Saturday, August 19, 2006

i think I forgot what blog is!!

well CC come + went + what a rockin good time I had!! Is was so relaxing, the classes, the company + food was fantastic!!
Also must send praise out to Ma + Pa for doing a fab job looking after Ruby + Taidhg while I was having FUN at CC.
LOVED all my classes but my only regret is that I wish i did more of Ali's classes.
All 3 US tutors rocked + I had a moment of fame with Ali when she mentioned she LOVED my ring + wanted to know where she could get one + do you think that I could remember.............hell NO!! Then the naughty Donna D LOVED my green shoes!!! Yeah for so in those short moments of 10 seconds I thought I was pretty cool but then back to
The NZ tutors were pretty cool..............apart from the naught holy Nic howard trying to calm my hubby's wawawa!!............LOL + then there was Wendy who almost never let me leave here class as I only did the tiny tiny bit of doodling but I will finish it I promise Wendy!!!
I only tool 2 photos the whole time - yep 2 whole photos...........bloody hopeless I know!! And never gave out my tags let me know if you want one!!!!
The kids travelled home well + what a mean mummy only let them out once!!! And i only had to do the fingers once to this old fart who was being a total dickhead!!!

So back to reality on Tuesday with kids at school + daycare!!! And back to the gym....woohhooooooo scarey stuff as I felt like I hadn't been to the gym ever + come on this was my 5th week!!! And lets not forget feeding calves!!! Busy days!! But hey better to be busy than sitting on my U KNOW WHAT!!!

had a cool time on the SBO (sorry to tired to do links today)cyber crop last night!!
oh there were some very cheeky ppl on there!!
the DT had a challenge given to them by Vicky G - we had to use BG, LO with the theme "amazing", hand journal + cut the photo out. It was FUN. Here's my version of the challenge. OK I kind of went of course with the theme but hey I still like it!! And its true I live with a total goofball x2!! But gotta LOVE em eh.

OK better feed + water these kids!!



Andrea B said...

Oh Rach, I check your Blogg everyday ... LOL! Awesome layout and we've has some awesome feedback about all of you and the word is out about Yolande, everyone seems to know!

Yolande said...

HMMM whats this...the word is out what word? I wanna know...tell me tell me...I can keep a secret true I can... Hey love the layout Rach! Too cool. Goofball! hahahahahaha nice chatting dude... see ya soon OK

Donna said...

That is one crazy cool layout. Love it!! Sounds like CC was fantastic...but I don't want to know.LOL.

Chris Millar said...

What a fun layout Rach! Love the cut outs of Kev and Finn! What a super time you had at CC!

karen said...

yeh send me a tag ... go on! leave a comment on my blog or PM me at SBO and I'll let you know my address.

lucy said...

I want a tag PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE but don't have your addy to send one of mine too either. LOL And that Mrs H was no blimen help. Email me.

Carole Janson said...

What a cool looking layout Rach, looks awsome.

Have a great week Best Wishes

Kelly Rotherham said...

Hey Rach, Your ring and shoes were pretty cool, as was the headband too. (Does this mean I get to be cool for 5 seconds cause I was sitting beside you in Ali's class for the Ring scenario, maybe your coolness rubbed off? LOL!)

Nicole Rayner said...

Cool layout Rach, it looks great, have a great weekend.