Tuesday, November 28, 2006


sadly today Ruby's pet lamb Starfire died! (natural causes BTW)
So in memory of StarFire.
R.I.P little wooly friend.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

country child of mine

its interesting to see some of the difference in my kids compared to me as I grew up in wellington.
Here's the lastest example from Miss 4 as she saw me dishing up dinner -

Ruby - whats for tea Mummy?

Me - lamb!

ruby - (with her nose screwed up + a sad look on her face) NO not lamb Mummy!!!

Me - oh, I mean meat

Ruby - Ok Mummy (she skips away saying) that will be nice!!

Remember never say to country kids that have pets lambs we are having lamb for dinner. Remember its MEAT!!! :)


Monday, November 13, 2006

All good things must come to a end ...........

but WOW what a cool weekend!!! I meet up with some old friends + made some new ones!! Had lots + lots of laughs, fun games + got fined heaps......lol!! Great shopping - 7 shops to buy from. I was very controlled!!! :)
I had a fantastic weekend.

And while I was there I got the lastest Up2scrap mag!! Great issue - some fantastic work in there everyone + congrats to who has worked submitted in this issue.
So I thought i would just share my LO's I did for this issue. I so loved working with Scenic Route papers........these LO's + the photo frame just fell into place.

This had to be one of my fav LO's. I LOVE this pic of Finn in all his glory - thank goodness for cropping.........lol.

And then I loved this LO too of Finn + Ruby playing on the water slide.

and then i had to alter a frame.

side view

well back to the real world - better get the sheets hung out!!!
thx girls for the great weekend!!!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

nothing like a weekend away!!

yep I'm off tomorrow with all my scrapping gear in tow!!!..........off to Palmie north to a weekend of scrapping!!! Can't wait!! I'm going to be meeting some girls from SBO Jo Burney + the lovely Kelly Rotherham who is over here teaching classes at the Up2scrap classroom tonight in fact!! Its going to be FUN FUN FUN!!!

well we had the BIG world wide DARE go up last week. The NZ girls did themselves proud. As you know we did this in conjuction with the DARE sites from Aussie (and have to say those girls have talent to boot), UK + US.
We had to do a childhood memory or dream
have paint on the LO
put a title on the photo
cover the background paper
so here's my version of it. Its always being a dream of mine to marry a farmer + leave the city smoke behind. i'm living my dream + LOVE it!!

and last mth we having being working on the kits for SBO. It was filled with yummy goodies from crate paper, BG monograms, Senic route rubons, American Craft ribbons, Maya Rd mini ablum, Lil Davis tape + a stamp that I designed to go with this kit. Hope I didn't miss anything??..........lol
As well you got tip sheets + sketches that were made up from the DT.
Here's a LO I did from the kit. Very simple but a great way to use up those left over scraps.....have to say i have never done a LO that fast in my life..........lol. And my STAMP!!! Which you can buy on SBO

well the weather is foul here - very very wet, windy + cold. Hope it improves for driving tomorrow!!

have a good one

ps I so forgot about my little toot today (thx Delys for the reminder) I got a LO in the Basic Gallery !! And I also see
Miss Becky got one in too!! WTG

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


yep as we know it was Halloween yesterday + this year my kids wanted to dress up + go Trick a Treating. Now as we live rural I knew that we would have NO kids knocking at our door - so I rang around 5 of our neighbours to see if Finn + Ruby could so some Trick a Treating. So while I took my online class off they went on their merry way with Kev driving them........we weren't mean Chris + didn't make them walk!!.........lol.
so here's some pics I promised to share!!!
Ruby made a fantastic witch

and Finn well not sure what he was............lol but I thought he looked pretty cute pulling that face!!

and well this is Kev I wanted him to wear the wee green horns but he didn't want that pic flashed around the world..........LOL........so instead he wore Finn's mask.

and finally look what our neighbours did for the kids........ I thought it was so cool!!! And even the lollies inside were put together using halloween colours. Makes it that extra special when ppl go to that sort of effort.

and lastly my class last night was great - I had a great bunch of girls. Thx girls for coming along. :)