Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A new week!!

You know sometimes you have a bad day + just look forward to the end of it because of the way it makes you feel?? Well mine lasted a week!!..............so here's to a new week!!

why so bad?

1. Taidhg started vomiting after Finn's BD
2. Worker was nearly killed in a car accident............or maybe he just wanted to see how many times his car can flip (think 8 is enough?) + then with a act of flying through the windscreen!!
Oh btw he was only drink driving + wasn't wearing a seatbelt...............on the young + dumb!!
3. Prepared myself for bad news re worker!!
4. Worker walks away with minor injuries.
5. Should advise worker to buy a power ball this weekend!!
6. Taidhg gets worse + lost lots of weight.
7. Taidhg nearly gets admitted to hospital
8. Taidhg improves
9. Test results come back saying he had contracted campylobacter - probably from feeding the calves!
10. Ruby drving me mad as her chicken pox are only itchy but her attitude is bad!!
11. Since worker can't work we have employed his brother to relief milk (oh that was a good thing).....................but read #12.
12. Workers brother rolls car on the same road as big brother driving 120km on Sat arvo. Can't milk that night or morning. Hmm history repeating itself!!
13. Sends a friend to help who must be related to dumber + dumb!!
12. our life is turning into a circus
14. at least we can laugh!!
15. new week - school hols................having fun with the kids. Finn + Taidhg are brewing the pox!!
16. spending some time in my room!!

And the LO of Finn doing his 'peace out' pose.
LOVE that Dream St orange pp.........YUM!!

and for the lastest Dare . I had printed out a lot of index pics for a project I had planned to do last year.............never happened so when Trina suggested her dare + I knew these pics would be used.

This LO makes me happy!!

Both LO's are created from Label Tulip kits.
here's to that good week!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Once upon a time.............

a chicken

came to visit Ruby on a Saturday morning + brought her friends "spots" too!!

they liked hanging around + causing her to itch + itch.............now they want to know if they can play with Finn + Taidhg!!
oh what FUN we will have!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Birthday Kissses

for Finn!

One happy 8yr old skater boy!!

we love ya!

Monday, September 15, 2008

keeping it fresh!

so I took a risk + changed the blog!
I call it a risk as I'm such a techno dork + KNOW nothing about being flash on the comp - I use basic editing for my pics...............photoshop scares me + changing my blog did too!!
The only thing I lost was my counter...............but does that really matter eh!! So I think I did alright!!............lol
But WOW how much has blogger improved with lots of easy new features...............(didn't go there yet........just looked). :)

So I also want to share with you this amazing new kit site.............filled amazing goodness...........some new + some *sigh* .........(be still heart) vintage goodness. Stuff that is so hard to find here!! Yeah ppl its a cool kit from the US!!! Its being put together by this amazing BIG hearted woman Kerry Lynn. She is just oozing with creative ideas + as well she has a awesome team behind her.............one springs to mind esp Gigi. Now she is another beautiful soul. She was/is a amazing friend when mum was sick + died + blew me away with another beauitful gal from the good old US, along with a super kind hearted + cute Aussie!! OK I'm digressing badly!!
So if you have a spare 5 mins on your hands GO + check out KL's fab new site + I just LOVE the name Kenner Road. It was the Road she grew up on. So on KL's blog she is giving away a RAK - something from her new site + all you have to do is tell the story behind the street, road or avenue you grew up on.

My story
I grew up on Mission St, Lower Hutt, Wellington for 23 yrs until my parents sold it.
I loved that house with all my heart........not because of what it looked like but the memories I made there. The friends I made in the street..............all the ball games we played on the road, tag, hide + seek, all the bush walks (treks) up in the hills, bike rides, eeling at night in the creeks + games at the local park down the road.

My house was always filled with home baking as my Grandma lived with us. And it was only in my early adult years I really appreciated how lucky I was to have a Grandparent live with us.
Sunday roast were always a have for my Pop (dad's dad)...............(so disliked this on a hot stinkin summers day)!!

I also grew up with having lots of my cousins around me - lots of fun sunday potluck dinners + games played into the dark of the summer nights. Also having lots of friends around to play.

You would never know that there was trouble behind closed doors. My parents did a wonderful job at keeping my childhood filled with happy + wonderful times while they struggled with a teenage son who developed a drinking problem at a early age + broke the law. But my other brother Tim + I were best of friends. I miss him dearly.

OK its time I stopped as the tears are flowing!!
I so need to scrap this now!!

Oh when my parents sold the house I was gutted...........it broke my heart to leave there............see I LOVED that house, that street, that neighbourhood!!

Thanks KL for this!!
And all the best on new creative adventure!

And look a new LO of my water baby Ruby when she was 18mths, back in 2003. Its funny to look at these pics + see how much our property has changed. The clothes line has moved + there is a garage there now + the grass is gone + in its place is concrete. And I used purple!!!.........but it was perfect for these pics!!

in Finn's word

Peace Out!!

watch out for the Peace Out LO!! :)
and it was 8 years today that Finn was due - the opening of the Sydney Olympics. I waited all day + nothing happened!! And the next day.......instead I got my bundle 4 days later. So Friday we will celebrate a 8th birthday + how we wish Poppins could be here to sing Happy Birthday with us + bring her delish home baking!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

1st + 3rd

thats how we placed in the cross country today!
Finn 1st

Ruby 3rd

Proud Mamma here! Ruby huge improvement from last years last to 3rd + Finn from 4th to 1st. I know I shouldn't expect a lot from the kids but as Kev is a talented runner + I was once at primary + high school level I expect my kids to naturally be good runners!!

So the lastest dare on No.8 wired is mine - scrap the weird + strange!
The photo in my LO is what inspired this dare.

I got a few mths back a few packs of Fancy Pants + I'm finally having a chance to have a play.

I just LOVE these pics of Taidhg. He makes a rather cute frog!!

and *sigh* how I am loving the spring weather.............esp when that sun shines!! It just makes my heart sing after all that depressing rain over winter!!

I decided a few weeks back to start my own random sunday shots.............here's some from our recent sunday - fathers day!

Kev + his new toy..............yes a windsurfer on wheels!! He is busting his gut to get on the sea but the wind has being crap!! So a land job will have to do!!

Mr T!! Love this pic!!


hey the trip to see Sue was awesome!! I believe its heading to AKL after it leaves the Naki in nov.

as Finn always says "peace out"