Friday, October 27, 2006

4yr old talk.........

"mummy why does your tummy wobble when you run"........this is what i was greeted with as I hoped back into the car after a quick dash into the post office!!
so how many other ppl saw my wobbly tummy???
enjoy your weekend everyone - we have got some exciting visitors for the weekend,
and hopefully I will see some of you next Tuesday for my online class - its not to late yet to get a kit from SBO - your just a click away from buying it!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

sneak peek

here's a sneak peek of my next online class.

The class is on Tuesday 31st Oct - next week!! You can purchase your class or kit or both at Scrapbookoutlet - its a bit of the East meeting the West!!! Hope to see ya there!!
Also while you are at SBO checkout out the cool challenges that have been set for this weekend - 5 challenges in total + a chance to win the Dec kit or a chance to win a free online class. Here are the challenges
mine is to use diamonds on your LO
Lara's is a quote
Donna's is to use 6 or more buttons + 3 or more different ribbons
Yolande's is a colour challenge to use purple
Shani's is a scraplift

now there is a catch you have to do 20 post or share a tip with the rest of the forum + if you do both you get 2 entries!!! Remember to PM admin once you have completed the this part of the challenge.
But WAIT you have till the end of this month to complete all challenges.
Have fun + I see already lots of awesome LO's in the gallery.......way to go girls who have started.

hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!! Nothing like a rainy long weekend to get lots of scrapping done!!


Thursday, October 19, 2006


well how fast moving is that company eh???...........well I had being without a phone for 5 in my case that means NO internet as I'm still on bushmans dialup living rural !!!! Finally on Tuesday it was fixed but you know since then i quickly got use to not being on the computer!!! Think Kev liked that habbit too!! But hey lucky for caller diversion!!!!

so for you lovely ppl that popped on my block + said hi - thanks!! And i just got Ruby to pull a name out of a bowl + she pulled out how lucky are you Sharee!!! Will put the things together + post it next week!!!

be watching this space for my sneak peak of my online class for SBO soon!!!

not much to report as I'm busy busy with things for the kids atm - pets day tomorrow at school but this year we decided NO lambs......but still its the vegetable display + flower arranging + a mini gala.
And with the long weekend ahead Kev has his annual windsurfing comp here in the Naki.

catch ya later

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

check it out!!!

Look what i brought at the supermarket this morning!!!!

YES its Mello Yello...........its back in town!!!! you remember this drink of the 80's????
Actually Michelle TW I have to thank for this as she told us at the cyber crop on SBO. So I just had to buy it + take that trip down memory lane back to those days of the 80's where perms were all the rage + along with Madonna!!!!
OK so whats my opinion now??.........I think I like Lift better!! But it was FUN to see that name Mello Yello back! But I think its only for that right??

OK so how's my room looking?.........well its looking better than that photo I shared with you the other day but still got some more work to go but hey girls + thanks for picking a number + I have found some more goodies.........and I tell ya what i will pick a winner on Friday. ;)


Monday, October 09, 2006

I need HELP people!!!!!!

check it out!!!!

This is my creative space + not sure anyone has seen it before???......but what a mighty HUGE mess - now you can see why I have to cut my pp on the floor!! old Kev the over half of this desk (which you can't see) is meant to be his for farm work but what happens I take over more + more!! And guess what??........he's not HAPPY about it!!! Don't blame him!!
So this is where you guys come in...........I need some help to get rid of some of my scrapping product that I haven't used or brought in a moment of 'I need that' if would like some of this unwanted product pick your fav number between 1 + 100 + in a couple of days I will get my kids to pick a name out. I would love to see this go to someone that will find some use for it!!
Now do not fear I won't be giving away anything foul.........that goes to the kids!! lets just say so far I have got some Prima flowers, some Melissa Frances + HUGE a chipboard letter that could be a - b,d,p or q, some ribbons + let me see what else........oh some pp too!!!.......once its all tidy I could find some more treasures!!!
So pick a lucky nuuuummmmmmbbbbeeeerrrrrr (remember that game?)

OK also remember to check the multi-layout site........Tenika was giving a BIG wave to us Kiwis on there yesterday!!!

Also for those of you who LOVE kits have you checked out the sneak peak on SBO , you will find them under the SOS kits. Its way YUM YUM YUM YUMMY!!!

