Thursday, April 02, 2009 gotta love it!

this is why I love this season so much...........

1. you get to see one of your kids live a dream

2. they play the part right + wear their recent purchase from a local op shop! (tassled waistcoat)
btw I have unleashed a beast in Ruby when it comes to op shopping now!!

3. having our own pumpkin patch + there is still more..........

4. nothing but blue sky's

5. playing + having a picnic in the park on Sunday arvo.

6. celebrating Kev's birthday on the last day of March.

8. and lastly cooler days + nights to be creative. And these were for the lastest Ezine for SBO .
I was kindly asked by Andrea to create some LO's using the new range of BG Marrakech.
I had some fun!!

and just a reminder a new dare will be up on the dare site tomorrow night. It's a goodie + we would love you join in + play. :)
Also congrats to Rachel + Kate for making the creative team for the Autumn Retreat.
OK I need to link you gals up!!
take care