Wednesday, August 30, 2006

sharing a sneak peek...........

of my online class next week Tuesday 5th Sept at 10.30am, find all the details here , check out the Events & Classes .
It's all about boys, boys, boys + getting dirty using lots of ink + some cool rubons from Uurban Lily + some yummy papers from Chatterbox. Class kit can be purchased at SBO . Also this class will be repeated on the Friday 22nd Sept 8.00pm .
Hope to see you there + also checkout the other online classes that include the very talented Chris Millar from Aussie + 2 other very inspiring talents Lara + Vicky .

and just to share what my days are filled with atm
my little man hangin with the claves

and here is a few of my 61 babies having a afternoon feed.

so seeing these pics means spring is on its way. The air is warmer + the trees are beginning to bud around here but its still cool enough to have a fire at night....well here in the Naki anyway. That mountain is still covered in lots of snow + looking delightful.

hey don't forget SENZ is on this weekend in Palmie.........go and annoy Yolande and go checkout her blog as she is going a really cool class.

ok so I see I have had lots of visitors please don't be shy come out + say hi as I love to met you or maybe I know you already + your just

ok dinner awaits + a nice K+C !!! :)


Saturday, August 26, 2006

raining cats + dogs here!!

yep we are wading in MUD!!!........its getting to the slip sliding away stage when I go to feed the calves!! But really i have the easy job on the farm atm......poor old Kev is chasing cows + calves in this mud + rain!! We are half way there........with 160 cows in!!!
Did i say it was my dream to marry a farmer??!!!!!
check out my boy who thinks he is driving the tractor!!

so here's my moment of hangin with the rich + famous!!! Rich not in money (well who knows maybe they are??) but rich in life + personality!! Such fun ppl to hang with.
And these are my only 2 pics from CC!!!
Nic Holy Howard + me

and me + that crazy Donna D

this is the other CJ I have been working on for the CJ group I'm invloved with SBO
I used a coaster that I kindly took a dozen or so from The Brass Monkey in Perth.
So its very small + cute. I'm enjoying making these wee albums + pages for the CJ's. Looking forward to getting mine back.
so wish I took better pics - instead of these hurried shots + lets get them in the post shots!!
this the front of the CJ

ok blogger is not allowing me to upload any more pics!!! So I will post the inside of the CJ in a few days.

So anyone going to SENZ? I know Yolande is going. Hope you have all signed up for her class?? Wish I was but I have got over 40 babies to feed night + day + probably more by the end of next week.
They are having a auction at the dinner on Sat Sept 2nd + all proceeds are going to New Zealand Endometriosis Foundation. I know there is going to be fab creations up for auction from the Team from Up2scrap ........including
My milk can from the previous mag will be there + also I will have a Maya Rd tin + chipboard book creation.
Also I know my LSS will be there 'Scrapbooking Fever' + go + check them out as Dianna has done some amazing + beautiful work + she is doing some cool classes + as well she will be having demo's with the Cricut. Remember tell her I sent YOU!!!
Also my lastest LO's featuring the Cricut will be there too!!!

ok time to get the wet weather gear on + feed those little moo's!!


Saturday, August 19, 2006

i think I forgot what blog is!!

well CC come + went + what a rockin good time I had!! Is was so relaxing, the classes, the company + food was fantastic!!
Also must send praise out to Ma + Pa for doing a fab job looking after Ruby + Taidhg while I was having FUN at CC.
LOVED all my classes but my only regret is that I wish i did more of Ali's classes.
All 3 US tutors rocked + I had a moment of fame with Ali when she mentioned she LOVED my ring + wanted to know where she could get one + do you think that I could remember.............hell NO!! Then the naughty Donna D LOVED my green shoes!!! Yeah for so in those short moments of 10 seconds I thought I was pretty cool but then back to
The NZ tutors were pretty cool..............apart from the naught holy Nic howard trying to calm my hubby's wawawa!!............LOL + then there was Wendy who almost never let me leave here class as I only did the tiny tiny bit of doodling but I will finish it I promise Wendy!!!
I only tool 2 photos the whole time - yep 2 whole photos...........bloody hopeless I know!! And never gave out my tags let me know if you want one!!!!
The kids travelled home well + what a mean mummy only let them out once!!! And i only had to do the fingers once to this old fart who was being a total dickhead!!!

So back to reality on Tuesday with kids at school + daycare!!! And back to the gym....woohhooooooo scarey stuff as I felt like I hadn't been to the gym ever + come on this was my 5th week!!! And lets not forget feeding calves!!! Busy days!! But hey better to be busy than sitting on my U KNOW WHAT!!!

had a cool time on the SBO (sorry to tired to do links today)cyber crop last night!!
oh there were some very cheeky ppl on there!!
the DT had a challenge given to them by Vicky G - we had to use BG, LO with the theme "amazing", hand journal + cut the photo out. It was FUN. Here's my version of the challenge. OK I kind of went of course with the theme but hey I still like it!! And its true I live with a total goofball x2!! But gotta LOVE em eh.

OK better feed + water these kids!!


Saturday, August 05, 2006

so yeah I haven't blogged for a while............

but life is busy here!!!!

Lots on + lots happening!!!
First up here's some of my work for SBO

this one is from a sketch that the very talented Miss Donna came up for the DT + which is now the mthly challenge for SBO

and there's MORE.......
this one was for the TIPS in the lastest newsletter from SBO

Look at my proud boy in his rugby GEWAA's + getting player of the day!!!!

and just for a tease here is a wee sneak peek for this mths kit which is found at SBO

and since I have your attention here's a wee sneaky peek of my CJ.

So hands up for everyone that hasn't DONE there homework for CC???..........that will be ME!!!..........better get my skates on as we will be there this time next weekend doing the girly scrapping weekend!!! woohooo can't wait!! :)

and finally on the kids front I had a BIG scare last weekend with Ruby nearly admitted to hospital for pneumonia.......WOW she went down fast not much fun but she's back to her old bouncy self!!!

hope you're all having a super cool weekend like I'm off to party tonight + might even have few........wwoohooooooo!! ;)


OMG OMG I knew I forgot something important. Thinking + sending good pushing baby vibes out for Trina + E
thinking of you girls + look forward to hearing the good news + becoming a scrappy aunty!!! :)