Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Had my first online class today!!!

And here is what we did!!!

I had so much FUN - thanks Donna + Steph for being such good students!!!
Being a first timer at this I was unsure what ppl wanted. So decided to stick to a basic LO but using lots of inking + sanding. I know lots of us do these things already but there are lots of ppl out there who are to scared to try this out. I think I took the girls today out of their comfort zones with doing some messing inking......Steph reckoned she had ink everywhere...........but hey thats what I wanted to hear. I think even Donna might of got a bit dirty too..........lol.
so checkout SBO for their versions of the LO's + be kind + leave them some LOVE!!!

So I will be teaching this class again on the 22nd of Sept. Would LOVE to see you join in on the FUN!! Also remember this mth too you catch classes with Chris + photography with Vicky + Lara + Lara's first class is this Thursday - so join in on the FUN + support NZ scrappers!!!! OK we can call Chris a honary kiwi!!............lol

Its cross country season at school atm. So it was Finn's first cross country race on Monday + he came 3rd!! We were so proud of his efforts!!

Also just had to leave you with this cheeky guy......playing in his favourite spot!!!
Lesson learnt remember to keep the loo, bathroom + bootroom door SHUT AT ALL TIMES!!
And yes his hand is wet cause you know why.....nice one T!!!

oh yeah checkout those yukky spiders on my toilet lid......I so don't do spiders but sil thought it was a great gift!!!???

Also remember to all give your babies a extra squeeze or kiss as we think of ppl atm who have lost someone special recently.

ok ice cream is out.......YUM!!!


ps forgot to say checkout my lastest LO on No.8 . I personally think its a hoot!! The wee stroy makes me laugh everytime!! :)
Some great entries for all those that have entered + look out this week its my DARE!!!


Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

Congratz on your class and heard the girls had a great time. hehe the last photo

Sandra said...

Glad the class went well Rach. Well done Finn on the Cross sountry success. As for the last photo...yummy!!!

Donna said...

Firstly gross Master T!! And I would have trouble going to the toilet with all those spiders!! The class was FUN! Yes I got a little dirty...well the desk did LOL. Thanks for that!
Well done Finn. We had CC yesterday too!
I love your No 8 Dare! That is really funny & a great layout too!!

Chris Millar said...

I hope you have more than one toilet if I come to visit Rach! Nooooooo way am I sitting on those spiders!!LOL
Only a scrapbooking mother would let her son put his hand in his mouth with toilet water on it than risk missing the photo!LOL
You class layout rocks Rach, as does your Dare layout!!! Love them both! Wish I could do boy layouts like you can!

Becky said...

hi!!! love that LO! I love all of your work though ;)

we have a child proof lock on the bathroom door. when company comes thay always forget to close the door behind them and my kids love to play in the toilet too - lol!

Great pics of the kids on your farm!

Jane said...

love the layout !! well done you !

and as for little Master T- just how cute does it get ? bless his little cotton socks !lol !

Lara said...

I'm looking forward to doing your class later in the month! Loved your No 8 dare WTG. We have Ali's cross country tomorrow - I don't like being a working mum - dh is going for photos & moral support!

Carole Janson said...

Hi Rach, I got your comment I just have it on moderator at the moment, wierd comments coming through. Love your layout, wow would love to be in that class would have a ball. Your son did really well to come third in cross country good on him.

That toilet seat is a bit scary, pleased its you and not me. Have a great weekend Rach, and I will try to pop in more often, I love visting your blog.


Andrea B said...

Nah don't do spiders even though Mr M tried chasing me with one yesterday and thought it was a great hoot!! Love your layouts but hey I love al your work!!

Trina said...

OMG. I so couldn't have a toilet seat like that. LOL. I'd be constantly worried they would come to life or something silly.

Do love the pic though. Classic!

Steph said...

Awesome Class Rach. I finally got my layout loaded on my Blog, Check it out if you like