Sunday, October 31, 2010

to Trick or Treat or Treat to Trick? I love it!! And why do it I love...........cause I get to go silly + decorate my house + dress my kids up + make fun invites!! So we had held another party at our house last night. They partied hard from 6pm to 8.30pm..........they ran around like crazy, they got wet from bobbing apples + sticky in the face from the jelly eating comp! We fed + watered them + filled them up with sugar + then sent them home!! All 24 of them...........9 couldn't make it!! I didn't mind!!

The Joker.
Do you love his green hair? How important was it to have
green hair............very important!!! His eyes lit up when I
mentioned that I needed to add food colouring to his
hair to give him the complete look! It got a bit

Shopping bags make the best ghost!!

Welcoming party sits on canvas I made for last years party.

Jelly eating comp!!

Ghost on arrival at front door.

Ruby apple bobbing. And she went as a
Cheerleader this year! How easy was her

Had fun making up wee displays. Not alot of choice in NZ
for Halloween.......but we made it work!!

Girls just wanna have fun!!

My massive web............this was fun!!

Waiting for lolly scramble!! Nothing like sending kids home
filled with sugar!!

The spooky hallway!!

Do you notice there is 1 thing missing?
I have a child missing!
I got no photos of him in his outfit.
But little does he know I will be making him
put his outfit in again so I can get a wonderful photo of
him in his Mad Hatter get up.
There was a bit of confusion for his outfit. He told
me he wanted to go as the Mad Hatter but not the Mad Hatter from
Alice + Wonderland.............der.......the Mad Hatter from Batman!!
But hey he looked cool as the Mad Hatter!!
I hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did!!??

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

can we go on an adventure?

the sun was high, the togs were discarded, the mood was right, the bags were packed + the food was prepared!!

The trio set off on their adventure to the back of the farm.........armed with goodies + the camera of course!! So I take no responsibility for what you are about to see on this adventure.

It starts with one girl taking on the whole world!!

And one boy who dared to share this adventure with 2 girls!! And I'm guessing his sister told him to pose like that!!

Of course there always has to be two fair maidens!!

But sometimes one can be a bit feisty ............and claim her brother ditched + left them behind!! a bit of drama to the story!!

They passed The One Pine Tree on the track.

And discovered......... a hidden creek.

So last weeks puddles!!
Often you meet travellers at the cross road.

Sometimes you might discover roaming animals.............can you see them?

And these's always a couple of characters along the way passing the time chewing some grass by the barn!!

And after a long walk from the big hill at the back of the farm the adventurers arrive home safely...........needing fresh supplies!!