the day at Waitara beach. The Naki weather was showing off as usual with lots hot sunshine + lets not forget the wind (for those keen windsurfers out there).
Here' s one in action now!!!! - Kev the man i call my husband!!!

and lots eating done as its hard work playing in the sand, chasing waves + riding boogie boards.

Ruby, Finn + Taidhg hanging out in the shade tent.

And we had the lovely singles join us - Kev's sister + brother.

Taidhg has lots of fun playing with Auntie Steph + having his first dip in the sea with Daddy.

And last but not least I just had to show my baby that has turned into a real boy over night after auntie Steph gave him his first haircut!!! Where has my baby gone??

Not sure what 2006 has instored for the Hosking's but I can only ask for another year filled with wonderful memories, health + happiness. On the scrapbooking side of things I have had another exciting email !!!! So that has being a great start for the scrapping year of 2006 so far!!! I look forward to another year of scrappin + meeting up with scrappin buddies. Fristly Lissy from the Scrapboxx I'm hooking up with when I go to Perth in 17 days!!!! And I get to play with the lovely Christine Millar mid year!!! Can't wait for that when we can play farmers here!!!........................rofl - watch out Chris !!!! hopefully too I get to meet up with NZ scrap buddies too!!!! I hope life will be kind + good for all in 2006.

And thanks to all the lovely ppl that have taken time out to read my blog + leave a message - I really appreciate it!!

Hugs Rach.