Monday, October 12, 2009


are so damn expensive........would you know!!
we are on our third round of these little buggers for Ruby + first for Taidhg (thats what you get for letting your boy wear his hair longer)!!

Finn ended his hols on a high note.............he came 4th in his golf tournament yesterday..........pretty cool huh!! But poor old Ruby ended up coming head to head with a cow yesterday.

check her out. photo from yesterday (same one on FB) but today it looks worse!!

she did make me laugh this morning with her comment "i've lost all my prettyness"!! But when i dropped her off at school this morning she loved all of the attention of course!!
I was happy yesterday too as I completed 5 loads of washing!! whites, darks, towels, woollens + a clothes wash!! It felt good to catch up!!

well my next few weeks are going to be filled crazy craft painful ;). School has got its Mission/pets day + you know when they make those sand saucer things + vegetable ppl...........but when they move further up the school their craft making extends.
So guess who put their hand up but as well gave ideas..........and as well we are having a very exciting party here in the next weeks + I've got to make all the goodies for that too!!

leaving with you the last 2 LO's I did for the SBO GOK challenge.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Almost blue!

the sky was almost most filled with nothing but blueness (such a word) was welcomed with open arms at our house + the kids were quickly put outdoors!! it didn't quite happen like that but I did suggest it + they agreed!!

We saw the mountain for the first time in what seems like weeks.......... and it had snow down to the bottom but when i took this photo just before a lot of the snow has melted over the day!
Yep just a tad cool in the Naki atm!!

I don't really like talking about the weather but man!!........its just effected us so much these holidays + done my head in like nothing + all the mums I saw at the supermarket feel all the same. I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel!!
So yeah day 9 + all is looking well. T at daycare F + R a breather. Haircuts done!!
Food supply brought in!! Body + lungs being excercised on almost blue day!! Mother enjoying quiet coffee!! :) ...........and planning on read my reserved book from the library - Tony Parsons - 'Starting Over'.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Day 7

today we woke up early to go to New Plymouth to cheer this guy on!

Kev competed in the New Plymouth 1/2 marathon + did it in 1hr + 23mins!! Only trained for 4 weeks!! I'm so green jelly how naturally fit he is + wished I had this ability. He puts my 10 weeks of going to the gym to shame!!............but hey baby steps for the very unfit!! :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

day 4.

all is going well so far apart from the rain but I know I'm not alone in this wet patch!! We have done hoilday programme, friends sleepover + going to friends.

Today was filled with lots of tenting making (inside), stories read in the tents, breaking tents + making your sister squeal or should I say scream!! Jumping on the old couch + doing handstands on the new couch!! Running outside when the rain stopped for 5mins, making art + a spot of telly. Did i mention I only had 2 kids ...........easy!!

Tomorrow ...........not sure what that will bring but I'm thinking some baking needs to be done as I have some very turned bananas!! A spot of tiding + sorting + lets not forget the washing.........ick mines piling up due to this flippen rain!

But I'm looking forward to the weekend as Kev is having it off + its looking busy too + YAY to daylight savings!!

So for the second time I played the GOK comp over at SBO. They have had some great challenges going on over there. Wish I could of got some more done but the last 2 weeks of term were crazy here.
So I quickly squeezed one out last night just before week 4's challenge closed.

I combined 2 of the challenges - 'white' space + a $5 LO. How simple was that for me!!........but it still took me like 2hrs.
So Turf Dogging...........its windsurfing on land. Its like a HUGE skateboard + Kev can lock in his sails he uses for actual windsurfing into the board. Its great for those days he can't get to the beach ........... but the wind has to be right.
so hoping for a spot of sunshine tomorrow!