Thursday, December 22, 2005

Busy busy busy!!!

I'm sooooooooooooooooo over BTP projects!!!!
7 in 3 weeks + I'm sooooooo not a BTP girl. These things did my head in!!!
Only 2 more to complete - actually just about finished one. And of course none for me!!!
But i have to say it was lovely to give them away + see the smiles on their faces!!!
Clipboards for kindy teachers.

and thanks to the lovely Evana who sent me a RAK a few weeks back as I used the black lace she sent me on the first clipboard.

And I made for the daycare teachers a paint pot filled with apricot slice, truffles + home made chocs - which Ruby helped make.

Ruby making chocolates for the teachers.

Just had to sample some too!!!

And last thing I thought i would share my CBX LO's I see on the Scrapboxx girls sharing their LO's as they have had theirs returned. So I'll be stalking to get my letterbox for mine!!!

My double entry of Finn + his love of tractors.

and my single - this one was about my rings.


nic said...

I have no idea how on earth you didnt place in that chatterbox contest. I loved that LO!!!
Love the pressies you were making too :o)


Chris Millar said...

Look at all the BTP that you so unstressfully put together Rach!LOL They all look so spectacular and I bet they were totally loved by all that received them!!
And your CBX entries - Holy Snapping Ducks!!!