Saturday, December 31, 2005

Chris's challenge

OK I know I'm not one of the first 2 to put up some pics of me as a teenager but I decided to play the game too as Chris is such a good sport + so good at keeping up with her BLOG!!!
Also thx Chris for this challenge as it has reminded me that I'm meant to be doing a Childhood Album for my kids about ME!!!
OK I found some goodies!!!
I'm greedy + had to show 2 pics of myself.
First one is of me when I was 18, at the end of my last year at school + my Mum + I had some professional photos taken. And that night i went to my very first BIG concert U2. They played at Athletic Park (which is no more). I remember having the best time + in fact I had a great time being 18!!!

And this one is very typical of me back then - a total goofball!!! It was Waitaingi Day + my friend + I were bored - so we dressed up in her Mums clothes from the 60's!!!

Have great NEW YEAR everyone. no BIG parties here just a few quiet ones!!!


Chris Millar said...

Oh tell the truth, those weren't your friends mums clothes, they were your own!LOL
Thank for being up for the challenge! Love the top pic! You really suit blonde hair! And the bottom pic is too funny! Very you!

nic said...

You looked gorgeous dahling!!!!!!!
I dont know about this photo thing from that era.. kinda scares me... thinking of mine that is. They wouldnt be pretty! I was a little gothic back then.