Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Forever Young comes to mind today.......

for 2 reasons.
First - yesterday my brother Tim would of being 37. And he sadly died a few mths short of his 32nd birthday in 2001. He always said he never wanted to get old + hearing that song on the radio of late "Forever Young"........(sorry the name of the group slips my minds atm)........reminds me of him a lot lately.
second - its my birthday today + OMG I'm .......eek 35!!!! even though I LOVE to celebrate my birthday its always tinged with a wee bit of saddness. As kids Tim + I shared our birthdays with many Telethon weekends.......remember those???? And we got to stay up late + watch the presenters do dicky things for sums of money!!! WE always got to have yummy treats + Tim's fav birthday meal was a roast chicken!!! Funny now as we probably have a roasted chook nearly every second week........they must of being a bit more pricey back then......or maybe not so many hormone drugs around to help grow chooks faster!!! We always got a box of continental chocolates each...........he always ate his faster than me!!! And WOW those chocs are so pricey now too!!!
Aren't memories so precious!!!

Well today I was worried about turning 35 but then I refelected on how lucky I am!! The bestest cow cockie of a dude - that will be Kev + 3 super, rowdy, rule breakers, snot producers + bestest cuddlers in the world - that will be Finn, Ruby + Taidhg!!!
Awesome parents........who gave me the best childhood + super super cool inlaws who live next door who I can't thank enough for all that they do!!!..........I LOVE all these guys with all my heart!!!
A beautiful home + place to live in.
And my friends - who are there for me to lean on, whinge, laugh + cry with!!!

So can you guess I have had a fantastic day???
My day started with a FANTASTIC card + some gorgeous pp from my super cool scrapping buddy Chris Millar - I want to be like her when i grow up!! (see above for pic).
Kids are school, kindy + mil's so Kev took me out for Brunch to one of my favs - McFarlanes to have the most scrummy French toast!!! Then we hung out + checked out a few shops!!! The weather behaved + was so beautiful it was crystal clear.......truly beautiful winters day!!!

And now I'm going next door to inlaws for dinner!!!

I just wanted to remind myself what I was doing 10 years there is another pic of me + sil in Athens, was stinking hot there + how do I wish for the heat right now!!! (I'm in the pink top)
And the other pic is Taidhg this time last year. Yep we ended up in hosptial on my birthday last year with a very sick 6mth old. Bronchitis + spend 4 nights up at Base, he was one very sick baby!!!

I'm slowly getting better but it takes me till about 2.00ish each day to feel normal but then by 8.00ish I'm ready to crash.

wwooohooooooo we are in for another major frost tomorrow!!



Delys said...

Glad to hear you had a great birthday..thats an awesome family of yours and Kevs!
Gorgeous cards!
No frosts are allowed!
Whens your calving date?
We are 1st August which is late here...yay for me! lol! more scrapping time!

Chrissy said...
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Chrissy said...

Thought I'd pop on over here and say a big Happy Birthday Rach for your special day !!! :-)

Lots of hugs and birthday blessings making their way across the ocean from me to you!

Love Chrissy xx
PS Oops I hit the bin button by accident so yep that was me!! *giggle*

Roo said...

Glad that you ended up having a good birthday.

Sandra said...

Hi Rach
I have'nt visited your blog before. Glad you had a great day yesterday. When we've lost someone close it's lovely to remember them on special days or at special times. Funny I always remember roast chook as a special meal and roast pork was common. Now it's the other way around for us.
Your Greek Islands photos make me want to go there. Hope you're 100% soon


Chris Millar said...

Hi Rach, sounds like a lovely day yesterday! Lots of things to reflect on and be happy about which is great. Love the photo of you the traveller!

lucy said...

sounds like a perfect birthday. Yummo on the chocolates and I hope you washed them down with something bubbly LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Rach - sounds like you had a perfect day.

Yolande said...

OK so see turing 35 didn't hurt afterall then... glad you had a wonderful day. "talk" Friday.

lianne said...

Rach you have some wonderful journalling there for a layout
about your bro. Glad you had a great birthday.
Damn it I missed your online crop.

Becky said...

Sorry to hear about your brother {{HUGS}}

Happy B-day!!! I'm not far behind you ;)

Saw your pic in For Keeps - totally fab, you hottie!

Jane said...

HI Rach' just thought I'd say hi. (waving) been reading your blog for the first time and wanted to say hi so that I'm not a 'lurker' lol ! glad you had a great birthday and so sorry to read about your poor brother. How very sad for you all.

Anonymous said...

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