Monday, November 05, 2007

catch up!!

yep well SENZ was great!!
it was fantastic to catch up with the girls from SBO.................lots of laughs + good times!!
I really enjoyed teaching + had a lovely bunch of girls each time!!

So it was that time again last week to go a Trick a Treating!!
So I rang around a few of the neighbouring farms to see if the kids could come a knocking!
And even Mr T joined in (he just can't miss out on anything).

This year Finn + Ruby dressed up in their own outfits (don't ask me what Finn was)..........and check out in the background a certain short stuff witch!!

and while they were out playing Trick a Treating I just couldn't miss out.

so just got a few LO 's to share that I have done lately.

this one i used the yummy collection from SIS - designed by Kristina Contes

and this one for my lastest DT work over at SBO

using some Love Elise, SEI pp (that range is just YUM with its browns + oranges) + MM buttons! Another LO for the Hawaii album!

and if you're keen for a good comp pop on over to SBO

to see our BIG Gala Bash!! Lots of great challenges running for all of Nov + what great prizes!

1st prize - a 6mth sub to our kits

2nd prize - a cuttlebug (and if you already have one you can have dies or embossing cards instead)

3rd prize - $60 voucher

so hurry on over there join in on the party + read up on the comp details + challenges.

We would LOVE to see you there!!

and oh here's my challenge LO. You have to complete a LO that had anything to do with food at xmas time. And you have till this Friday to complete it!! Vicky has already got her challenge up too + hers ends on Friday!!

here's to a good positive week!! :)


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

everyone loves a sneak peek!!

so finally here are 2 sneaks of my mini album classes at SENZ!!
and yep holy cow its this Friday!!

so if you're lovin my sneaky + know you're going to be in CHCH............and haven't signed up for it.................get your sneakers on + sprint over to SBO + sign your life away!!

so on Thursday I will be winging my way down to CHCH. Yes you just heard me yell 'yehaa'!!
Can't wait to catch up with everyone + plz come + say 'hi' to me if I haven't meet you.
so yeah roll on.........

and hey look out for this weeks DARE its mine!!
nothing like to get you in the mood!!
and I hear there is a fantastic prize!!
so get your scrap on!!

OK so its over + out for me 10 4 big buddie!! ..............yeah so we have being playing walkie talkies here + this mama things she is pretty cool at the truckie talk!!..................hehehehe


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

hhmmm oh my!!

a whole month has passed!!
and yes Steph I can hear ya "update your blog"!!
and Nic.........see I have updated!!

Ok so lets start with a little sneak peek for my class at SENZ.
Its quite pretty for me, even with some pink in there too!!
So if you are thinking of signing over to SBO + sign your life away...........cause we are going to have some FUN!!

so now I'm working on sneaks for the BG mini's!! Now thats going to be FUN + some more!! :)

So my big boy turned 7 2 weeks ago!! YES 7 where has that time gone??
anway he got himself a new bike, along with a few other goodies..........check him out checking it out before the school bus came!!

and then the first Sat of the hols we had a bunch of rowdy boys + Ruby for a party. YAY for the beautiful hot Spring day we had!!

and checkout in the background the Hurricane..................waiting to do his damage...............LOLwe also had my parents here for the BD for a week + then I had a op on my teeth (nasty) + tomorrow I have the last lot of work done...................I so dislike the dentist......its fear for me!!

and just wanted to share some work.........which I guess most have seen but these are for my sil.....who we don't get to see very often + miss a lot more than she knows!!!

my LO of Ruby in the lastest Up2. I love this photo + how i used the HS bling to emphasize her jumping!

and my magnet board. I had so much fun making this! Oh i put black paper in there so i wouldn't get a glare off the metal middle.

and this one is for Steph just so she can she what FUN she is missing out here with the Hurricane!!

Nothing like mixing up a bit of SR + Elsie Love together to get this creation!!

and I just one more. I love how this came out + if you're at SENZ you will see this for sure, along with a few of my other goodies!!

and who's that Frog??

why its the Hurricane himself!!.............but how can you not love that little face!

well thats me ppl.

so yeah I don't come on here for weeks + then it like I have pure diarrhoea............lolso on that happy note I leave you for my beauty sleep!!

god knows I need it!!

