Monday, December 05, 2005

For Mrs Millar + Mrs Howard!!!!!!

OK OK OK girls I know I'm hopless + not good at this blogging thing!!! Still so much to workout - links (as I need some friends.........LOL) , a pic of my beautiful myself......... wow on a roll here....hehehehehehe!!
Well that crazy season is upon us + boy its sure is busy but I love busy!!! And I love Christmas!!!!
Well what have we being up too (apart from avoiding this blog!!). Finn got pushed out of a tree -suspected broken arm - but no thank goodness but still has to wear a sling. But man, that boy drove me nuts home all day!!!!! Birthday parties + christmas tree hunting + barbies with friends!!!! Oh + lots of scrappin + windsurfing!!!
I finally finished my doorhangers................eek I'm not good at this BTP (beyond the page) for the Silent Art Auction for kindy this Friday!!! They stressed me out + as much as I would of loved to scraplift that very talented Chris I just couldn't. So I did a boy + a girl one.
Now I'm working on my secret santa for the Boxx. I hope no one from the Boxx is reading this as they are menat to be in the post now!!!! I really like it + want to keep it too!!!! Next job is my LO for Up2Scrap. For those that don't know I got asked to be on the DT for Up2Scrap. I'm very excited and was hugh lift after the few disappointments I had in the scrappin world of late!!
And I have to say a hugh thanks to that lovely small cheeky girl from Pukekohe - can you all guess??? God I'm dork I write this like heaps of ppl are going to read it.................LOL. Oh well makes me feel good saying it out loud + now I can say to my kids when they ask me who are you talking to Mummy , I can say my BLOG!!!! Ok getting off track (whats new)!!! Thanks Nic for that lovely reality check about whats scrapping is all about, it made my day + I got all warm + fuzzy. OK so now i need to 2 things for you my tagging + making someones day!!!!
And finally - IT'S MY BABY'S BIRTHDAY - he's ONE.


nic said...

hehehehe a blog post just for ME (well and Chris too). lol.
I laughed my ass off all the way through your blog post. I love the way you write!

You need to hold your camera out at arms length, take a pic and turn that blog entry into some journaling.

taidgh (I swear that boy's name is going to be the thing that sends me to an asylum, forgive me if it is wrong!)- ok so you need to do a page for taidgh - called "the day you turned ONE" (from mummys point of view).

hey, the door hangery things look awesome!

Right, now keep this blog up to date. that way we will carry on coming to read it, right chris? ;o)


Chris Millar said...

FINALLY!!!!!LOL And I didn't even have to think of any dirty jokes!LOL

Nic will get a big head reading her name on everyones blogs!LOL I've got her on mine today too!

Well the b'day boys day is nearly over so I hope he's had a good one?!

And love those door hangers - where can I bid for them??!

Ali said...

Yeah Rachel, stop avoiding your blog cause it's really interesting reading to 'we city folk'. I mean, like where on earth would I find a couple of sheep to take a pic of??

Kathleen Pitt said...

Hey Rachel, I surfed on in from Chris's blog :) Love reading your blog is just great!

GORGEOUS door hangers ...... you did a super job on them, you DO do BTP Well :)

Loved the sheep - Reminds me of Footrot Ffats! :)