Thursday, June 22, 2006

today right NOW.........I wish this was me........

yep see in the pic that was ME 10 years ago on a scooter hooning around the Greek Islands + how do I wish I was there right the warmth + with the sun shining down on me + those beautiful beaches. Not a care in the world!!!
Oh hell i just woke up from my a freezing cold day + NO voice + a very sore throat........yes i have NO voice much to my kids pleasure. Have being to the Doc's this morning + I have laryngitis!!!!.............I'm soooooooooo over sickness!!!

But OK on a HAPPY note ...........have you checked out
SCRAPBOOKOUTLET lastest news??
We have a cyber crop happening on the 30th June + online classes will be starting soon. As well as the DT doing online classes there will be some international teachers too......can't wait - how exciting!!!! keep yours eye peeled for that news!!!!
Donna has got some amazing kits lined up too for this mth!!!
Lots of fantastic challenges......I have even got 1 going this week + you could win the girls kit that I did last mth. All you have to do is upload a LO about need this during this very cold period to warm us up!!!!

Just got home from taking Finn + Ruby to the movie "cars".....a neat little story really enjoyed it apart from F + R saying halfway through 'when are we going to McDonalds'.......and it just went on till the end of the movie!!! See my kids don't get to Mickey D's much..........they lead a very sheltered life down here on the farm.......LOL.
Tomorrow Kev + I get some 'us' time ....WOW I can't remember the last time we went to the pics together. I feel quite spoilt having 2 outings in a row without the hurricane Mr T. We are going to see Sione's wedding.........have heard great things about it.

Also thanks for everyone popping by my blog to say HI + get well. And YES I have being a bad blogging babe back I will try better!!! :)
Thanks also Ali for the advice on the links but I had a quick sneak peek + my link didn't work + I followed what your email said to I'm buggered if I know whats going on!!!

Its freezing here must be almost 2 or less here tonight.
Ok off to put my babies to bed + have a nice hot bath in my BIG old bath know one of those real deep ones!!! :)


Twobees said...

Oh Rach, I bet the kids think the loss of voice is great. I know I did when my mother couldn't talk. Isn't the cyber crop just wonderful. Unfortunatley I can't join this time (my computer and scrapping gear will be packed up). Hopefully next time.
Get well soon :)

Dianna said...

Love the photo and words that went with it could just about hear the record coming to a grinding halt when reality and cold hit.
Hope you get better in time for your big day next week.

Yolande said...

HUGS to you to get better...down there in the cold. Did you need anymore reasons to come visit the wet and windy Bay? At least we have no snow though... get better soon dude.

Donna said...

Sexy mama...LOL. Yes, bet the kids love it with your voice down!!
Take good care of yourself! Get your glass ready for Fri night Happy Hour!

Chris Millar said...

Woohoo! Look at you - so brown! I'm sending all the get well vibes across to you! Have fun at the movies tonight! Might drop into the cyber crop - sounds cool!

Onas said...

Oh it just felt all warm sunny just looking at the pic, I've got some like that too - wish I were that brown.
Get better dude.
Hugs Fiona

Lara said...

gorgeous Rach - so wish some Greek sun would come my way now - but the snow is soo pretty!

Trina said...

AWESOME photo. Remember feeling all those gorgeous things as I read your blog, only for it all to stop with a grinding halt as I came back to reality. LOL! Thanks for the brief respite from normal life though. Hehehehe.

Hope you're feeling better SOON

Herbie said...

OMG scare a woman! Goes to show I don't read properly, all I read was today this is me... and then the pic. And here I was thinking poor Rach has totally lost it cycling half nekkid around the mountain in this weather! No wonder she is sick!! Can you tell I have had 6 hours sleep all weekend??

Stop skiting about the bath and take a pic of your feet! *jealous muttering*


Chrissy said...

Oh Rach, you sexy thang you! :)Hope you are feeling a bit better now, gotta love those BIG baths! We had a nice big spa bath put into the ensuite of the new house when we built, everyone said we'd never use it, my goal is to prove them wrong!! *giggle*

Healing hugs to you!
Chrissy xx

Becky said...

Oh my, I hope you get your voice back soon!! I've been so bad about visiting blogs and miss reading yours. Sounds like have been staying busy! Love that pic :)
Stay warm!!!

nic said...

holy motorbike riding batman!! Check you out!
I never looked that good. LOL
get better soon hosking!


lucy said...

OMG look at you you bikey chick you!!! Awesome. Can I come too?? I'll carry the rum LOL Need need some sun. Hope you feeling better chick. Oh and is it happy happy birthday time???? lol

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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