Friday, December 16, 2005

time to update!!!!!

ok first I hate the fact I have slow dial up!!!!! Get this I live 1.72km's away from where jetstream ends!!!! Not fair!!!!!! So due to this bloody slow dialup it takes forever to upload pics to my blog!!!! I acutally did do a new entry the other day .............don't fall over Nic + But I accidentally wiped did I do this??? OK I'm still working that one out!!!!
And see ppl I have links now but only cause Chris sent me them + I copy + pasted them...........ROFL!!!!!! Hopless i tell ya. But I was in the right area of the template for all those fantastic girls that were trying to help me out. But still got a lot to work out!!!!
So have you heard my exciting news????? I won a comp, little old me!!!! There was lots of woohooooooooooing + yeehaaaaing at my house yesterday morning after I finally worked out what I had won. I was a winner along with my buddies Nic H, Chris M, Debbie K + Rach A in the Junkitz comp. (see I can't put their names in links either)!!!! Only 15 international winners were picked + how exciting to have my friends along for the ride!!!!!! Makes it 10 times more exciting.
My first win!!!! to check out the other winners have a lookise on the junkitz site

Here's my entry

I only went out + brought one thing for this LO + they were the buttons. I used up scraps from previous Lo's.
I luuuuuurrrrrrrrrrvvvvveeeeeee (imagine I'm saying that in a deep voice) JUNKITZ + can't wait to get my prize!!!
YES there is a prize. woooohoooooo
(waving my arms in the air like i just don't care - now I'm taking lines from songs)!!!!!

OK so that was one awesome early christmas pressie for me!!!!
So whats being going down on the farm here - well Finn has being scrapping up a storm making wee chrissy cards for his classmates. He came home last week with some cards + wanted me to buy some for his friends + I said no way we can make these. So I got out my scraps, pens + bit + pieces for him.

He had a ball here he is working away his cards + just a few of his cards he made.
I really enjoyed making his teachers pressies. I got hold of some pots + decorated them and then filled with lollies of course!!!!
Finn's teachers loved them + being non scrappers they couldn't believe I made them. Funny eh?? If they only knew they too could belong to this crazy world of scrapping!!!!
Teachers pots


lianne said...

You have been busy. Congrats on the Junkitz win. Love your teachers tins. And what cute as cards your boy has made. Isn't he clever.

Chris Millar said...

Rach, do you want me to run a cord from my place to yours and hook you up to broadband?!LOL That would really give you the shits it being so slow! You've done a great job with all the pics though and there's that fantastic, winning junkitz layout!!!! Woooohoooooooo!!!!! Watch out world, here comes Rach!
Finn's cards are awesome, tell him he has to send one to his friends in Australia!LOL
No wonder the teachers loved the tins, they are rockin'!!!

Yolande said...

Great tins Rachel - and i love your winning layout - congrats. Well done! And what a good Mum getting your boy to make his cards - I thought about it bought some MM foam stamps and flagged it - there's always next year! Your son did a great job!