Sunday, January 01, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR - here's to 2006

WOW another new year + I hope filled lots of exciting things.
Well we just had a quiet one here with Kev's sister + brother - the singles!!!
Had a yummy barbie (kids were tucked up in bed after having a hard day at the beach) + a few drinks!!! Kev had to hit the hay early as those MOO's would be calling early to be milked + me what a HOPELESS hostess - I fell asleep on the sofa about 11.30ish + left the singels to enterain themselves!!! .................LOL. Motherhood taking it toll on me + the fresh air at the beach that day!!! WEll I enjoyed myself not sure if the singles did !!!!
So yesterday we spent the day at Waitara beach. The Naki weather was showing off as usual with lots hot sunshine + lets not forget the wind (for those keen windsurfers out there).
Here' s one in action now!!!! - Kev the man i call my husband!!!

and lots eating done as its hard work playing in the sand, chasing waves + riding boogie boards.

Ruby, Finn + Taidhg hanging out in the shade tent.

And we had the lovely singles join us - Kev's sister + brother.

Taidhg has lots of fun playing with Auntie Steph + having his first dip in the sea with Daddy.

And last but not least I just had to show my baby that has turned into a real boy over night after auntie Steph gave him his first haircut!!! Where has my baby gone??

Not sure what 2006 has instored for the Hosking's but I can only ask for another year filled with wonderful memories, health + happiness. On the scrapbooking side of things I have had another exciting email !!!! So that has being a great start for the scrapping year of 2006 so far!!! I look forward to another year of scrappin + meeting up with scrappin buddies. Fristly Lissy from the Scrapboxx I'm hooking up with when I go to Perth in 17 days!!!! And I get to play with the lovely Christine Millar mid year!!! Can't wait for that when we can play farmers here!!!........................rofl - watch out Chris !!!! hopefully too I get to meet up with NZ scrap buddies too!!!! I hope life will be kind + good for all in 2006.

And thanks to all the lovely ppl that have taken time out to read my blog + leave a message - I really appreciate it!!

Hugs Rach.


nic said...

EMAIL ME! I need to know the exciting email!!! lol.
Cool family pics - love seeing a little bit of what you've been up to.


Michelle said...

Hey Rach,
Looks like you and your family had a ton of fun at the beach, you are so lucky that the weather where you are is nice enough to get to the beach, its a very sad state of affairs here in good old Franklin.
Happy New Year to you and your family and thanks so much for visting my blog and leaving comments.


Yolande said...

Yeah whats the exciting news Rach? Leaving us all guessing - how cruel! LOL Happy New Year. Cool photos.

Me said...

Love all your summer photos.. how cute is your little man.. love that last photo!! Happy New YEar!!

Chris Millar said...

Gorgeous photos of the kids and family!
Have a fantastic 2006 and a lovely holiday in Perth!

Anonymous said...

Wow unreal photos, you look like you were all having a ball. I thought I would check this lady out who logged onto my blog, and you seem like you have a ball, and I appreciate the nice comment you made.

Anyway I will call back, TFS.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rach!!!
Your kids are sooooo cute!!!
Sorry about Taidgh´s kidneys, hope he wont have any problems in the future.

Well, thanks for letting me get to know you a bit better and hope to se you later this year.

Love Evelina