Monday, November 13, 2006

All good things must come to a end ...........

but WOW what a cool weekend!!! I meet up with some old friends + made some new ones!! Had lots + lots of laughs, fun games + got fined!! Great shopping - 7 shops to buy from. I was very controlled!!! :)
I had a fantastic weekend.

And while I was there I got the lastest Up2scrap mag!! Great issue - some fantastic work in there everyone + congrats to who has worked submitted in this issue.
So I thought i would just share my LO's I did for this issue. I so loved working with Scenic Route papers........these LO's + the photo frame just fell into place.

This had to be one of my fav LO's. I LOVE this pic of Finn in all his glory - thank goodness for

And then I loved this LO too of Finn + Ruby playing on the water slide.

and then i had to alter a frame.

side view

well back to the real world - better get the sheets hung out!!!
thx girls for the great weekend!!!



Chris Millar said...

You know I think these layouts are fantabulous!!!!! It's no wonder you were picked for their ET!! Superb work Rach and the weekend away sounded awesome!

Lara said...

these layouts are still as fantastic as when you first showed them to me!!!

Herbie said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself Rach - twas good wasn't it?! Hope you are enjoying your pineapple free zone ;) Have a good week.

Delys said...

Just got my copy today Rach and stunning work by you as always! Glad you had a great weekend...7 SHOPS oh my how did you resist!!!

karen said...

Great summer layouts. Love the chipboard embellishments. Looking forward to the arrival of UP-2-SCRAP so I can pour over the new ET layouts :-)

Andrea B said...

I'm sulking I still don't have my copy .. LOL! Awesome layouts Rach I soo love those papers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel

Great blog! Have you recovered from camp yet? Are you going to the next one? Thanks heaps for your payment!! Well I hope to see you at the next camp. Keep up the great l/o's


Anonymous said...

It's a real treat to see more of your work in print Rach - way to go.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Rachel,love the pics of the children and my favourite nephew Kev.
You have great talent your work is superb .