Wednesday, November 23, 2005

and the award goes too..........

OK the award goes to my father inlaw for once again leaving gates open on the farm!!!!!
This is what happens when gates are left get little visitors baaing at your door to be let in (or barking as Finn calls it)!!!

OK I will admit this wasn't Starfire or RedX today but this is exactly what they looked like!!!! Kev's nickname for them is Choppa Right that's my gripe for the day but for any of you reading this + have to deal with live stock you will know the frustration of gates being left open!!!

Well we have another sick child in the house - Taidhg is sick again with bronchitis - third time this year since June!!! Had a new doc today + he explained that his lungs will be scarred from his time in hospital in June, but he will grow out of it - thank goodness. But I got onto this one much quicker this time so hopefully I can nip it in the butt faster!!!

Kev's gone windsurfing so we have gone casual tonight. Luvvv that!!!! Finn is sulking in the bath + Ruby is cleaning up the lego (which had spread to nearly every corner of the house)!!!! And my wee man T is hanging out with me!!!!

Right once the kids are in bed I will do some more scrappin + I have to start my doorhangers for the Silent Art for kindy this week too!!!........not sure where to start with those as I have never made one. Mmmmm wonder if I should scraplift that talented Chris Millars one she sent to me for my birthday!!!!!! ;)


nic said...

*whispering* Scraplift it! I won't tell Chris! :o)

Miss H said...

Oh you guys are cracking me up Rach :) Loving keeping up with you.


Chris Millar said...

I'm listening!LOL Annaliese enjoyed seeing the naughty lambs again. She still wants to know can she ride them!LOL
Have fun with the door hangers!

Anonymous said...

With a face like that pressed to the glass, I'd want to bring them in for a cuddle :-) They're so cute LOL

nic said...

update . your. blog. lol

Chris Millar said...

Yes, let's leave dirty jokes on Rach's blog every day until she updates it!LOL Actually, that won't work as Kev will like that and he'll never let her update it!LOL