Also I need one more little bit of help. Tonight Kev + I saw on juice TV - Tears for Fears (remember them??) + they were singing 'Shout shout let it all out'.....well I reckon that song came out when I was in 6th or that would be 1988 or 89 but Kev reckons it came out while he was in the 4th forum...we are the same that would of being in 1987. Tell me I'm right!!!

Ok off to make some more space in my room.
remember pick a lucky nnnnuuuuummmmmmbbbbbbeeeeerrrrrr :)


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thank You Thank You EVERYONE!!!

for taking the time out to congratulate me on my new position on Up2scrap. It meant heaps to me that you all could find a small moment of your time to do this!!!! Also shows what great support we have here in the NZ community of scrapping + lets not forget some of those gorgeous Aussie scrappers that also pop in to say hi!!!
So yeah I'm already hanging out to see the next issue for all reasons - what the talented present ET would of done to get our creative juices flowing...........ssshhhhhhh I've seen one of them + they are cool cool cool.
And who has submitted - I LOVE seeing names i know in there. There is such awesome talent out there............keep submitting girls. And of course there will be my work!!! have to say I LOVED working with the product I used YUM!!..........and then of course there is the new up + coming team for 2007.......can't wait to see some of their entries.

well should I be sad its the end of the school holidays or not??? OK I sound bad but I'm soooooooo glad. I need routine + so do the kids!! It was all going good until the middle of the week when i was feeling a bit run down + then its like they just know Mummy is not her normal self!! lets make her days harder!!! Also the weather turned to custard.......fine days but the wind was bitter bitter bitter to the point you would freeze outside. But i have to say I LOVED not having to go out in the car everyday!!

OK a glass of wine is calling + so are those crackers + cheese....just need some pate now..........but I will leave you with a wee sneak peek of some of my lastest DT work for SBO and watchout for our newsletter coming out VERY SOON...........also don't forget about our really cool comp "Get Real" + also keep your eyes peeled for some super cool online classes with the DT!!

catch ya later

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I can tell you my secret!!!!!

I made it onto the Elite Team for Up2scrap. One very excited chick here + congrats again to the other team members but I won't tell as you can go on a hunt to read some blogs to find who else is on the team................I know 4 of them have a blog. Its going to be a great 2007 team + looking forward to working with them. :) But also just want to say i had a great time being on the DT of Up2scrap this year + have made some great friends via this mag.
Look out for the Nov issue with some of our entries in there.........well worth the buy + read!!!


Monday, October 02, 2006

knew i forgot something!!

checkout this site multilayouts heaps of really inspiring LO's using more than 1 photo. And the lovely Tenika asked for 1 of my LO's to be featured (which was a few weeks back) the "warning - goofball ahead" LO.
And she has asked for another!!.........feeling honoured to be on there with so much inpsiration.
Way to go Tenika for setting up such a cool site to get ppl inspired!!


Sunday, October 01, 2006

its already mid holidays!!!!............

HOLY SMOKE where did that go???
Lovin these slow mornings + kids just hanging with me!! :)
Our holidays started with Finns birthday party + what a cool day that was. The sun was shining + it was warm!! YES for those of you that think the Naki is always cold its not!!!
but for the rest of the time we have just being hanging as its being such a busy term at school with cross country + then the school concert. And we had my Mum + Dad come up from wgtn for the week for Finns birthday + that was good catching up - Mum her helpful self..........folding all my washing + doing a few meals here + there!! And Dad painted our boot room!! Fantastic helpers!!!
And also watching Mr T himself so I could get a few scrapbooking assignments completed!!
Yep its being a very busy mth of scrapbooking + a exciting mth too!!
So I hope you all have got your selves busy with the Get Real comp?? Besides the great prizes you will have a FANTASTIC album at the end.
Here's one of mine I have done so far. Its about the kids favourite friend. They have all had these special friends since they have being babies. The kind of friends that help make you feel better when you are sad + help them get to sleep!!!
Finn's is Sammie, Ruby's is Silkie + she likes to run her fingers up + down the silk + get this it was my expensive cot blanket!! And Mr T's is Mr Bird - whose name is missing off the LO as I lost it but have since dicided those name tags need to be done in red!!

well I start back at the gym tomorrow night as I have nearly had a whole mth off it due to my assignments + tell ya its amazing how fast everything goes out + south!!

and YAY to daylights saving!!!.........but shouldn't yell that too much as poor Kev has to get up at 4.30 now!!!