Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thank You Thank You EVERYONE!!!

for taking the time out to congratulate me on my new position on Up2scrap. It meant heaps to me that you all could find a small moment of your time to do this!!!! Also shows what great support we have here in the NZ community of scrapping + lets not forget some of those gorgeous Aussie scrappers that also pop in to say hi!!!
So yeah I'm already hanging out to see the next issue for all reasons - what the talented present ET would of done to get our creative juices flowing...........ssshhhhhhh I've seen one of them + they are cool cool cool.
And who has submitted - I LOVE seeing names i know in there. There is such awesome talent out there............keep submitting girls. And of course there will be my work!!! have to say I LOVED working with the product I used YUM!!..........and then of course there is the new up + coming team for 2007.......can't wait to see some of their entries.

well should I be sad its the end of the school holidays or not??? OK I sound bad but I'm soooooooo glad. I need routine + so do the kids!! It was all going good until the middle of the week when i was feeling a bit run down + then its like they just know Mummy is not her normal self!! lets make her days harder!!! Also the weather turned to custard.......fine days but the wind was bitter bitter bitter to the point you would freeze outside. But i have to say I LOVED not having to go out in the car everyday!!

OK a glass of wine is calling + so are those crackers + cheese....just need some pate now..........but I will leave you with a wee sneak peek of some of my lastest DT work for SBO and watchout for our newsletter coming out VERY SOON...........also don't forget about our really cool comp "Get Real" + also keep your eyes peeled for some super cool online classes with the DT!!

catch ya later


Donna said...

I say it again Rach - that is a fantastic canvas! I want one!!
Hope you enjoy your evening & this week get to chill out a bit!

karen said...

love the buttons and the Queen&Co photo turns ... yummy.

jacquij said...

woohoo rach
u so deserve that position i cant wait to see what u do now