Friday, January 06, 2006

only something little - but I'm excited!!!!

I was asked a few weeks back from another pea on 2peas if they could use my "Take ME Back" LO as part of the January scraplift challenge on 2peas.
And this morning I found a email to say that it was all go. I can't wait to see what some of the other peas come up with!!!!
This is my LO they are scraplifting. It's one of Finn I did for when i was on a DT for a Aussie online shop last year.
I have final finished my Up2Scrap assignment and I'm sooooooooooo happy with it!!! And thx to Nic + Chris who helped me unspin about it when I was getting my nickers in a twist about it!!! Would love to share but you will just have to wait for the next issue. I think its going to be a awesome issue too with lots of exciting LO's + I know there are lots of excited Aussie girls who are having some of their work published in there.
OK now on to my next challenge - using a LO with orange in it. I got it from Yolande's blog + sorry guys I'm still as hopeless as ever at linking. CAn ppl link themselves to my blog??? I have seen this on the typepad blogs.
Maybe I should make that my next challenge - learn how to link!!!!!!


Chris Millar said...

How fantastic that they are using your layout Rach! I just totally love the design and how you've put this layout together! Super!
Can't wait to see your layout in Up2scrap! I think this is going to be your year Missy!!

Yolande said...

Yeah love that layout Rach. Looks great and how cool is that to have it "chosen" to be scraplifted! can't wait to see your work in Up2Scrap. Yes now onto that Orange layout you go! Oh and linking... see if this helps... when typing your new post highlight the word eg: "Yolande" and click the little green link button just above where you type - near the text colour button. You'll need to have the web address to type in or what I do is open another webpage with that person's blog. Then the word "Yolande" will be underlined with the link.If that makes sense.

Michelle said...

Awesome LO Rach, and so cool that 2Pea's want to use it in a scraplift challnge...might have to give it a go myself :)

Delys said...

Love your LO! I might have to scraplift too!WTG on getting your assignment done and cant wait to see it in up2scrap.

Ali said...

Hiya Rach, just catching up with your blog after a week or so away from puter. Cracking up as usual - you have a way of writing that sends me into fits! Congrats on your scrapping success - here's to many more this year.