Sunday, October 01, 2006

its already mid holidays!!!!............

HOLY SMOKE where did that go???
Lovin these slow mornings + kids just hanging with me!! :)
Our holidays started with Finns birthday party + what a cool day that was. The sun was shining + it was warm!! YES for those of you that think the Naki is always cold its not!!!
but for the rest of the time we have just being hanging as its being such a busy term at school with cross country + then the school concert. And we had my Mum + Dad come up from wgtn for the week for Finns birthday + that was good catching up - Mum her helpful self..........folding all my washing + doing a few meals here + there!! And Dad painted our boot room!! Fantastic helpers!!!
And also watching Mr T himself so I could get a few scrapbooking assignments completed!!
Yep its being a very busy mth of scrapbooking + a exciting mth too!!
So I hope you all have got your selves busy with the Get Real comp?? Besides the great prizes you will have a FANTASTIC album at the end.
Here's one of mine I have done so far. Its about the kids favourite friend. They have all had these special friends since they have being babies. The kind of friends that help make you feel better when you are sad + help them get to sleep!!!
Finn's is Sammie, Ruby's is Silkie + she likes to run her fingers up + down the silk + get this it was my expensive cot blanket!! And Mr T's is Mr Bird - whose name is missing off the LO as I lost it but have since dicided those name tags need to be done in red!!

well I start back at the gym tomorrow night as I have nearly had a whole mth off it due to my assignments + tell ya its amazing how fast everything goes out + south!!

and YAY to daylights saving!!!.........but shouldn't yell that too much as poor Kev has to get up at 4.30 now!!!



Yolande said...

Love this... But I like the names in black! Yahay you have started your GR album!

Anonymous said...

Love the layout Rach, looks awesome, have a great week.


Chris Millar said...

Great layout for the get real comp Rach. I've got 2 photos of Annaliese with her sleep toys that I keep meaning to scrap - thanks for the inspiration. Hope you're enjoying the holidays.

Andrea B said...

I love this Rach. You so need to come and spend a weekend here says she staring at the pile of photo's .. LOL!