Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Beach Carnival's + prize packets!!!!

On Saturday we headed off to one of the many beach carnival's that they have around the beaches of Taranaki. We went to Opunake beach. And minus one child - Taidhg, he got to stay with his lovely Nana.
The BIG plan was to enter Ruby into Miss Teeny weeny + Finn into Mr Mini Muscle. BUT the flamin car battery was flat!!! Daddy saved the day + we finally got to the beach later than planned. We met up with some friends + their girls. It was a fantastic day out - lots of great sunshine, yummy picnic, swimming, face painting + jumping in the bouncey castle ( the kids - not me!!!)
Finn + Ruby loved having their wee faces painted.

AND before we left the beach I got my prize from JUNKITZ in the post!!!
It was Christmas all over again!!!! I can't believe how generous they are.

OK I just learnt a HUGE lesson never take your baby's nappy off + go back to your blog.
Cause he will crawl away + do a whoopsie down the hallway + big brother will get toyboxes out of the end cupboard + drag up the hallway to take to another room + not realise what he had dragged the box through!!! Nothing like brown streaks on the carpet!!!........ick!!!!
out of here


Anonymous said...

Oh that is gross TOTALLY gross!!!

Your prize pack of goodies looks very yummy :0)


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I had to laugh! Many a times similar things have happened to me too!

Yolande said...

OMG thank gosh i wasn't eating... Your prize pack does look awesome - lucky you!

Michelle said...

ROFL!!! Rach you mde my day with that little story ;)
Wow cool prize, JUNKITZ were very generous...lucky you.
Looks like you had a fun day...good on Daddy for coming to the rescue


Anonymous said...

Oh God Rach!
I thought a 5 year old chatting in your ear so you couldnt concentrate was bad, I was wrong!

Found it too, thanks.

Chris Millar said...

The kids look gorgeous in their face painting!
LOL at the skid marks!

lianne said...

Oooohhh gross alright. So glad I'm over all that. Cool prize and awesome about 2peas scraplift.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel - great prize from Junkitz - hope you have great fun with all those goodies. I absolutely loved the red house lo. I've just seen your Chatterbox entries too and they are fabulous!!!

Congratulations on all of your successes in 2005 and here's hoping there are oodles more in 2006!!

Bye for now

Delys said...

lol! That was an entertaining read of your blog (sorry! lol) Kids aye?
and wow at your Junkitz prize .....you so deserve it! I love all of your work.

nic said...

LOLOLOL whooooops!