Monday, August 13, 2007


did i say it was my dream to marry a farmer??
and then wish to have a pet sheep???
HELP...............what was I thinking!!

so I do live the dream + I do have a pet sheep........2 in fact!!
Pepper + Sonny!!!
and lets just say they think they are human + think that they should spend their days playing in our garden!!

so today I quickly duck out to get some firewood + Pepper who is quite crafty for a sheep!!............pushes me out of the way as I walk through the gate + makes a mad dash into the garden!!............lucky I was smarter + ran (YES I ran) around the other side of the garage + chased her back into the paddock!!!
I think she thinks she is like 'Shaun the Sheep'..............anyone seen that wee TV programme???
And with Spring just around the corner........YAY!!!! looks like we will have 3 new lambs to care for 'Mission Day' that will be coming up soon at school.

so yeah besides the sheep dramas in my life we are getting busy with the cows calving + I will be feeding calves this week!!

Kids are busy training for cross country 0r cross crunchy as Ruby calls it!!!.........atm.

The days are slowly getting longer + wow before we know it will be daylights savings!!! YES its fantastic we have had it extended here in NZ but oh boy do I feel for he will be crawling out of bed at 4.00 instead on 5.00 every morning!! But then again he's a huge fan of daylights saving!! And he's getting a new toy - which I know he's hanging out to play with!! Once I find a pic of it I will share.......................its a new + very popular water toy that he spied in Maui!!!

Busy with scrapping + trying to play catch up with some projects.
one of my lastest was for the DARES . I had fun doing this one. Go over + checkout the other girls...............there are some beaut ones!!!

and a LO for my DT work over at SBO

I got to play with some new CA + Tink ink this mth with a few other bits + bods.

Loved how this came out. kev planted those sunflowers + the kids loved watching them grow.

So hopefully we will plant some more this summer!

and have been trying to load up a pic of the lastest kit Vicky + I designed. (but can't get it up for some go checkout SBO for a lookise) So can't wait for this kit...............its filled with so much yumminess!! And holy flying cows wait till you see the stamp that the very clever Miss Vicky designed!! I think we get this kit sometime this week to play with............yippee can't wait!!

Also have been busy planning my classes for SENZ. I see SBO have got them for sale on the site + I heard that some have almost sold out. Sorry not many sneak peeks due the product not here yet but you girls won't be disappointed as I have seen most of the teams other creations in irl + they are all so super talented but just not that such awesome ppl + lots of FUN!! And we like FUN don't we!!!????

oh yeah I keep forgetting I got this from the lovely Gigi about a mth ago but as we can all see how hopeless I am at blogging I never got it up + after seeing others in my list have also got one I have decided that anyone that leaves me a comment or even checkouts my blog deserves one!!

well its nice to be back in blogging land..............but I must leave to tend my batches of anzac biccies I have got cooking in the oven!!


Monday, June 25, 2007

do wish you were here right now??

I DO!! Just imagine lying on that beach in the warm sun!!! A photo from Kev's wee trip to Maui, Hawaii. He got back to this freezing place yesterday!! He had a blast!!

Here's a pic of what he did 4 to 5 hrs a day................he was in heaven!!

and then check out this pic he took from a helicopter ride........................look at all those crazy windsurfers!!

so life is back to normal as I hear him out in the paddock behind the house in the freezing wind splitting wood!!

so while I've been so quiet + away from my blog I have created a few pages for a challenge I had entered on a US site.

you know it had been really nice to do some challenges + make me use some photos that I have had printed for awhile + use up some of stash!!!...........or was I making room for some new stash!! ;)

so for one challenge we had to use more than 5 photos. Perfect for my New Years Day from 2006. I took the title from a song by 'The Kooks' - seaside. (great CD by the way). And I finally used some of my BG phoebe..............that I had for a few mths!!

then we had to do a LO using one OLW.

Mine was Pick!! Say no more!!

then we had to do a LO leaving 50% white that was a challenge for me!!

and for this one we had to use a orange title. This just a crazy silly one!! Don't you just love doing a page for NO reason!!!..........I had some fun taking these pics + then creating the LO using some Elise + those very funky Hambly rubons!!

got a few more Lo's but planning on using them else where!!
hey so who is loving getting the scrapbookoutlet inspiration newsletters on Friday nights??
aren't they the best + full of thought provoking ideas!! If not go + sign up for the newsletter!
well can't wait for this weekend to see all my girls at scrapcamp!!.......esp the talented Miss Chris
+ the wonderful owner of scrapbookoutlet - Andrea. Its going to be a blast!! nothing like great company, food, a few drinks + scrapping!! good for the soul !!
and hey here's one for you!
last mth we went through the process of looking for a new that meant lots of ppl coming for interviews. And there was this one guy whose name sounded familiar. So anyway this guy arrives - all of 17 + I knew I knew him .....................I taught him at kindy back in 1995!!.........eecckkk how did I age so quickly!!
I swear I'm only 28!!!.................what ashame 36 is around the corner!!
well I could pretend I'm going to be 30 like a certain Miss Howard!!........hehehe
also go checkout this place SIS - super friendly + some mighty talent + just gotta checkout the little extras they have!!
meeting some cool girls + doing some cool swaps!!.............apart from all the Tim Tams I keep buying cause I don't normally buy them but somehow they keep finding their way to my
oh look at time!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


checkout this new + exciting blog !!!!
they would LOVE you to submit to inspire others as, skip, sprint over + check them out..................NOW!!

