Tuesday, January 31, 2006

We're HOME + a HUGE thanks......

Yes we are HOME!!!!!
Firstly a HUGE thanks for all the lovely thoughts + prays from everyone that was sending them our way.
Chris is just the BEST ringing me at Starship hospital + along with E texting me!!!! Thanks girls!! I was so blowen away by the messages sent via Chris + E's blogs + some personal ones sent to me. See it just goes to show how FANTASTIC scrapbooking is - for its craft + the wonderful + suportive friendships we have!!!! You girls all rock!!!!
Ok for some of you that didn't know Taidhg's kidneys were failing him + his blood count down was down, along with protein + blood in his urine. So a trip was made to our local hospital in New Plymouth + test were done + this was when they told me we had to be flown to Auckland Starship Childrens hospital for possible dailysis + a blood transfusion. So off went T + I in a air ambo to Auckland.
Ok about my little man, Taidhg he was sooooooooooooooooo lucky to escape dialysis + get his kidneys working again after he had a drip put in. Taidhg with his drip in!!!
But he still had to have a blood tranfusion. Ok if you don't like blood block the next pic!!!! And my baby having his transfusion.
His blood count + pressure are all good now by we will still have blood test + visit with the paediatrician. We are so lucky to have him back with us + on the road to recovery.

Once again everyone thanks for all those postive thoughts + prayers - they sure did help.
One more of T resting up before the trip home and nothing like our special friends to hold + cuddle when we are tired + unhappy - introducing Mr Bird.

And on a happy note we had a FANTASTIC time in Perth!!!! I loved it. It wasn't long enough. I got to catch up with the lovely Lissy from the BOXX + we had a great time hanging out. The wedding was beautiful + lots of fun to be had!!!!! hopefully in my next blog I might have some LO's to share I feel like i haven't scrapped for ages.



Marie said...

I am so pleased to hear that Taidgh is getting better. It must have been a dreadful worry for you. Give him an extra hug from me.

hugs, Marie xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel

What an awful experience you've all had!!! I'm soooo glad that you're back home with your precious little bundle and that he's on the mend. Those first birthdays can take it out of you!!!!
Still thinking of you all, Toby

Anonymous said...

Rach I am so glad to hear Taidgh is recovering. He looks so sweet and precious in the photos, the one where he is asleep is totally adorable.

I thought of you and Taidgh during this time as Callum is around the same age. Well that's not the only reason I thought of you guys, but it really did bring it home to me IYKWIM?

Anonymous said...

Oh look at the little guy. So pleased that at least your back n Naki and he is closer to the rest of the family....tough times. Good on you for being strong and getting him through. Huge hugs from me for you and the little cutie pie. Wow KEV must have been going out of his mind.....Take it easy and get that Tiadhg back to fighting fit.


Anonymous said...


I hope he is alright now, poor little fella, how terrible, he mustn't of known what hit him. He looks so gorgeous.

Best wishes to little Taidgh.


Ali said...

Hadn't caught up on the news Rachel - poor wee man. Glad he's ok and you're all back home safe.

Michelle said...

So Glad Taidgh is now home and on the way to recovery. How awful it must of been for you and your family.


lianne said...

That's so great that T's OK. What a nightmare. That last photo is just the cutest. Poor you and your little man having to go through that.

Chris Millar said...

Great pics Rach! So glad that T is recovering and that you are both able to be at home!

Anonymous said...

So gald to hear all is well Rach he is one lucky little fellow. Gorgeous piccies of him, he looks like it didn't bother him at all.

Take Care
Tracy x

Megan R said...

Oh man, what an experience! He looks so brave getting the transfusion. Doesn't it just break your heart seeing them in hospital. We had to go through something similar with Riley and its not fun, but glad you took your scrapbooking with you!