Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the time is flying by!!!

and look at that its over a mth since i last blogged!!
I've being crazy busy here + there is still more of it to come.

we had a wonderful break at labour weekend + stayed in a fantastic beach house in Oakura (which is 15km sth of New Plymouth).........and Kev had a great weekend windsurfing + paddle boarding + he even won a $800 custom made wetsuit!!

And then it was heads down + getting ready for our first halloween party!! I spent hrs on the invites.......infact I spent far too much time on the invites time I will start early + not pour my heart + soul into them.

It was the best party. 17 kids came + they all had a blast. We played bob the apples.

eat jelly of the plate hands!!

toasted marshmellows (which i got NO photos as I was getting the eats ready!) + to end the night we had a big lolly scramble. I also took NO photos of Finn, Ruby + Taidhg dressed up!! I plan to get them to have another dress up session + pose. Finn went as Micheal Jackson, Ruby a Zombie ballerina + Taidhg started off as Ben 10 but he wanted his face painted like a he became a Lioning Ben 10!! And i was the only adult that dressed up + I went a Desperate Housewife!! For our first halloween party it was a hit + we will be doing it again next year!!

We finally planted out vegetable garden last always plant later than labour weekend in Stratty as there is always a late frost...........and do you know what........we had a small sneaky frost hit us + it killed our baby toms, cumbers + courgettes.......bummer!! But the corn + carrots are apparently already poking through the soil. Got to plant out the beans + peas yet.
not alot of scrapping has being happening but got some things to share in a few weeks using the lovely nook + pantry BG!! But I did make this cute little card for a friends BD last week.

its seems to be the season for BD's atm around have got 5 parties happening + my baby turns 5 on the 5th of Dec.............eeck where did that time go!!
and and and I just had to share this photo............I just love it!!............come fly with me!

OK gotta run my most fav movie is on..................Dan in Real Life..............its soooooooooo funny + I just LOVE the music + I wish we had a house by the lake like that!!.............well i guess a tent by the sea is good enough atm eh!!