And HIGH 5 girls for setting up another inspiring blog!!!!


Friday, May 25, 2007


yep thats another week!! where are they going???!!!
hey thx for all the lovely comments about Ruby.
And yes the cake was home made..............but not by one of my mum's friends.........she's very talented.
and HEY waving a HUGE wave to Nana + B ..................who reached Ayres Rock (sp) today in Aussie!!
oops I know its not called that anymore.................but for the life of me I can't remember it!!
and Finn is feeding Oscar everyday for you.............and he even came home with extra' ice blocks in his pockets!!!!................Nana you taught him well. ;)

not much to share as in words but got a few made things to share.

my lastest LO for the 'childhood dare'
and watch out there is a new DARE going up soon .................its a goodie too!!

I made Andrea, from SBO some invites for her 3 cute boys.................who just all celebrated birthdays recently....................mmmm May has been a very productive mth for some of the DT on SBO all having may babies......................Vicky might even join hurry Vicky just when baby is ready!!!

Morgan's invites - who just turned 4
bad photo...................see what happens when you are in a hurry!!!!

and invites for the twins - who were 1

thats all folks
have a good weekend
I'm scrapping tonight + got me vices in for the night!!!
ps eckk just looked at the first pic of the invites + I took that shot on a manuel mode.......playing after Mandi's online class..............those BG colours look yuk + my bedroom wall looks olive instead of the below photo.
ok got that off my to find a drink!!! ;)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

she's 5!!!

my baby girl is 5!!
wow what a busy time we had leading up to this BIG birthday!!
4 parties!!

she has had 3.5 days at school + is LOVIN it!!................and even caught the bus on Friday!! (ok gotta get me some pics of her getting on the bus)
time to show off some celebration pics!!

I LOVE this pic of her at her last day at kindy - sharing her party food out with the kids.

first day of school + OK real bad photo but we were in a hurry as we got a bit late due to all the pressie opening!!

she looks ssoooooooooo tiny!!

just had to sneak in this pic of her giving Taidhg a thank you hug for her wand he gave looks more excited about that wand.........see that wee hand creeping forward!!
and lastly Ruby + her doll cake!!

and these the invites i made for her party................bad photo again but I was such a dork I gave out all the invites before I took some pics.................lucky I got 2 back to get some pics!! They looked really pretty irl.

I used the April kit from SBO

I thought I would be really sad..............but I surprised myself + there were no tears!!
she was so happy + confident on her first day at school. It was so different from when Finn started school...........I bawled like a baby in the car. I worried all day for him...........who would he play with + would he remember not to eat all his lunch at playtime + what about the loo........would he know he had to ask the teacher first!!!...............and you know he coped!!

Ruby told me the cutest thing after her first day at school. I asked her who she played with.....she said "some girls + Finn. And you know Mummy he took me to the park to play". She meant the playground!!!...............too cute!!

Last night we had a cyber crop at SBO
Boy did we have some FUN!! The DT made up a few different challenges.
And as we are working on our BOM's I decided to tie my challenge into that ............ nothing like a helping hand!!! my challenge was to complete a LO as a teenager.

here's me in all my glory at 18!!.................and yes I made a mistake with the date.............its meant to be '80 not '98. Easily fixed!!

Once again i used the April kit from Scrapbookoutlet

hey Megan i know I haven't done your tag but will on the next post.............I need some sleep!!nite


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


yep got some pretties too share!!!
I made these creations using the March kit from SBO.
I LOVED this kit + there was sooooooooooooo much product to play with.
Now there was quite a bit of pink in there but look at all those yummy boy LO's I did with it!!
All my LO's this mth were of my super cute super naughty T Man.

why why why


now this is a fav of mine atm!!..........Body Art

and then I made this super cute mini album about Ruby making cupcakes!! This was so much fun + would LOVE if anyone makes one from the instructions to plz share with me!!

woohhoooo tomorrow I'm off to the BIG smoke of Wellington for the BIG event of Freestyling!

doing only 3 classes...........1 with Tia, Kim + Zina...................and the sneak peeks look FABBO!!

