Saturday, December 24, 2005


well I finally got my Christmas shoot done with the kids last night before bed.
Taidhg did not agree at all to be part of this shoot but then when you are ONE why would you want to sit down with a reindeer headband or a santa hat on your head!!!!!!
And shock horror I'm even in these photos!!!!!
and finally I just had to share these 3 rather cute photos of Taidhg - couldn't help but LOVE them!!!!

I noticed my single CBX LO was missing don't know what happened there. So here it is.

I hope everyone has a lovely day with family + friends tomorrow - lots of yummy food + good times. We are off to my parents today. Pressies are all wrapped + all Santa has to do is put them in the car when little ppl aren't looking!!! We have got a sign made so Santa will find us at Poppins + Poppa's house. Bring on the sunshine Wellington!!!!

Have a good one everyone, take care + safe travels to those on the roads!!

Also extra BIG hug to my friend Chris!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS - back soon!!!


djn said...

Great blog! Merry Christmas New Zealand -- I'd just love to visit there someday!

Chris Millar said...

Your Bling Bling layout is one of my favourites of yours! Just love it to bits!!!
How gorgeous do the kids look?!! Ruby has the most adorable face, she looks so angelic! And even Finn passes for angelic in these photos!LOL Poor Taidhg, he just wanted to grab at them hey?!
Hope your stay up at your mums and dads is terrific! Merry Christmas to the Hoskings!