Thursday, October 19, 2006


well how fast moving is that company eh???...........well I had being without a phone for 5 in my case that means NO internet as I'm still on bushmans dialup living rural !!!! Finally on Tuesday it was fixed but you know since then i quickly got use to not being on the computer!!! Think Kev liked that habbit too!! But hey lucky for caller diversion!!!!

so for you lovely ppl that popped on my block + said hi - thanks!! And i just got Ruby to pull a name out of a bowl + she pulled out how lucky are you Sharee!!! Will put the things together + post it next week!!!

be watching this space for my sneak peak of my online class for SBO soon!!!

not much to report as I'm busy busy with things for the kids atm - pets day tomorrow at school but this year we decided NO lambs......but still its the vegetable display + flower arranging + a mini gala.
And with the long weekend ahead Kev has his annual windsurfing comp here in the Naki.

catch ya later


Sharee Mortensen said...

Woohoo!! First time I have won a giveaway :) Save postage Rach and just bring it to camp. Thanks Ruby for picking my name outta the hat.

Lara said...

congrats Sharee! Cool prize too.

Hey Rach - even on broadband I rely on a telephone line to connect - if the phones down - it's all down LOL