Looking forward to the company I will be staying with...............a lot of FUN to be had me thinks!! :)

OK + just prewarning NO swap pins here baby...........I didn't need any extra stress thx!!!

Looking forward to catching up with friends, shopping, eating + drinks..........hmmmm i believe there is already a drink on the bar for me....................hehehehe

catch up with you all next week


Tuesday, April 03, 2007


hey so I'm back from my MIA!!
and I've got some LO's things to show people........don't be shocked or surprised by

so to start off I thought I'd share my lift I did of Zina ( I know its on the DARE site but I just LOVE it so much as its about my girl) doesn't she just do the coolest LO's ever!!!! Can't wait to do her class at Freestyle.................and that reminds me I must look up KS to see what the homework is for the weekend.

Ruby does the most adorable drawings of us all + her little fury friends + I just had to get this all down before she is 10!! And you know she does the best life drawings of her Daddy.........I know its him everytime by the little dots on his head that represents his non hair do.............his pickles as she calls them!!

and then I made this wee tin awhile ago to give away for a auction...............and I didn't want to give it away as I just loved it sitting on my desk looking all sweet. I hope the person who got it is happy with it as I haven't heard.

and then there a was mini album too!

and then there were the 2 of them together!

so have you checked out the lastest DARE . Its a funny one - its all about you telling us your secrets or a little quirk that no one knows about you or a secret hobby you might not be telling your friends + family about. Go on get creative + tell us all about it.

OK better get back to work + make that milo I promised kev - what about an hour ago!!

ps make you sure you checkout the LO's for Survivor at the end of week at SBO + get your votes in. Also I know there is lots of new cool product waiting to be put on the site.........YUM!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


missing in action - thats ME!!!
life has taken over again + I had some important things to deal with!!!
catch ya all soon

Sunday, March 04, 2007

something FUN!!!!

found this wee quiz + it cracked me up - especially mine!!!
have a go + let me know so I can have a wee giggle too!!! :)

'What" will your obituary say?' at

nothing much happening here apart from its stinkin hot here + I've being creating + dealing with sick kids!!
And its FAV time of the year!!! Perfect days for the kids to play in - not to hot + not to cold, fantastic for picnics, washing still gets dry + your tan lingers a little longer :) + the leaves are just sooooooooo pretty + don't forget the chestnuts!!!!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend + congrats to all my talented scrappy friends Chris (aussie) , Trina + Michelle TW (nz) for making it on the junkitz international team....wooohoooo.
Fantastic for the little scrapping world here in NZ!!!
(ok sorry too lazy to link - its Sunday ppl)

mmmm looks like my roast dinner is ready :)

see ya people


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

things!!..........lots of

firstly thanks everyone for your concerns for us having no water - it still hasn't rained but we are lucky enough that we have a well/bore on the farm + we just pumped some into the water tank..............but yes we do need rain still.

secondly once again in true Rach fashion I added my DARE LO last to No.8 wired .
and its straight irl........ :)

LOVED this DARE + the way the colour went 'POP'

and thirdly I just wanted to share the rest of mini ablum from the lastest Up2scrap mag (that wasn't published) + as well the the main picture has a BIG black streak on part of the page + so you can't see the true page.

When doing this album I wanted to touch on everday things in my life. So I broke it down into headings - love (kev + I), kids + I, friendships, time out + healthy choices.

heres the Take Time out one + what it should really look like

and the Healthy Choices pages

and the other half of My Kids + I

and the one on Friendship - the other half. My friend Janine kindly allowed herself to be photographed by the one + only wickedly cheeky Kev................ Now she is one fantastic friend who would do anything if I needed her.

and finally the other half of my Love page + this is extra special as today Kev + I celebrate out 9th wedding anniversary.................. and by the way ppl he loved my little mini ablum i made for him :) And yes there are those photos again taken by Finn..........this is why I took them for this brief.

and now for all the excting news!!!

who wants to be on a Design Team???..........did I hear you say yeah me??..........well click on this link here and read all about it.

I can't tell you enough what a awesome team it is too work for. So if you would like to be part of this excitement come play :)

and guess what its open to AUSSIES all you Aussie talented girls that I know get your butts over here + join in!!!!

and here's the link to the Scrapbookoutletnz site if you haven't being there before. Its worth a look by the way!!!!

and finally I better get off this blasted computer as i have sat nearly all morning to buy my sil some Red Hot Chilli Peppers tickets...............but sadly no luck :( ................. they sold like HOT cakes!!............would be soooooo awesome to go too!!!

and quickly have you voted for your fav Making Memories Idol yet??? (link in a few post below - sorry getting over being on the computer GO Chris