Saturday, August 26, 2006

raining cats + dogs here!!

yep we are wading in MUD!!!........its getting to the slip sliding away stage when I go to feed the calves!! But really i have the easy job on the farm atm......poor old Kev is chasing cows + calves in this mud + rain!! We are half way there........with 160 cows in!!!
Did i say it was my dream to marry a farmer??!!!!!
check out my boy who thinks he is driving the tractor!!

so here's my moment of hangin with the rich + famous!!! Rich not in money (well who knows maybe they are??) but rich in life + personality!! Such fun ppl to hang with.
And these are my only 2 pics from CC!!!
Nic Holy Howard + me

and me + that crazy Donna D

this is the other CJ I have been working on for the CJ group I'm invloved with SBO
I used a coaster that I kindly took a dozen or so from The Brass Monkey in Perth.
So its very small + cute. I'm enjoying making these wee albums + pages for the CJ's. Looking forward to getting mine back.
so wish I took better pics - instead of these hurried shots + lets get them in the post shots!!
this the front of the CJ

ok blogger is not allowing me to upload any more pics!!! So I will post the inside of the CJ in a few days.

So anyone going to SENZ? I know Yolande is going. Hope you have all signed up for her class?? Wish I was but I have got over 40 babies to feed night + day + probably more by the end of next week.
They are having a auction at the dinner on Sat Sept 2nd + all proceeds are going to New Zealand Endometriosis Foundation. I know there is going to be fab creations up for auction from the Team from Up2scrap ........including
My milk can from the previous mag will be there + also I will have a Maya Rd tin + chipboard book creation.
Also I know my LSS will be there 'Scrapbooking Fever' + go + check them out as Dianna has done some amazing + beautiful work + she is doing some cool classes + as well she will be having demo's with the Cricut. Remember tell her I sent YOU!!!
Also my lastest LO's featuring the Cricut will be there too!!!

ok time to get the wet weather gear on + feed those little moo's!!



Andrea B said...

LOL .. it really is wet up your way. Normally like that here. Love the photo of T he's soo cute and glad you got some photo's at CC!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Rach, you have some really famous friends LOL! Your boy sure looks confident that he knows what tractors are all about, don't suppose you can start too early on the farm. Do you want a couple of photos of you at CC06?

Lara said...

did the famousness rub off LOL. busy, busy, busy @ your place!!! Enjoy SENZ. Green jelly again here.

Donna said...

Master T is too cute - a real farmer in the making! Love all those photos you famous chick!! LOL.
Hope the auction & everything goes well.
PS - we all picked Shelby's name after Nicholas was talking about the car - Shelby!

lianne said...

I must send you those photos from CC. That's a very cute CJ.

Chris Millar said...

Oh look at Taidhg looks soooooooo cute on the tractor! What a fab photo! Everything looks so green there, but it sounds like the rain isn't making yours or Kev's jobs very easy. I hope you are both stealing a few alone moments at the end of each busy day! Lovely photos of you, Nic and Donna! How cute is that CJ as well!
Here's hoping that rain migrates our way!

Megan R said...

Hi Rach,

Got your comment from my blog. Did you mean the EK Success Punch? I still havn't got one yet! Could you email me on and let me know the name of the place that has then so I can see if I can get one.

Thanks so much! I still really want one!! :o)

Megan R said...

Oh, and by the way I love all the layouts on your blog! I so wish I had been at CC06!

Michelle said...

Gotta remember to comment and stop lurking! Dropping in to say hello and to say love your way and I know If only met you once but your personality just seems to shine thru too!