Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bring it ON!!!!

.........Saturday....can't wait!!! I'm feeling excited + inspired!!!

Well not much scrapping in my world as I have got my parents up from they so kindly offered to come up + help us we have had 6 weeks of sickies + tell ya what they have being a blessing!!! They came on Sunday + go home tomorrow. We will miss them HEAPS!!.........but not to long until we are down in the Windy City for CC!!!......OK have to admit not excited about it yet but getting there. Wish i was flying down instead of driving but hey its cheaper or is it these days????

have you checked out that SUPER TALENTED little chick Nic (click side bar plz) and her new amazing DT ROCKS.........she ROCKS!!! So excited for ya Nic!!!

OK see ya all on Saturday morning!!!

Oh also must update my Blogging some cool chicks to upload!!!



nic said...

hehehe thanks rachel. So. saturday morning huh?

Tracy said...

Not you too! Be back on Saturday

Onas said...

oh man youse are too something and I so don't think I can get online!!!!!!

lucy said...

You bet me too it Tracy. Not you too Rachel. Ok so how much rum does it take to make you spill the beans LOL come on, you know you wanna LOL

Anonymous said...

so are you one with news or one waiting??? I don't want to be on the outside ... can't you give a wee hint??? lol

~Zeetra~ said...

Im glad the household is feeling much better Rach.
I loved you LO in the last post you made. It show how bubbly you are and what a great smile.
Have fun. Saturday sounds like its going to be interesting, shame I have no idea what its about -lol.

Ali said...

Hi Rach, so know what you mean about feeling like you've had your throat cut without access. But hey I'm back and catching up with your news. Poor thing - glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humour!!

Chris Millar said...

Congrats Rach on getting on the Dare team! Have lots of cool fun with that!!!
And yes, very green about Nic!LOL

Shani kowalczyk said...

Great site Rach....the NZ Dare blog, well done. It is a breath of freash air for challanges. Have a great day :-)