Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ok.........here we come Perth!!!

Yep.............boys + girls we are off to Perth in the morning. I'll be up with the cows tomorrow + flying over that cheeky young thing Nic H's house round about 7.20ish!!! Waving BIG hi's to you Nic!!!
I can't wait as I have never being to Perth + I'm catching up with the lovely Lissy!!!!
And NO kids!!!! Did everybody hear that one - NO KIDS!!!! We off to a wedding + it will be fantastic!!!
So I will all see you in the Spring!!! Well not really just me + my silly sayings but I'll be back blogging next week!!!
please all behave while I'm away!!!
out of here Rach :)


Chris Millar said...

Live it up guys! And hope you don't miss the little munchkins too much!

nic said...


Roz said...

Hi Rach, not sure when you'll get this, but I just want you to know that I'm thinking of you and Taidhg and wishing him a speedy recovery to health. Take care of you
Roz xxoo

Anonymous said...

Well I hope you have a great time in Perth, and enjoy the wedding.